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  1. Day 10: STAYING OPEN 1. Some effects of this practice period so far for me have been an increased awareness of my inner and outer world. If life seems to be challenging for me (like this week) and I am not in proper balance, my sensitivity has increased and I can sense bodily signs of an unstable body mind connection like a nervous stomach or tension in certain body parts much earlier, telling me it is time to “tune in”;) 2. What I’m surprised about in my life right now is within these 10 days of practice my responding towards people, either in person or through thoughts, has become more compassionate and I noticed I am naturally more open to simply listen in another effortless way. So so grateful about this
  2. I feel grateful that we are healthy (knock on wood) as I know a few people that I personally know that have really challenging dis-eases right now.
  3. DAY 9 FULL BODY BREATHING How does stopping to take a whole body breath affect your mood or attitude? Never thought of a “transition time” and to stop right there before diving into another task. This for sure is helping a lot with being more alert and observant about my breathing and kind of setting the tone for the next task with more intention. I really love the expression "stopping during the transition time" - it definitely affects my mood or attitude in a positive more engaging way and being prepared and more focused. So many good tips and it is just day 9 ha ha.... can't believe there are still 91 days following until 100, but let's stay present thanks (it is amazing how often I hold my breath when I am typing in front of a screen, I am wondering how you can be mindful to breathe deeply during all these tasks at the same time... watching, thinking, reading, typing... all at once... if you guys have ideas on this, feel free to share it please.... thanks
  4. Hi Gillian! Thanks for the great link. What an awesome in depth article. I especially learned from the paragraph where they were talking about "to listen not only to the physical words, but what emotion, thoughts, etc are behind the words".... I can imagine this can be very helpful if you are dealing with highly emotional people or difficult customer. This way I am not so overpowered by "challenging" energies...Thanks!
  5. Day 8 FOCUSED ATTENTION Q.) What impact does bringing your full attention to a conversation have on you or those around you? The Mindful listening practice is really interesting. Sometimes I experience that as soon as the other person stops finishing their last sentence, I immediately need to share what came up on my mind . But by putting all of the attention on the person you are talking to, I was more mindful about how to respond (without effort or thinking) giving the conversation a mutual basis with more similarities and a "lighter" flow.. Has anybody here experienced similar situations maybe... just curious.. Thanks Gillian!
  6. Day 7 Gratitude 1. What I noticed from this week’s practice was…that I became much more focused, calmer when it comes to making decisions my breathing stayed more or less normal, improved active listening to people I meet and more acceptance towards hard moments or tough times, news, situations, rather than judging, resisting or ignoring them... (big sigh now..) and if I wasn't as calm or notice I could have behaved differently that is ok, too, as we are all on a journey and learning. Breeeathe, next time there'll be another chance again. 2. Things that will help me stay focused on my practice next week are…just keep going and practice perseverance and always come back to my daily meditation practice. I feel grateful to see all beautiful souls in this community sharing their practice, thoughts and progress etc. Thank you.
  7. Hi Gillian, today is day no. 7 and I am starting to feel a shift in my awareness, the whole body/mind connection seems to be more intertwined. Can't say enough how grateful I am to have found you guys with the mindfulnessexercises on youtube or google (not sure where exactly now:) ) Other question. I am confused with the 100 day mindfulness challenge as the videos are called 28 mindfulness challenge, did I sign up for 28 day challenge vs the 100 day challenge? Thanks a lot:)
  8. Totally feel the same... thanks for sharing!
  9. Day 6 - Body Scan Hi fellows, for me personally the body scan seems to be very powerful in reducing stress, grounding and releasing or reducing any tensions (emotionally and physically). It reminds me on the "constructive rest" practice of the Alexander Technique where you also go through different body parts and consciously notice, stop and see if you you can allow the body to choose a "better place to be ". Reflection Question: Q.) What information do you receive when checking in with your body? During the 3 Centers practice today by scanning the head, gut and the heart while taking one breath on each of those areas, I could feel my gut or stomach region holding some tension and nervousness and my heart heavy. but it is okay as a dear family member was just diagnosed with cancer and the docs cannot really figure out where... but it is ok right now. To no 1: 1st breath: scan the head, representing thoughts: So many thoughts are running through your head in those moments, but by watching them I could find some distance and maybe could surrender to reality as it is a bit more. To no 2: 2nd breath: the gut, representing "gut feelings".... kind of "an insecurity what is going to happen and how to deal with this... here breathing helped me to calm down To no 3> 3rd breath: the heart, representing values or intentions. Here my values are to embrace the precious moments I have with the people dear to my heart or with new people I am meeting everyday. My intentions are to appreciate that each moment is a gift and if it is hard sometimes to see it as a stepping stone into another step in life.
  10. Hi Susie, as far as I know, anybody can do it, you just need to sign up for the free 100 day meditation challenge. https://mindfulnessexercises.com/100-day-mindfulness-challenge/ For some reason, the videos are called the 28 mindfulness challenge...Namaste
  11. Hi Paggie. Just read your post on day 42. (Well, I am at 5 now, but can't wait to come to the 40's, slowly but surely . These are really awesome insights that you shared. Especially the one with the "...what am I procrastinating from"... I can resonate with that as I get distracted pretty easily and this is a great question I also could ask in that moment of awareness. Thanks, cool sharing.
  12. Day 5 this integrated practice was taking the moment and wish any person you meet today well being, happiness and peace and that they may be loved. Reflection Question: Q.) How did the practice of wishing others well impact your interactions? By intentionally expressing this sense of care to others and to myself I have a feeling that active listening becomes much easier and compassion has space to further develop. By being gentle and wishing myself good energy, I feel it is much easier then to wish others the same and to integrate more understanding towards others. Thank you for this wonderful exercise. Every time I am doing this exercise I start from a beginner's mind, which helps to increase the loving power of this practice. Q.) Did it shift your mood in any way? Did it impact the quality of your attention? yes, see answer above.
  13. Day 4 : the power of open awareness on my morning walk. Without open awareness I wouldn't have noticed a fallen leaf from one of the many green trees. The leaf 's color turned yellow already. Maybe it was the first colored leaf. The walk felt very grounding, relaxing and after walking and allowing to "let in" all the impressions, colors, sensations, a kind of wholeness and connection with nature could be sensed together with the breathing as an anchor.
  14. 2 min of mindful breathing - DAY 3 Integrated Practice: Write for 2 full minutes on each prompt below. Once you’ve finished, take a minute to reread what you wrote and reflect. Question 1. What I want from this 28-day challenge is … To practice consistency and keeping my commitment to this 28 daily challenge. Also, I intent to improve myself, grow and be inspired including in the woring of meditation instructions in a professional, well guided and loving way. 2. Some obstacles to me practicing every day could be… to postpone the meditation to late at night, so here I am planning to set my alarm clock earlier and schedule my “daily meditation appointment” for the morning. I will chose a nice alarm ring bell for that Maybe a singing bowl sound. p.s. I love the mindfulness breathing pdf that comes along with this day 3 meditation
  15. Hi Gillian, that's a great question.. Love that topic. Where can I find more information about these 5 elements and their "properties" in the human body, for instance, what does it mean if you feel you have fire or water in you? For me probably it's fire, water and space. Thank you and namaste
  16. Hi Gillian, thanks for asking. Appreciate it. I shared mindfulness in a few zoom ladies's group classes recently and actually it worked out nicely in combination with a nice aerobic / fitness workout before. To be honest, I was surprised how "authentic and live" online training can really feel like if you leave their mics on:) No, I haven't shared a real gratitude session yet (just ending the fitness workout out with 3 bows in prayer position and on each bow we express gratitude for something I come up with intuitively, e.g our body, that we chose to be here today, the precious day or to our senses... haven't thought about integrating a longer gratitude section into the workout, but that is a great idea, Gillian. Is that what you meant? I purchased the 200 meditation scripts here at the ME forum and I believe there is a gratitude section in there somewhere, the content is huge with many options, which is wonderful Regarding the vocal sound, yes, it is still in progress, need to create a "choir music backround" to make the zoom meeting more alive when everybody is doing their vocal sound ha ha.... I used to be a singer, but am seeking to use the voice with more purpose and healing, not for entertaining. To wrap it up, just finding a way to combine everything somehow, kind of overwhelmed sometimes, but getting there. Thanks for this forum, with the wonderful 100 day meditation opportunity I hope to find more focus and intuitive guidance on my path. thanks, I 'm glad the duck imitations suffice ha ha
  17. Great question for the morning. What can you do in a slower manner today? It is 6.25 AM and if I reflect on this question I am thinking of: Driving mindfully today, with my mind on the traffic - watching the traffic while driving - drinking slower enjoying every sip - tonight I intend to prepare dinner with appreciating with every cut, washing and putting the food on the plate - when talking to someone to being fully with this person
  18. Wonderful simple practice, I felt calm very quickly. I love the wording and the guidance that are introducing the options in a gentle inviting way. Thanks. Reflection Questions: Q.) How does it feel to put your full attention on one breath? .....It feels like that this one breath is one single life. I am inviting the present moment to the here and now. Also this practice feels like coming back home. Q.) How does this practice impact your state of mind? ......More clarity in my mind and also I can sense the body has the chance to gradually settle down. "Finally arrived". 3 . K e e p t h i s r e l a x e d , o p e n a t t e n t i o n o n y o u r b r e a t h f o r 2 - 3 m i n u t e s . I f t h e m i n d w a n d e r s ( a s i t d o e s f o r a l l o f u s ) , s i m p l y o b s e r v e t h i s m o v e m e n t a w a y f r o m t h e b r e a t h b e f o r e c o m p a s s i o n a t e l y i n v i t i n g i t b a c k
  19. Hi, I'm Jane from Delray Beach, about 1 hour North of Miami. When I started with a mindfulness meditation training in 2014 the practice had such a liberating and positive impact in my life, relationships with new perceptions and insights. I d love to further deepen my practice. I am helping seniors and adults to stay fit with corrective exercise and mindful movements. My current goal is to offer a class of mindful physical exercises combined with gratitude, mindfulness and vocal sound healing. In my free time I love being in nature, to cook, bake, sing, the practice of cognitive anatomy - a subtle bodywork to experience grounding & release. I grew up in two different cultures, German and Filipino and spent most of my life in Germany and partially in the Philippines. A silly talent I have is I can imitate the sound of a crazy duck:) (I read somewhere here in the forum, you 'd love to hear some silly talents, hope I didn't misunderstood)...My dream is that every soul on this planet practices mindfulness meditation. thanks, good to be here...
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