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  1. Hi Gillian, thanks, I can happily visualize what you just mentioned. And from experience resting outside on healthy soil under the sky under the tree is such an effective resting practice. You feel connected, calm and balanced so quickly, right…. Here in Florida I noticed beach is not beach. The firmer the sand the better I have a feeling. Some locations or grounds aren’t as energetically clean maybe and healing as others and the body’s resting intensity is different. Maybe some sand is artificial, too…however, a big yes to “earthing”
  2. Taking rest is very important to me as it calmes down my nervous system, it boosts up my immune system, it brings body spirit more towards balance and equilibrium, and I can feel and be more my true self. When I take time to rest, e.g. I love sitting on my balcony on the rocking chair and just observe the ducks in the grass and just listening to the various sounds of nature, of cars, animals…. Sometimes I have a cup of tea in my hand or a glass of water infused with lemon juice. A time where I really felt rested recently was, when I was laying down on the floor with my legs upward leaning against the wall and just resting and enjoying the moment, consciously breathing in and out. Aaaah, I should do this more often…
  3. Day 22 Focused Attention How does this shift the experience of doing the task? My focus of attention was “eating at lunch break”. I noticed that when I was somewhere else with my mind while eating and while I was in conversation with somebody, I was not aware of the actual process of eating, the joy of eating, not aware of my appreciation and gratitude of the food on the plate, and I was not able to follow the conversation properly with active listening and responding wisely. Honestly, I felt I was missing a piece of life and reality if I am not in the present moment
  4. Day 21 Compassion (or walking meditation?) Same as day 20 plus I experienced the benefits of practice of “lifting, moving, dropping”. By having this in mind it is actually very difficult to drift off with your mind- it seems like an effective method to stay in the present moment and to slow down your breathing and lower any stress levels. Lifting moving dropping….Lifting moving dropping…..Lifting moving dropping…..love it. I noticed Day 21 has the same video content as one day before, but is is titled as Compassion. However, by doing it twice I experienced additional insight in my walking meditation.
  5. Day 20. Walking Meditation Q.) How did shifting your attention to finding your feet impact your attention, energy, or focus? I was much more aware of any muscular-skeletal imbalances in my left shoulder and right foot, of any insignificant sounds that I would not normally hear, e.g. the refrigerator, the actual sound of silence in the room, the sound of my breath and the steps on the carpet and surprisingly I noticed the position of furniture and their spaces in between them. After the meditation the body felt calmer and the breathing deeper And I had a feeling that my feet were more connected to the ground.
  6. Day 19 concentration Deep Listening: How does that shift the experience of the conversation for you? I had a deeper conversation with a neighbor today. I noticed a brief pause before I responded to what the person just said. While the person was talking I was aware of the quality of my breathing. The whole conversation was more productive in a way that the quality of listening and responding was more heart-based with clearer understanding. How do you think that experience was for them? I think the person felt heard not only through his words but also with the meaning and feelings behind it. It also feels good for me as a listener to take the time in that moment of deep listening and not reacting to the worldly time, just being in the time of natural space.
  7. DAY 18 JUST LIKE ME In what ways does this affect your perceptions of or experience with this person? With the “just like me attitude” my approach to people is more with an unbiased and an open heart and mind - Recognizing that we are all human beings with feelings, habits, emotions, and ups and downs in life.
  8. Yes, so true. As I woke up this morning, the first things I remembered from last night was the gratitude meditation and I was thinking about the pillow and the mattress I was lying on at that moment and how grateful I am for the company or person who invented them. Then I focused shifted gratefulness to my body, to my breathing and so on until I got out of bed... what a harmonic approach to wake up. Pottery mugs... we once had a pottery art and crafts store here nearby and I always wanted to create our own mugs.... then came Covid... lesson learned.... next time I just go in right away - as with other beautiful things in life, too
  9. Hello Gillian Thanks for sharing this beautiful wise poem. Just looked up Rumi online and found an interesting quote that reminded me on a post you recently shared about grief. It says: "Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes around in another form." For me these lines were encouraging especially when you realize the fact that you indeed experienced a painful loss. I haven't been into poems for a long time, that is why I am really grateful coming across your poems section here. Namaste.
  10. Day 17 Gratitude Things that I’m most grateful for in my life are my health, good and healthy trusting relationships, the easy access to education, food, water and the online connection to stay in touch with friends, family and the world. I am also (now) most grateful for the challenges in the past. Areas of my life where I’d like to cultivate more gratitude are: Honestly, I never consciously thought about it until Sean spoke about it in his gratitude video. Indeed, I can also show gratitude to a book, equipment at work or some tools. Sometimes I do that, but not deeply. At times I notice how convenient silverware, washing machine or a trailer can be, but the idea of being really aware and consciously grateful at that moment every time I use them, is wonderful. Thank you.
  11. I love this sweet cream coated mashed potatoes poem. For me it is reminding me of slowly awakening into the preciousness and beauty of each single moment and this and this and this... love it. Thank you for sharing!
  12. Day 16 Loving Kindness This is one of my favorite meditations. I’ve been doing this now for a couple of times.The quality of mind becomes light and you feel more grounded and down to earth Towards more acceptance of people and situations. Compassion has the opportunity to grow here.
  13. Day 15 Sensory Awareness Q.) How does this impact how you engage in your day? By allowing an openness in my sensory awareness I could notice that my walk was not rushed, my breath less shallow and I was easier involved in a nice small talk conversation with strangers and neighbors. Life was more in the moment.
  14. Day 14 11 days later I started again with day 14 and 2 sentences stayed on my mind here. First, no matter how hard the situation is, you can still be kind to yourself and 2nd, it's going to be okay. Both phrases opened a realm of trust and warmth in me. Sometimes there were people opening their heart to me and sharing their sorrow and sometimes you don't know what to say or how to help. I will remember these two phrases and hope this will bring more ease and acceptance towards difficult situations in life. Thank you for this beautiful meditation. This little ladybug was sitting next to me on a wooden bench at a Japanese garden near my place...that was many years ago. I felt to share it with you guys. It loves to be here in this forum as well:)
  15. What a beautiful quote. Let's celebrate that we all can allow ourselves to simply be human beings including all brightness and shadows as JillianZ mentioned in this thread. It is so funny as you mentioned (or Anais Nin said), we don't grow absolutely chronologically, remembers me of a book I am reading (Karma by Sadhguru) that talks about the many dimensions of karma we have and accumulated during past lives and in our current one, which gives every human being that individual unique touch, yes, made up of layers, cells and constellations, we cannot explain intellectually really. But I also experienced that mindfulness and mindfulness meditation can reveal this kind of mystery to some point with awareness and another level of consciousness.
  16. Thanks Gillian, happy you like the word blissipline..(don’t come from me though) ... I add wisdom and balance to my list as you mention it! So important for me as well...
  17. I believe I see my core guiding principles as core values that evolves through daily practice of mindfulness meditation and metta. Only by deepening this discipline this can help me in my the best suited direction in every day life to be genuine, authentic and truly honest. I also know if I skip on the daily practice my decisions become more ego based rather than from a place of heart and soul, so "blissipline" is kind of the word that supports my core guiding principles like honesty, authenticity, transparency and being human.
  18. Thank you so much, Gillian, for sharing this beautiful eye opening and wise video clip from the mindfulness teaching program. It always feels so good to hear Sean's voice and teachings. First I paused when he said it is not about mindfulness, but yes, it is indeed about helping others and to ease the pain and suffering. This metta meditation on day 16 was a bit longer than other meditations and very effective. Hubby was listening with me for the first time on this 100 day challenge and he fell asleep:) (but his subconscious mind was there...)
  19. Day 14 Self ~ compassion I found the expressions in The end of the video very helpful to offer ourselves a sense of compassion and kindness through difficult and challenging times. 1. Areas of my life where I can be more forgiving are … This reminded me of the forgiveness prayer that personally helped me a lot to forgive moments from the past in Childhood. 2. If I were more forgiving of these areas, it would allow me to…. As I was able to forgive that was the first time that allowed me to let go and move forward much easier with life. Thanks for this self compassion video, It feels always “connecting” to bring a sense of self compassion to the moment and yourself.
  20. Day 13 Relieving Stress Meditation Pick an activity today that has the potential to trigger you or cause you stress. Perhaps it’s a commute to work, or a particular job or activity, or possibly an interaction with a difficult person. When you begin that activity, make a commitment to notice any trigger or stress response and try using SBNRR (Stop, Breathe, Notice, Reflect, Respond) to navigate the activity. 1 Q.) What were the signals that a trigger response or stress was present? Today I sat with someone in a car (the drive was about 40 min) for a longer period of time and this person is talking non-stop, either this person is highly enthusiastic and euphoric or super emotional neg or pos...after 20 min or so this behavior triggered in me a feeling of almost becoming short-tempered today. It was 5.30 AM in the morning. I was aware of a shallower breathing pattern and I had to "breathe out" the tightness in my traps and belly... what a morning After a while I looked out of the window and asked myself.. what happens if I don't engage so much in what this person had to say but rather listen to it as if it was a play on stage.... and this made it much easier for me to "handle" this at that moment. 2 Q.) What parts of SBNRR were easy for you? Difficult? Stopping, breathing, noticing are more on the easy side. Then reflecting on it and responding is another challenge. Actually I didn't really focus on "reflection", but with hindsight, I could have just observed his face, appreciating his many good qualities and his good intentions in everything he is doing... by doing this I would feel more understanding and compassion. 3 Q.) How did practicing SBNRR impact the outcome of the situation? A huge impact. It teaches me on how to respond wiser and just make decision from a point of centeredness. High five to "SBNRR"
  21. Thanks Gillian for your input. As I read your post I could sense a soothing feeling of the warm sun touching my eye lids, just by imagining it
  22. Day 12 What impact did stopping and practicing a minute of silence have on your next activity? By consciously stopping, I noticed how much I can even more slow down and experience the moment to moment awareness with more appreciation. Right now my days are packed with challenges and pausing really helps me to tune in and know how Precious the present moment is. And, in fact, I can be more effective in my tasks without rushing. So let’s Breathe in, breathe out, one step after the other. Also, helps at the computer! By practicing stopping while doing computer work I noticed how much I’m rushing from one task to the other and by just pausing for a quick moment or a minute helps a lot to improve my breathing and relaxing the body.
  23. Day 11 Integrated Body Scan Q1) The way I use my body has an impact in such that if I consciously remind myself to be aware of breathing deeper and allowing more ease to into the body, at the same time I can allow myself to be more connected to others, to nature and to myself. Q.) How others respond? How does attention on your body language and breathing impact your communication? I believe others can really sense, even unconsciously as well, the state of my being that I am emanating from my body. Regarding my communication, If I am more aware of bodily sensations and the emotional state of being I can communicate and speak more from my heart, intuition and sense of wisdom rather than reacting solely from my intellectual mind. This integrated body scan was indeed very focused, relaxing and I could feel more blood circulation, vibration, and aliveness in each body part I was consciously focusing on. Thank you very much.
  24. Yes, Gillian, this is exactly what I meant. I felt relieved when you said it is natural To not being aware of the breathing all the time, which of course makes total sense. Thanks, this is wonderful advice to check in from time to time with the breath and over a period of time my awareness will naturally broaden. I love this Explanation. Thank you!
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