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  1. Motivation is one barrier and just taking the time. i try to do meditation every morning as I get out of bed to set my intentions for the day. i also try to do meditation before bed as my mind is constantly on the go. have a great day Colleen
  2. Hi my name is Colleen. I have been learning and practicing mindfulness over the last year and I feel much calmer and more connected. I have a very busy mind. I am excited to be in this community. Nice to meet you all. Have a calm productive and happy day
  3. Hi All My name is Colleen. I have been practicing mindfulness for the last 8 mths after some Ill health. I feel better and I am still learning. I always wanted to be a nurse and did this for 32. Years. Best career ever caring for those at their lowest. my biggest fear is being left alone. i would tell my younger self to not let fear control trying new things. I want to live a full, happy, abundant, calm life
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