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  1. File too large. Tomorrow check the website for the video at www.soulfitnesslife.com Thank you. Paige Pilege
  2. I am responding to your Musings Sean. I love the topic of How I'm Finding More Clarity "The Work". Bryon Katie. I used to run into many friends that can use this. At this time I have no complaints that take my attention. I do like the process she presents. I feel my journaling was much like this in the past. I will use this as a resource for many. Thank you. Part 1: I Complain About Part 2: One Belief At A Time Part 3: Inquiry Yes, I feel this is a useful piece to share. Finding The Missing Peace, a free downloadable eBook. The author, Ajahn Amar. I can see where someone could mistaken the specifics in meditation. I find most do not go to that much extent. But I am sure there are some that try and decide it is not for them. I am ordering the Second Book of Tao. I do love reading Tao te Ching. The common sense and play on words fascinates me. Thank you for your insights and sharing. I wish Everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July. Paige Pilege
  3. @Gillian Sanger and @Jules thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing. I even surprised myself the other day and just broke down crying very hard. I don’t remember crying like that for a very long time. It happened and then my day went on. Now I realize it was fear. I do not feel I have fear for living daily. I feel it was because of so much dissonance in the world. I felt much better afterwards. I have been pushing myself and know that it is not wise. So now I am limiting my contemplating and taking action as in fishing and walking much more and getting out where I can. I wonder if a person can meditate too much?? Once again trying to fit everything in I enjoy. Limiting my computer time to almost none. It bothers me to spend a whole day on the computer. I resonate with you both on remaining creative and my focus is self care this summer.
  4. Paige PIlege

    Day 1

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is nice to share and learn together. I look forward to more postings.
  5. Paige PIlege

    Day 2

    Way to go. Keep up the great work of being present feeling and not judging.
  6. @Faune I also love nature in the mornings with a cup of hot tea. I used to. It has been hard to get back to that this summer. Perhaps In The winter. I have a lifetime of starting and stopping things. That’s ok. Changes occur all the time. The thing is. How long does it take for you to go back to it. If it benefits you hopefully always returning. That is what makes it a daily habit. No worries when stop. Just begin thinking of starting again. For me lately, it is turn the tv off and do something. I always have something else to do. Lol. And you may need the rest. In order to keep a habit a person falls off every so often. Realizing the big benefit then to start back. I feel this is what keeps me going. Knowing I can start again tomorrow. I totally understand how you feel. Do not judge the action of stopping and starting consider it part of the process. I hope today is good for you.
  7. Thank you @FauneI do believe this to be true. I have always looked at things in a positive way. I think age is making things to "I dont care what people think" sort of attitude. Experience as you say makes up a lot of it. Been there and done that on almost everything. lol. That situation with my ex was almost 10 years ago now so, I am very over that. So ready for the next adventure. I always think, " Onward, to more great adventures."
  8. So True.....I have this instilled in my heart. I think it is why I am sensitive.
  9. @rainbowI also send my sincere concerns and blessings to help you through such a time with losses. I agree about the small things to try to keep moving in a sense. Working out of the overwhelm of so much. The world still moves and life continues, so it will for you. As with Jo L. Grieving is so important to process. There are no directions just as raising children. No book on it. I remember trying to get through times as these. It is possible to take a moment at a time and decide is this for grieving or for something else? Once you have the energy to process that thought things will seem somewhat better. I would like to suggest a nice cup of tea and a nature walk where there are squirrels and birds. It seems to help me when I have emotions that need attention. What is your go to for self care?
  10. @Jo LThank you for such a great resource Kat is an inspiration and great ideas. I will be implementing in my work. I never had such a great source.
  11. @Gillian SangerThat sounds awesome. Yes a percentage makes so much sense. Eventually reaching 100% is a nice thought. But not pushing it is also great. Breaking it into sections or percentages makes it easier as with all things we do. Nice thought.
  12. @FauneYes it was horrible in 2019. I broke it March 28th, had surgery a week later. then the next week went into a rehab facility and couldn;t get out for another month. It was staying in for a year and now I am out and about. This was the third break in the same ankle and foot. I feel it is to slow me down and the universe saying "wait a minute" so I have found myself feeling more in my purpose since then. I appreciate this summer so much more. My in-laws were not nice to help me sell our home or even place their son in assisted living. I had problems with the government placing him and paying for his care. But I learned a lot. I learned I DID NOT have to take all the sadness myself. The defeated emotions of my life were not just mine. I kept them to myself and never should have. Now I know that emotions are meant to be experienced and never held onto. Process and move forward is my life now. Each time I broke my ankle were accidents, stumbling, sliding on gravel, etc. Thank you for the concern. I am doing very well now. @yogawithpriyankaI am not sure how much time I will have but I will try to take part in yoga. I have 2 meditation classes and clients that schedule. 3 conference calls weekly and a Qigong class in evenings. Fishing on weekends.
  13. Oh yes, they do. They respect the fact that I have my own take and will not tolerate it. It is disgusting to me to act so above anything. Not much is brought up about it anymore. It was more present in the 70s and early 80s. My dad has since passed a few years ago. My mom just went along with things. But my mom today would never think of being racist now. We both feel the same. It is hard for me to believe a black girl would want a white doll? I would buy all types of dolls if I had a girl. I had 2 boys is all for children. I think it is important to offer all ethnics to everyone. Why do they not sell them together? I did notice in the Dollar General when close out came it was always the alternates that were left. But I bought them anyway. It was difficult raising the 2 boys alone that were always judging people just walking down the street. I cannot say how many times I scolded them for it. That behavior is not tolerated. Strange, I find myself saying it more often again. Not surprising with the social events.
  14. Did you draw this? I would love to share this on my Private Group. Journey 2 Joy 101. totally amazing.
  15. Great to read @Racheland @Jo L, this is so interesting. I never saw a Black person until I was out of high school. 1982...Really It was uncomfortable at first because my dad was like a slave owner. I felt like a slave a lot growing up. He would say "I own you until you are 18 years old" so in a way parents do, being responsible. But he was also racist. I think I felt that way simply because I didn't know how to feel or if I was suppose to feel different. Now after knowing and having friends I am comfortable with everyone. All human beings are the same we all have the same inside our bodies and parts etc. We are the same but unique within thought and mind. I am a warrior in belief systems and individuality. I strongly wish all person to have the confidence to own their individual right to be alive at any age. By having personal thought, spirit and belief in the self. I would love to be part of movement for Black people. Any people. I understand where they want something for being treated so badly. It is like that was then, now is now. There will always be loss of some kind. I do not think there is any amount of money or property that can make up for the past that they have endured. It sickens me to the soul. When comes to my inside essence I remain calm and practice but my outside essence is very concerned with people treating others as if monsters. I totally understand. My jaw dropped when I first saw the video of the knee on the neck. I was outraged myself. Great topic. Keep our prayers and peace within for them.
  16. Thank you @Gillian Sanger I will watch that. Awesome, I would love to work in a natural environment and be able to live off the land as we are suppose to do. If we put the effort in the earth, soil that we do in other places, we would continue to growth of healing the planet.
  17. The same for me @Gillian Sanger I love the essence of compassion and practicing loving kindness. Just recently I learned the term Metta. I believe forgiveness is needed to receive compassion. One of the most difficult things to do. I just received my book, "Loving Kindness, The Metta Practice" I cannot wait to begin.
  18. This is always difficult for me because of growing up in a yelling, angry environment. I learned from age 5 to 18 to just stay away from the person. Dad. He had PTSD from the war and could not get any help. (hindsight) All forgiven but it was a traumatic thing. The past 10 years gaining the confidence and grace reading and learning from so many people how to trust myself and being able to state the behavior to assist with it. Now 8 years ago joining my husband with his daughter and 2 grand kids was excrutiatingly hard. I really had to gain the confidence and the energy to be able to call out and assist in the calling in. For the 1 year of all of us learning from each other it worked out well. Today, much respect and confidence in everyone involved. Being able to focus on what was priority and assist when needed, realizing where it would be an assist and not confusion was a process. I found always letting the other person decide the outcome and the process to learn for themselves with assistance the best solution for all involved.
  19. Thank you @Jo L. I do every moment I have now. And I wish to share it. That is why I created Journey 2 Joy 101, Your Community 24/7. It is to give as much information to let someone know they are not alone and deserve happiness no matter what situation you find yourself. Support and positive feedback as well as many postings. I plan to begin a Zenza Rocks school of meditation with Qigong. So youngsters can participate. One thing at a time though. I enjoy what I do very much.
  20. I LOVE it. Since I broke my ankle the third time last year I am doing it. Plus I practiced Qigong since 2013. So being flexible and breathing through things comes easy but exhaustion from stress of decisions from the past I feel is keeping me stuck. Working on it. I love the stand and move because of the visualization. Seeing energy moving and feeling it are different and requires a lot of practice. lol. I am walking so much better I can go fishing. I missed it for a long time. It reminds me of my dad since I grew up with him running a bait and tackle shop. Fishing stories of all kinds. So peaceful. Only I do not like the fact that the fish is stuck on the hook. That tends to bother me. My Buddha nature come out. But I enjoy just being near the water and hearing the waves. I will do a recording of me teaching the sit, stand, and move so everyone can try it out and do it. I wish you the best in your situation. I went through all that before 2013 and it was brutal with the government and family members. BUT, after I had a plan and got it done. THE RELIEF IS WORTH IT. It really is. Blessings.
  21. I would like to speak to myself and give a message for 1 year ago. "Honey, you are doing the right thing. Get married and experience all the joy you can for yourself and no one else." I would also say, "remember that only you can experience your own life" Giving all the time does not leave space to have experiences. and you need them" If you can only do one thing for others than that is all you do. "YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN JOY EXPERIENCE IN LIFE" do not live on other people's experiences you help them reach. This is very important. You have the rest of your life, experience life.
  22. I totally agree. There are so many things going on. Where is this money coming from??More debt? It seems we have magical money and as mentioned certain people get to most of it while others barely get by. With the political affairs and hidden things from the government of secrecy in weapons and economy is there really a plan? Entitlement must be what it is. I never really thought of it that way. But I do see it. I agree the greed is atrocious. And we are still taught all this for 12 years. I had a vision of each block having separate food to grow. Then being able to trade for a variety around the block. and then I had a vision of the world being leveled except for high risers, that were apartments. People lived in these apartments that the government maintained. I do not recall working or doing anything. Just living there. Normally my dreams do not mean anything. But some, well, I guess time will tell. I do see some people doing the plots and growing independent gardens but here the ground is ruined to even grow anything. We need to go to South America or in the undiscovered Wilderness in the NE to get new, wholesome soil to plant. I am hoping things level off soon and people become better acquainted with loving kindness and compassion. @Jo L exactly how I see it too. If I can send a positive ripple to create an environment of peace and equality to all on this planet that is what I hope to accomplish. So much waste going on, our resources, our youth, our energy. Mindfulness and focus will greatly increase the ripples that go out. WE ARE DOING IT. Blessings you both.
  23. I totally agree @Jo L There must be a standard created. Somehow to teach that our eyes can deceive us in what we see (as in color) and history created the different or the judgement that needs to be cleansed out. Not by destroying everything from the past but taking note and learning about why a specific thing of the past is there. In the Past. And we all need to learn how to leave it there and begin in a cleansed state from today forward where all are the same. Put here as human beings. As energy to focus on caring for others and this planet. There are so many things that are good from the past trying to become present we need to make room for it. Or the great positive change cannot take place. Such a wonderful topic. I have to submit. I have a partner that is a Leo so melodramatic and very loving though. Growing up in a tough neighborhood. He would say things like "I hate that" or "I am racist". But as I confronted him, about how bad and wrong that felt towards "ME" and if he loved me his radical behavior towards this would mellow out and understand more what is going on. I can report that he now is not racist. For his punishment, not really but stated, Repeat many times, "I love black people" "I love all people" " We are all human beings and the same" and so far is going very well. This makes me wonder how many people out the are just so sarcastic or narcissistic that is will always become an issue. We need to recognize it. I agree education and more example without judgement is good. I am the happiest person in the world now that my husband is "not a racist". I was meant in boosting, big man. He understood why this is not a good thing and promotes worse things. He now is mindful of how actions cause reactions. The fact that this type of thing happens is sickening. My son being autistic and "different" than everyone was always left out and outcast as disabled. I totally am a warrior when it comes to anyone's rights and animals. All living things. Plants also
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