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  1. No not yet. I hope to in a year or so. Thank you.
  2. Yes, you can respond everywhere here. I am listening to a lot of the music posted in other listing topics also. Just love this music. The Qigong I teach has it's own music, but it is nice to have different every so often. Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone, I am so grateful for all of you. I am grateful for all my friends and family that are always in touch with me on Facebook. I would love to find a different platform for that. Right now it will do. I am grateful for the technology to be able to take a step backward. So to speak. By social distancing and making it safer with less. A step in the right direction. We have our new Movie Drive-in Theaters open. How cool it was 38 years ago today that i went to the last movie theater. Who would have known. I am very grateful.
  4. I teach Chinese Medical Qigong. I have been learning since 2013. I have my first repeat students now. One is 70 years old and the other is a 45 single, mom. It is cool. Just enough to keep me busy with my own cultivating practice. It is for any age from 12 on up. I use to coach summer soccer way long time ago when my kids were small. lol. Just love kids and people.
  5. Wow, this is nice. So this is a course creator site as well as an audio recording site? You use this insighttimmer a lot? I never heard of it but your audio sounds so well. Mine sound hollow. You do very nice audios. Thank you. There is an area for just poems also. very nicely done.
  6. Wow, @DrFiona you are a busy person. I do not work outside the home and right now having fun booking up for online private classes so far. This will be an interesting follow.
  7. Thank you @Dalia I think there are worse things. I am grateful and wouldn't change anything. Blessings.
  8. @Gene Williams @DaliaThis is the most difficult thing for me because I went so many years thinking I HAD to take care of things. With a missing husband and not being aware that he was hiding from me and his two sons for years. I felt my responsibility as being my love equal to caring for them and then the overage go to him. Today I think of myself first, but I seem to still think of others first. From the moment I wake up. I take the shortest hours of the day. I am realizing that I have to work on MY time. Hmmmm. Thank you for both your insight and helping me stop and think about this. A continuous work in progress. Not just meditation a few slots of the day but at all times as well the under consciousness. Again thank you.
  9. @Mridu I have always been a fitness person. Always running or biking, walking. Had my family grown up and left my husband after 32 years. There was nothing left when the kids left home. Throughout raising the boys I was always doing something, walking, biking, teaching soccer, etc. The 30 years I accumulated many books on Astrology, Tarot, Intuition, Energy Medicine, The Conscious Mind, etc. Reading about The Art of Happiness from the Dalai Lama. And happiness with human behavior always fascinated me. Having an autistic son that is Asperger's, high functioning brought much of this out of me. The divorce was the final straw that broke the camels back. It was so dreadful that he used us so bad, I was very deep in despair. I hyperventilated from crying so much I felt myself pass out. "a voice told me I could not leave the world yet, there are many people that want to hear what I have to say" I woke up excited to be alive and figure out what message I had. I searched over the years for a way to learn martial arts or something that I could teach since becoming disabled. Beginning in the recovery area helped me so much to build my strength, stamina and energy. I decided to teach it. Training online took discipline and many hours of practice. In Chinese Medicine we teach Taoist, Buddhist way of life. The body is a bowl of rice being prepared. We must let the steam rise and it has to be eliminated. The physical aspects are so interesting. Press here and the liver works better. Press there and the kidneys will be massaged/bladder. During Winter is the best time to work with the kidneys and bladder because we sit and lay more. The ending of a calender year, 365 days of a life needs to be cleansed. Sorrow and grief need to be processed as with all emotions that cause turbidity as in a shaken snow globe. Energy vibrations are so fascinating also. To think how the movements of the universe, the planets and moons and sun that never stop are always moving and that is energy. This in addition to the force pull it takes to move them. That spark, Wayne Dyer speaks of that is in each of us begins there. Sorry getting carried away. Chinese Medicine is 5000 years old. This has always been done and continues to be done. My Grand Master Teacher live a monastic life from 16 to 22. Then was told to go West now and teach it in a way they understand. I love hearing his stories. He is creating a way for us to learn and understand the lessons in the Western language the best that can be. Never done before. The secrets that were kept from people for so long is now out of the bag and only taught by lineage and certified teachers. I have learned what movements will benefit you the best in what season to match the organ and the body aspects and life aspects that each season entails. This is taught in a class. You can look it all up. Or learn from a "good" teacher. ME. lol. I teach sit, stand, move. It is the best way to set the mindfulness in motion, keep the chi (energy) moving throughout the body systems. Being able to move the blood from the top to the bottom of the body takes movement. If not we all would lose our legs all together. Learning to breathe, to be mindful and conscious in every second of the day is where we need to be. Getting caught up in the mundane living creates stagnant energy, and then turbidity as drama and life happens. It happens to us then and blocks any type of healing that needs to be processed. Humans bodies are meant to work/function regularly, clearing, cleansing, strengthening, breathing, all the time. Sleeping in order for our cells to regenerate. One Qigong is done 7 years, the body will have done a total transformation to the memory of movement. In 3 days every cell in our body is replaced. It is important then to keep the systems moving and working the best possible. We are all actually liquid steam with blood moving around space. Our eyes can only see very minimal. The people with much better sight see the steam in colors. Imagine, walking around seeing only steam entities of color moving around connected by blurring together or small streamers going back and forth. Quantum Physics, Awesome. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. lol. If you have questions feel free to ask any. Love to share. I hope I didn't lose anyone or overwrite. I do love to write.
  10. I am grateful to have such wonderful friends that support each other. There is a sense of togetherness by just communicating back and forth as we can. For me it is the same as speaking to each other. I journaled for over 30 years once I graduated. Most was emotional ranting. Some deductions and solutions. Writings and poems, stories. Mostly the wonder of life and different ways people see it. Perspectives that are so different, some never seen. I know I have opened some eyes in College and anywhere I post. Because seeing all perspectives is a plus, although it can be a nuisance. Not like I have to have all the answers. Just all the possible answers. Now just being comfortable with making a decision the best possible for the time is good enough. Yes it is enough. So grateful to have a knowing and an outward welcoming essence, some would say. Thank you everyone here. I truly am grateful for each and everyone in this group. Mindfulness Exercises.
  11. I am just getting used to teaching online. I have found out that keeping it simple is the best. I remember trying to use the saying "less is best", so in teaching normally I would go crazy trying to create a perfect program and outline or practice plan for ea. category of learner, etc. Making all sorts of different prices and age frames,etc. Actually making things more complicated and taking up time. Mindfulness has helped me create the space to just go with what I know. I do know enough. It seems like such a relief. Slowly adding programs once a person gets into the group. Now I have the most amazing feeling when I do a class and I am heard and respected because I am the expert of my knowledge, my experiences and results. No fear, no anxiety over doing the preparations. No distractions and slowly getting enough students and groups that I am comfortable with. Awesomeness.
  12. Yes I would love to hear your thoughts. wonderful, I am half way through Tara Brach's book. Have to pick and choose the next. lol Such great selections.
  13. Hello Joseph, glad you were able to do the 8 day challenge. Perhaps you may try the 100 day challenge. I am not sure we met. I have a business Zenza Rocks. Teaching Qigong as well as mindfulness meditation through Chinese medicine. There are hints of Japanese also because of the leneage of my Grand Master Teacher. Most all my life I have meditated. Basically because of the sensitivities I have. Strong intuition, premonitions, connections to spiritualistic nature. I look forward to learning and reading posts of yours.
  14. @David Weiskopf There is mention of beginner meditation possibly repressing emotions that is felt too much to process and shift emotionally through. By sensing back to the physical process, perhaps the brain is not ready to process such emotions. I know some are deeply hidden until others are processed. Like the shedding of the onion layers. Unfortunately, some people never process the deepest ones. I am taught that Buddhism is not a religion. Is this your understanding? I see it as a culture and way of living. A seeker of the self. Of the power within. Each saying being a person close to the truth of being. How to live in the physical world and still be in self. Yet learn how to carry our soul and spirit at the same time in the present. We all come from love and pleasant humor. Wanting all the good for everyone. Blessings.
  15. @Gene Williams @Gillian SangerYes, you are very open Gene about the fact that humanity has such issues with anger and being able to accept those that are being their true nature which is anger and neglect; wrong-doing. Agenda's seem to become conflict when survival is apparent. I, even though I think I have a handle on it, I find I do not. I sit next person not as, spiritually developed and sink into their world of road-rage and disdain on the internet. Ego driven by (past habit)not understanding that that is why it happens. Once in my environment, it goes well and loving and passionate; but then life of the mundane creeps in. THIS, will be the mission for the rest of my life i am assured. Gillian- I also agree that there is an in-between. I feel we all reach it and accomplish it more and more. Once again interruptions of the mundane, unconscious living that is ingrained in us from birth. I too, feel so much more accustomed to recognizing and actually voicing my emotions to let others know where I am. If a grown up tempts me in anger for too long i voice, "I do not anger well, it is not pretty" in voicing this out loud I can recognize it and decide where it should go. It helps me tremendously. With my practice, I recognize and can feel when others are about to go in that direction of unknown control with emotions and try to ward it off a different direction. This is intuition practiced. Thank you both for being so insightful and expressing things openly. This makes a great conversation.
  16. Paige PIlege

    Pema book.jpg

    Sounds like a nice read. I will have to list it. Thank you.
  17. I am blown away. I really like this song. Thank you.
  18. Oh my, I loved this. soooo beautiful. Moved my soul.
  19. I have just started to teach from home. I have a couple students. One is 70 and I teach them sit, stand, move. We meditate for 5 minutes on breath only and then 10 minutes of movement and standing. This is various 5 Element stances and Qigong movement 5 minutes. Then end at 5 minutes of no thought except "what may be next". Teaching the art of conscious living. Mindful living. I see this is a bit different than how just a mindfulness workshop would be. would this be usable in a corporate setting? I am thankful for everyone's input.
  20. Paige PIlege


    This looks so interesting. I cannot wait to read it.
  21. Absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to go fishing again tomorrow.
  22. Hello and welcome @Dalia It is a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you. I am from Omaha, Nebraska. I lived here all my life. I practice Chinese medicine and mindful meditation. I hope you enjoy all the wonderful material here. I know you will. Have fun going through any where that interests you. Let me know if I can help. Onward.....
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