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  1. File too large. Tomorrow check the website for the video at www.soulfitnesslife.com Thank you. Paige Pilege
  2. I am responding to your Musings Sean. I love the topic of How I'm Finding More Clarity "The Work". Bryon Katie. I used to run into many friends that can use this. At this time I have no complaints that take my attention. I do like the process she presents. I feel my journaling was much like this in the past. I will use this as a resource for many. Thank you. Part 1: I Complain About Part 2: One Belief At A Time Part 3: Inquiry Yes, I feel this is a useful piece to share. Finding The Missing Peace, a free downloadable eBook. The author, Ajahn Amar. I can see where someone could mistaken the specifics in meditation. I find most do not go to that much extent. But I am sure there are some that try and decide it is not for them. I am ordering the Second Book of Tao. I do love reading Tao te Ching. The common sense and play on words fascinates me. Thank you for your insights and sharing. I wish Everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July. Paige Pilege
  3. @Gillian Sanger and @Jules thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing. I even surprised myself the other day and just broke down crying very hard. I don’t remember crying like that for a very long time. It happened and then my day went on. Now I realize it was fear. I do not feel I have fear for living daily. I feel it was because of so much dissonance in the world. I felt much better afterwards. I have been pushing myself and know that it is not wise. So now I am limiting my contemplating and taking action as in fishing and walking much more and getting out where I can. I wonder if a person can meditate too much?? Once again trying to fit everything in I enjoy. Limiting my computer time to almost none. It bothers me to spend a whole day on the computer. I resonate with you both on remaining creative and my focus is self care this summer.
  4. Paige PIlege

    Day 1

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is nice to share and learn together. I look forward to more postings.
  5. Paige PIlege

    Day 2

    Way to go. Keep up the great work of being present feeling and not judging.
  6. @Faune I also love nature in the mornings with a cup of hot tea. I used to. It has been hard to get back to that this summer. Perhaps In The winter. I have a lifetime of starting and stopping things. That’s ok. Changes occur all the time. The thing is. How long does it take for you to go back to it. If it benefits you hopefully always returning. That is what makes it a daily habit. No worries when stop. Just begin thinking of starting again. For me lately, it is turn the tv off and do something. I always have something else to do. Lol. And you may need the rest. In order to keep a habit a person falls off every so often. Realizing the big benefit then to start back. I feel this is what keeps me going. Knowing I can start again tomorrow. I totally understand how you feel. Do not judge the action of stopping and starting consider it part of the process. I hope today is good for you.
  7. Thank you @FauneI do believe this to be true. I have always looked at things in a positive way. I think age is making things to "I dont care what people think" sort of attitude. Experience as you say makes up a lot of it. Been there and done that on almost everything. lol. That situation with my ex was almost 10 years ago now so, I am very over that. So ready for the next adventure. I always think, " Onward, to more great adventures."
  8. So True.....I have this instilled in my heart. I think it is why I am sensitive.
  9. @rainbowI also send my sincere concerns and blessings to help you through such a time with losses. I agree about the small things to try to keep moving in a sense. Working out of the overwhelm of so much. The world still moves and life continues, so it will for you. As with Jo L. Grieving is so important to process. There are no directions just as raising children. No book on it. I remember trying to get through times as these. It is possible to take a moment at a time and decide is this for grieving or for something else? Once you have the energy to process that thought things will seem somewhat better. I would like to suggest a nice cup of tea and a nature walk where there are squirrels and birds. It seems to help me when I have emotions that need attention. What is your go to for self care?
  10. @Jo LThank you for such a great resource Kat is an inspiration and great ideas. I will be implementing in my work. I never had such a great source.
  11. @Gillian SangerThat sounds awesome. Yes a percentage makes so much sense. Eventually reaching 100% is a nice thought. But not pushing it is also great. Breaking it into sections or percentages makes it easier as with all things we do. Nice thought.
  12. @FauneYes it was horrible in 2019. I broke it March 28th, had surgery a week later. then the next week went into a rehab facility and couldn;t get out for another month. It was staying in for a year and now I am out and about. This was the third break in the same ankle and foot. I feel it is to slow me down and the universe saying "wait a minute" so I have found myself feeling more in my purpose since then. I appreciate this summer so much more. My in-laws were not nice to help me sell our home or even place their son in assisted living. I had problems with the government placing him and paying for his care. But I learned a lot. I learned I DID NOT have to take all the sadness myself. The defeated emotions of my life were not just mine. I kept them to myself and never should have. Now I know that emotions are meant to be experienced and never held onto. Process and move forward is my life now. Each time I broke my ankle were accidents, stumbling, sliding on gravel, etc. Thank you for the concern. I am doing very well now. @yogawithpriyankaI am not sure how much time I will have but I will try to take part in yoga. I have 2 meditation classes and clients that schedule. 3 conference calls weekly and a Qigong class in evenings. Fishing on weekends.
  13. Oh yes, they do. They respect the fact that I have my own take and will not tolerate it. It is disgusting to me to act so above anything. Not much is brought up about it anymore. It was more present in the 70s and early 80s. My dad has since passed a few years ago. My mom just went along with things. But my mom today would never think of being racist now. We both feel the same. It is hard for me to believe a black girl would want a white doll? I would buy all types of dolls if I had a girl. I had 2 boys is all for children. I think it is important to offer all ethnics to everyone. Why do they not sell them together? I did notice in the Dollar General when close out came it was always the alternates that were left. But I bought them anyway. It was difficult raising the 2 boys alone that were always judging people just walking down the street. I cannot say how many times I scolded them for it. That behavior is not tolerated. Strange, I find myself saying it more often again. Not surprising with the social events.
  14. Did you draw this? I would love to share this on my Private Group. Journey 2 Joy 101. totally amazing.
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