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  2. You can use the Mindfulness to step back and catch "your breath" and scan your emotions when you notice that you can't stay neutral in the conversation. And then let go and perhaps name the feeling and focus on the facts.
  3. I learned it is important to learn that you need to know what your overall goals are before you receive feedback. So before you get your feedback you must contemplate about that. Your goals must be the leading thought behind your respons. And when you are taken by suprise, than prospone your reaction, so that you can respond later and not react immediatly, which can protect you from getting in a defence reaction, which will not be of benefit. Especially because you can become overwhelmed by emotions when the feedback looks like a threath and can give you the feeling you are not respected or perhaps you are getting the idea that you will loose your job. The thing is that you must try to recognise the emotion in your thoughts and disconnect them from your overall target. You can use mindfulness to recognise these less targetserving emotions. It is not my intention to skip these emotions, just share them with good friends and respond receiving and make a summary in which you tell what you factually heard people say. And then you can say you agree and you can do something about it, or you can disagree and tell in a neutral non agressive intention with facts why. This concept has helped me from not drowning in emotions anymore when I get feedback and to actual respond instead to react.
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