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  1. Thanks for all your well wishes this is a great forum amanda xx
  2. Well this might not be the answer. But I swim and breath to every stroke, that ends up in mediation and almost a hypnotic feeling that I don’t feel or here anyone area me. But I’m from Australia where swimming is accessible. But for me, that transforms me. hope that helps. Best wishes & positivity your way amanda
  3. Hi all have been really unwell with my kidney disease could use some good thoughts my way ta
  4. Hello I’m Amanda from Australia. I am wanting to learn more about mindfulness and learn from others. I practice yoga, for about 6 years, and love to surf & swim. g’day from Aus
  5. Amanda


  6. I am strong and will take each hour with acceptance
  7. Amanda


    Hello mindfulness is a little new for me. I’ve had struggles & still do but that’s why I’m here
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