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  1. I didnt really put much attention to finding feet before unless I get hurt. When my attention to finding my feet , I can feel my body sensation, the weight on the ground, I get used to put my weight on one legs so I feel tired when I sit down. I noticed I m aware on my shoulder are tension and I have to remind myself that I'm in the relax mood not nervous mood.
  2. The experience was opened and relax during the conversation. I feel the resistance in the conversation but the energy had shifted when I started to listen with my ears and hearts. I love the experience that created by us and both of us are really enjoyed this conversation today.
  3. Today's practice really effect on my perception with the person. I felt compassion and understanding the person's action and emotion. I started to think about what if I'm the person what I will do or react, is very interesting practice for today.
  4. 1. The stress will come out when I started feeling that I can't complete the job/task. 2. Breath is the easier thing for me, the difficult part is stop. 3. Practices SBNRR can help me to reduce the stress level and it can give me a space to rest and release the tension.
  5. I realized that I didn't practice listening mindfully. I can feel my body are tight and hot. I didn't care about others respond but I noticed that I'm in protector mood and also stop breathing.
  6. 1. I started to aware on my thought and feeling that where they are coming from and is very clear that am I really just react through my auto mood or I just really not comfortable with it. It helps me a lot because I got the sense of choices that actually I got the right to choose what I want to be and what I gonna to do based on my choices. 2. The things that help me to stay focus on next week will be understand what mediation are really mean to me and focus on the outcome that I want to accomplish with. I can feel the sense of gratefulness came out when I started to think about the abundance things or people came out into my life but the interesting part is I was resisting to feel it when I was getting angry yesterday while I was doing the mediation at the same time. I didn't want to let go on the anger while I can't received the grateful at the same time so I did it again this morning when I woke up and gratefulness come in automatically when I let go my anger.
  7. Yes, I got the same feeling with you as well.
  8. I realized I keep forget to wish people happy when I talk to them but one thing happened was that I felt very calm this whole day and I didn't get much emotional today. I put more attention on get things done instead of giving reaction but I feel a bit confused whether I'm pleasing someone or I just wish them to be happy anyway I just happy that I didn't over reaction today.
  9. I feel like I can observe things more clear that really surprised me even though I just walk around my house and also when I'm driving as well. I think the impact might taking an open awareness approach have on my work is that I can get more focus during my job and also staying in present.
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