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  1. If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone? The most regret is I didn't tell my family I love them and I can't even give them a goodbye hug. At least I want them to see my smile face that can keep in their forever instead my dead body. What good might come out of telling them now? I can just express my love to them and just show up myself that I love them so much. I'm grateful to grow up in this family and let the love flow between us. The best thing will happened when I tell them I love them.
  2. If you had to either change professions or move to another part of the country, which would you prefer? I think it need to depend on my age, if I was young then I will move to another part of the country to create a new life experience that I haven't experience it before but I will change my professions based on my age right now because I want to accompany my family especially my parents because the time is fling and I 'm more cherish on the time spending with my parents. I still young can learn new things but my parents are different, they can't wait me because they are getting older. What new career or location first comes to mind? I think I will choose to become a coach or a trainer because I'm interested. Is the idea of being forced into such a change appealing in any way? Actually not, I had experienced it before and I started feeling stressful and depress on myself and I throw back temper and anger back to my parents especially my mum and I really feel sorry about it so I'm looking something I really passionate with right now and those feeling disappear immediately. Instead of focus my mind into being forced I more recommend to put my mindset on what I want to create in my day so that I respect on my choose and take the responsible on my own choose.
  3. Do you think the world will be a better or a worse place 100 years from now? Do you see our present world as a better than the world of a century ago? How so? I think the world will become worse place 100 years from now if human didn't slow up their humanity to all kinds. I think our present world are better than the world of a century ago because I feel people more open to accept different kind of world views and being knowledgeable to respect different culture. Somehow I feel our present world didn't get better than the world of century ago if in the world environment because the climate is changing and our plant are crying now also people used it and take it for granted.
  4. Have your character and humanity been forged more by pleasure and success or by pain and disappointment? If you could somehow protect your loved ones from pain and failure, do you think they might ultimately end up diminished by your efforts? My character and humanity is forged more pain and disappointment when I was a kid then I noticed I was a happy kid when I was young just because of the parent's disagreement and their way to educate the children end up I feel more pain and disappointment compare to pleasure and success. If I want to protect my loved one from pain and failure I think they will ultimately end up diminished because they can't take the pain and failure because I'm trying to protect them to feel it. I think I forged with pain and disappointment while my parent trying to avoid and protect me from pain and failure yet I still feel myself are diminished so I don't think protect is a way but experience the pain and failure is a way to grow myself therefore I only know the feeling about pleasure and success .
  5. If you want to take a new and uncertain path in your life, but your friends really didn't want you to, would you go ahead against their wishes if you thought it was right for you? I think yes if I really sure about that path is make by my own choice then I will keep move forward. I know they will keep pursue me to give up or change a path that they feel more certain or right path for me but I know they're caring and loving that why they will tell me about the 'truth' that they felt. I 'm the one who want to try first then result will tell me whether I had made a right choice or not even it end up might be wrong but I won't regret it because I try it.
  6. What could someone figure out about you by the friends you've chosen? Based on my friend to figure out about me will be I'm real and straight forward, we are kind and have a big heart to accept each others, being loyal on ourselves and to other as well. We're willing to share and being open to each other so we always have a relax and joyful conversation. Do your friends tend to be older or younger than you? less or more talented and successful than you? My friends tend to be older and same ages with me, almost of them are talented and some of them still putting effort to create success on their career. Do they share your values? ambitions? interests? The interest part is I didn't mean about my values and ambitions to my friend because I didn't realized that share values and ambitions are important but somehow we got some similar point of view that why we can be friend. I feel very to share those things because they didn't share their values to me as well and I never ask what's their value and ambitions. I feel I can start share about my values, ambitions to them and discovery their values and ambitions and I think this can bring us to a deeper level of conversation.
  7. Would you be happier with more control over what happens in your life or more control over your response to what happens? How could you gain more such control? I was thinking about the same question before. I did asked myself am I be more happier when I can control more things or the thing happens in my life. I know I won't be happier because that mean that I will lose trusting to others and I will become a controller. Being a controller is stressful because it means that I have to handle everything everyone every moment in my life so when thing didn't happen in my expect then I will started getting panic and fear because from my insecurity. I won't be more happier with more control but I will feel more comfortable when thing under my control. I think feel comfortable and security are the things I want to gain when I in controller mood.
  8. If someone threw a party for you and invited everyone who ever mattered to you, who would you be most excited about seeing? most anxious about? Why? The most excited is girlfriend because she is introvert and resist to meet up people and I want to intro her to everyone that I know but it very hard to make it happen. The most anxious is I think is my sister because people will started compare me and my sister and I really don't like the feeling on being compare by others.
  9. When you recount something that has happened to you, do you typically exaggerate and embellish? If so, why? Yes, I did. I will express myself into a funny way and sometime it will require exaggerate and embellish so I already just get used to it when I described something has happened to me. I noticed myself can't recount the thing actually same as the fact and I want to feel I'm right and victim that why things will happened on me. I want to get the attraction from others and want people to listen what I said but recount the thing same as the fact won't get things funny and enough topic for us to continue the conversation so I think is my pattern when I want to get things funny and interesting to others. I realised I started to envy someone who can say the same thing same as the fact itself, I want to myself to do it that way but somehow I still in my old pattern.
  10. How would it affect your life if you knew for certain that 500 years from now humanity would be thriving in an inspiring, amazing way? I think I will become more positive, willing to help and give to others because I will know human being is going to contribute the love and kind as humanity to others people because that the only way to thriving into inspiring and amazing instead of bring in the hate, frustrate and anger. What if instead you knew human civilization would be gone, destroyed by global war or environmental disaster? I think I will live the life that I want to instead of complaining everyday cause I knew that a global war will bring a lot of sadness and I might losing time to connect with the people who are surrounding me that why I want to be happy and joyful when I'm able to create the life that I want. What would you do if you alone knew that in precisely 20 years the sun would explode and the world would end? I will start appreciated everyday, every moment in every second because I know we are losing time and this is the last chance or last time for us to reconnect, create love and trust with the people who we love. I will speak out loud to express my love to everyone and telling them that I'm appreciate that I get to know you in my whole life.
  11. I'm not sure about others but my culture is not allow.
  12. Do you strive for more security, accomplishment, success, love, power, or excitement? Yes, I did. I want to have more security, accomplishment, success, love, power and excitement if not why am I living in this world? sometimes I will ask myself what is my purpose really is? why I am being here in this world? what contribution I can really do or do I need to make contribution in this world? but I think when I am lose I will strive even more.
  13. What would your funeral be like if you died tomorrow? Who would want to speak, and what would they say about you if they were being honest? I want my funeral just to be easy and simple just put some soft music and just put my body for few days let my family and friends to see me for the last time in their life. I want to donation the organ to the people who are needed. I am prefer cremation and put myself into a plant to become a tree then I think is something much more useful. I think my family and most of the close friends will be sad and can't accept the fact because it happened to suddenly. Maybe my mum will blame on me that why I died at the young age and I think I can foreseen that my mum is the one who sit beside my body and cry so hard and sad. I think my closed friends will emo few days then just continue their life as usual. Do you care much about having people mourn your death? Actually I don't really think about it but I want to keep this happy memory in their mind and heart so that when they're thinking about me is smiling instead of crying. I don't like those traditional way in Chinese culture that they will do the most traditional funeral and the rules of the funeral is that my parents are not allow to see me because I'm died first.
  14. What is your greatest accomplishment? My greatest accomplishment was joined the 3 level training. It had totally shift my life especially the relationship with my dad and my family. Has it meant as much to you as you thought it would? Yes, that is very important and meaning for myself because I want to face those challenge and make some changes. Is there anything you hope to do that would be even better? Yes, of course. I'm taking a coaching program in ICG so is a continue learning for myself. I want to love, forgive, compassion and able to give love to others.
  15. If you were a role model to millions of children who closely followed you and your life choices, how would you change your behavior? I will be the adult who I want to be since I was a kid. I think I will be very careful about my words, thought and language because I know is going to affect their life and being. I will the real me, the sincere me and the kind me because that is the most beautiful things on myself and I want them to be who they are and show the most beautiful self to the world. What if only your own kids were noticing you and being affected? I think that is pretty much the same thing I will do but I don't think that is different become a role model to millions of children or my own kids. I think kids are the most beautiful things in this world because they are the one who can change and move the world to a different level of the life no matter good or bad. Children is pure is white is simple and easy so parents is a important role model to take the responsible to take care their own kids. I believe that if children can received love as much as possible the world will become wonderful as they are.
  16. Are there people you envy so much that you'd actually want to trade lives with them? If so, who? Yes, I did envy my friend got such a good life but you ask me want to trade lives with them, I think no but instead of having their life, I'm more curious about how they think especially when we at the same situation, what's choices that they will make to change their life become such as huge different from me. I know people got their own challenge to face it and everyone might facing some events and having an experiences differently with other that created who they are today. Do you think many people would want to trade lives with you if they knew your whole story? Why? I think yes because I don't think my life had anything big events compare to others. My life just simple and easy even though I don't think so but it compare to those serious and sad events, I think my life is pretty simple and safe.
  17. Would you want to spend a week as someone of the opposite sex? someone very old? very ugly? or severely handicapped? If so, which one would most intrigue you? yes, i think i will try to be a man and the interesting part is i don't want to be an old, ugly and handicapped lady or man but if i only can choose based on this three option then i will choose very old. i want to experience the feeling of being old and people always mentioned about you will become wiser when you're older so i want to see whether i'm being wiser or not and what's my behavior when i'm old so that i can get more understand with my parent or older person who are surrounding me because i'm super curious what their thought and feeling, sometimes i really don't understand what's their thought. i think if i able to be old for one week maybe i can get more compassion and understanding about them especially the way of thinking and being.
  18. I still feeling the same way as Day 29 with the answer of self awareness reflection. I felt more resistant by doing it today. I noticed that I feeling uncomfortable and feeling of afraid came from my heart and I really can't staying focus during my mediation so I moved my body and opened my eyes trying to reduce the feeling or want to make the feeling disappear and I was hot and I felt that my body temperature is higher . I never feeling that way in my mediation.
  19. I always feel envy when I started compare with someone else that proved myself I'm not good enough. The most grateful thing happened in my life is I got some many good and amazing people who are surrounding me to support, help and love me. I'm in practice right now by writing my grateful thing and people in every single night. I don't read poem so if I imagine that maybe I will feel about the computer are so powerful can create a sad and beautiful poem but feel sad at the same time because a good poem can replace by a computer even it created by human.
  20. What I’ve learned from this 28 day challenge is increasing my self-awareness day by day, noticed my self emotion and thought coming from where and managed to control myself much more better than I thought. I started to care about my body sensation and breathing helped me a lot during mediation. What surprised me is I thought there is same thing in my past experience but surprisingly that I didn't resist and I do enjoyed the session in this 28 days. I felt I'm charged after mediation especially when I felt stress, tired and disappointed. What I feel committed to is continue finish this 100 days challenge let's see how far I can maintain my mediation exercise, I think mediation will become my daily practice for the next two months.
  21. Practice generous listening with someone today get me a new realization which is I can heard what the person say and didn't say/ the word behind the scene. It surprised me that I m able to listen what the person didn't say and I know what they gonna to say next for our conversation. I don't think I create any surprise or new experience for them because I still doing the same being so instead of experience , I will say that I have different learning on my behavior whether I knew what they trying to say, I still want to listen what I want to listen and say what I want to say.
  22. An intention I'd like to hold for myself is to continue writing journal and mediation no matter I'm sad, happy or any emotion that happen inside my body. The reason is because I wan to fully aware on myself and I just had a thought that I found safe put things inside my journal instead of talking to someone might cause me into trouble so I m glad that I found a safe place for myself to be fully honest and keep a proper distance with others. The things I can let go of are my laziness and excuses. I noticed my thoughts are noisy especially before I wan to do my mediation and journaling. There got a sound to ask me give up or maybe skip this time exercises but I still continue to do this. I think I found the joy and I started enjoying on my journaling and mediation that can support me to get clearer and clearer on myself and created a safe place let me become an authentic and honest person.
  23. The contribution I most want to make to the world are created love and peace and full of awareness on self especially comparison to other human beings. Be an empathy person to understand their situation instead of judging others or laugh on their situation. I want to create more understanding & rebuild people's bound to a deeper connection between each others. By sharing positive, love and warm messages are important and also one of the way can be done. I believe that giving support and positive energy by understand other's situation is very helpful during their breakdown or hard time.
  24. Focused on my attention simply just by breathing is a good reminder for me when I doing journaling because I noticed that my attention and mind will go all over the world so just keep breathing can make me feel present and pull me back to the task that I worked with and created more realization that I never thought I can do it.
  25. As I mentioned before that I noticed I used to put my weight on one legs so I will feel tired when I sit down. I realized that my muscles are unbalance, I can feel the pain and body sensation when I m walking. I can noticed that the sound of the body came from my movement. I hope to cultivate is to remind the focus same as when I focus on my body sensation. I feel like there are much more easier to stay focus on what I want to focus to even my mind is disturbing by something but I can control my breath to let me stay present at that moment. There are still need a lot of practice to me to remind myself what is my purpose and be aware that what am I right now at the moment.
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