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  1. What did you think of these 100 Days of Mindfulness? How did it go for you? What did you like best? Least?

    Yes, I had completed the 100days of mindfulness practices. I feel good about it and I think mediation really support a lot when I in my emotion and it really help me calm down and being aware on myself. I think the best is I did it everyday and even I feel my resistance but I still complete it. 

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  2. Would you use a drug that made you extraordinarily happy for 12 hours without any side effects? If not, why not? If so, what if it were addictive and you'd soon want to be happy all the time?

    Would you ever use a happiness-producing drug that had one serious side effect: The next day you'd remember the wonderful feelings but not what had actually happened? Do you treasure any memories that are more about how you felt than what occurred?

    Yes, I think I would like to try if it is without any side effects and won't addictive with it. I feel like want to experience how to feel extraordinarily happy for 12 hours so next time I can practice the mind of thinking in the future without taking any drug. I won't take it if will addictive because what is the point for doing that and addictive will create much more pain in the future so I don't think it is working. No I won't take the drug if I can't remember the memories because I know myself well that I am a curiosity person when I started to curious about what is the memories really cause me get the wonderful feelings then I will want to take the drug again and again that why I won't take it.

  3. How often do you step back and reflect on where you are headed? Would less or more self-reflection be good for you?

    Do you have any specific long-term goals? If so, which is the most important, how do you hope to reach it, and how do you think reaching it will enhance your life?

    I think I always step back and reflect myself and it always stop me to action right now. I noticed that I was less self-reflection when I was teenager and I just do it to create the result that I want to have only then I self-reflection back on what I had done is correct or not. It feels like I put myself into an extreme situation either I take action or I just don't take any action. I didn't have any specific long-term goal because I afraid of setting goal for myself. I think too much and worry too much about what if the consequence that I can't take it but right now I feel like I want to set a long-term goal for myself. I want to figure it out what is my life purpose and who am I. I believe I can discover a lot of myself when I willing to know who am I and acceptance all part of myself. When I achieve the goal, I will know how to love, trust, being authentic, kind and compassion to myself also to others as well. 

  4. Would you get a tattoo the size of a dinner plate if you knew it would somehow save the lives of a busload of innocent tourists who'd otherwise die? If so, what tattoo design and location would you select?

    Firstly why I need to get tattoo only can save someone life, it really didn't make sense to me. I think I can get a tattoo if there is the case. I got think about tattoo before when I was teenager but right now I don't feel like get one because I don't like to feel pain and I want go for public hot spring in Japan. I think I will choose tattoo at my thigh and the design might be something related to freedom or wing. The reason is because I feel like if tattoo at my thigh maybe the painful level will reduce and I love something like wing maybe it let me feel that it represented freedom. 

  5. If you hiked to a remote beach and nearly everyone there were swimming nude, would you stay for a swim? If so, would you swim nude?

    How much do you like your body? If you awoke on a warm morning and were going to laze around by yourself, how long would it be before you looked in a mirror? If you sleep in the nude, how long before you put your clothes on?

    I think I will stay for a swim but I won't swim nude unless it mentioned that it is a rule maybe then I will decide I want to swim nude or not. I don't really like my body because I think it is too fat already but right now I started to accept this is my body and I created it into this shape so I think is a good start for me. I think I will take around 1 mins to look me in a mirror see am my body have any changes. I think I will just within 5 mins I will want to put my clothes on, I don't feel safe when I'm nude. I want to wear clothes when I sleep even though I had try it before but I still feel like I want my clothes on. 

  6. Would you be willing to forgo all use of the Internet for 5 years if your sacrifice meant that someone would permanently provide for 1,000 children, saving them from starvation?

    Would you still do it if you also had to give up texting, email, phone, and TV?

    What if instead you had to give up dessert for the rest of your life?

    Yes, I'm willing to do it. I don't think is it something that can compare to someone else's life and 1000 children that is a lot. Even just 10 children I also willing to sacrifice because they are the future of this world and no internet didn't mean anything even it will cause some trouble but I'm willing to do it for exchange at least I can save their life. I don't mind to give up dessert for the rest of my life because I got a lot of choice in my life but they just want to get out from starvation and I'm so abundance that I can live the life that I want to compare to them so why not. 

  7. When has your life changed dramatically as the result of some seemingly random influence or occurrence?

    Do you think that living as if you control your own destiny is a good idea? Do you live that way?

    I think is around Aug, I received a call from someone and he said thank you that I didn't stop my mum to support him in his career but actually I did just my mum insist want to support him so that he can hit his target on his career. It really hit my face because I think in a selfish way that he just need money buy my mum is thinking about this young guys need someone to support so my mum just support him. At that moment, I know that my way of thinking is narrow and selfish at the time so I had received a lesson from my mum indirectly. Yes, I feel that control my own destiny is a good idea but I didn't live that way because thing always come into different and unexpected way.    

  8. If you were relatively happily married, had no kids, and met someone you knew would always bring you passionate, intoxicating love, would you leave your spouse? What if you had young children?

    No, I won't left my spouse because I had made a vow when I said yes and I chose the person to be my spouse. I won't break my own promise it is not fair to my spouse and he/she didn't nothing wrong. I won't leave my spouse for that reason no matter I got children or not. 

  9. If you could let someone know your every thought and feel your every feeling for a week, who, if anyone, would you be willing to open up to so completely? Do you think they'd like you less or more at the end of the week?

    If people knew the real you - your weaknesses and failings, your strengths and successes - do you think their opinions of you would change much? What would surprise them the most?

    I think I will choose my partner and I think she will accept it no matter which side of me because I know she can take it. I don't know she will like me less or more at the end of the week but I think she will understand me better. I don't think they will change much of me because I just show the real me in front of them so they always give me straight away opinions which is really helpful. I think the most surprise might be my strengths and successes because I didn't really show up my ability in front of them and I always rely on them. 

  10. Do you work harder to earn praise and recognition or to avoid criticism?
    Do you dispense more criticism or praise?

    I work harder is to earn praise and recognition, I think I want sense of achievement so I don't avoid criticism but I will try not to get criticism during work. I think I get both during my work so maybe I want earn praise and recognition also trying to avoid criticism.  

  11. Would you make a substantial sacrifice have any of the following: your picture on a postage stamp; your statue in a park; a college named after you; a Nobel Prize?

    How much does fame impress you? Have you ever made a big sacrifice for someone and kept it to yourself? Which means more to you: knowing you've done something amazing or being recognized for doing it?

    I don't think so I will make any substantial sacrifice into those stuff. Fame is just a nothing for me, I think just a reputable for everyone know who are you and what had you done to contribute the world or the people. I don't think I had did any big sacrifice for someone if I did, I think I will choose kept it to myself because I already did it by my own self. I not need people to acknowledge on my work because I'm willing to do it by myself so I don't feel that is a necessary thing to tell others.  

  12. If your friends and acquaintances were willing to honestly tell you what they thought of you, would you want them to? What do you think they might say?

    How much energy to you spend trying to impress others? Does it bother you when people like you because they think you have qualities you don't actually have?

    Yes I will willing to know about how they thought about me and I think they will be honest and trying not to hurt me badly. They will tell me about I'm too stubborn sometime and think too negative maybe.  I won't spend so much of energy to impress others but they will like me based on my real self not the fake me. I always belief energy attract energy so if the energy is matching then I will auto impress the people no matter how. Yes, I do. I remember I got a friend always tell me about I'm a loving woman but I don't think I am so I feel very annoying when he told me that but right now I had accepted that I'm a loving woman so just be grateful that they are able to see what you think you don't have but actually you have those qualities just we choose not to see. 

  13. Which would be worse: having to leave the country and never return, or never being able to travel more than 150 miles from where you now live?

    I think the first one is the worse because I definitely will miss this country where I born and live for so many years and I never return back into this country. I don't think I will leave my country because I got so many lovely people in this country so I don't think I will just leave it and never return. 

  14. Do you believe in God? If not, do you think you might nonetheless pray if you were in a life-threatening situation?

    Not really, maybe yes. For me religion is something that let people to feel safe and rely on when they feel lose and don't what to do, so call like spiritual sustenance. I don't resist any religion as long as they are helpful, friendly, kind and lead people into a good way just religion is not my thing in this moment. 

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  15. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

    In what ways will you treat your children differently from how your parents treated you? If you've already raised children and could do it again knowing what you know now, what would you change?

    I think I might change the school because I always think that if I didn't change one school into other school maybe I will more happy in my little me moments. I miss my friends actually but it is not point to go back. I will never fight with my partner in front of my children because it really affected me a lot even until today so this will be a definitely no when I want to raise a child. 

  16. When you do something ridiculous, how much does it bother you to have other people notice it and laugh at you? What's the funniest thing about you?

    When is the last time you really laughed at yourself? What was so funny?

    I think the event will be I throw the temper to my mum and share it into the group. The trainer just scolding me about how ridiculous that I had been to always play drama with my mum. I don't know whether other people laugh at me or not but I make me feel embarrassed so I think this is the event happened recently. The funniest thing is that I noticed I want to push my mum away because I love her so I just laughed at myself that I know I can't push her love away and I can't even push her away. We are family and we love each other so so much so that time I really laughed at myself when I noticed that I did some my stupid thing just to push my mum away.  

  17. If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about any one thing about yourself, life, the future, or anything else, what would you want to know, and why?

    I would like to know what is the antidote for the covid virus or I would like to ask about would I get a happy ending in my end of life. I really miss go out with my family, friends and partner. I miss I can go all over the world if I want it to and I just hope the people can stop suffering in this pandemic. Another reason will be I want to know I got fully live my own life or not so that I get myself to have a happy ending in my end of life.  

  18. After a medical examination, your doctor calls and says you have a rare lymphatic cancer and only a month to live. A week later, she informs you that the lab test was wrong and you're perfectly healthy. Do you think the insights from having to face death this way would be worth the pain?

    What life changes do you think a close brush with death might provoke for you?

    I think yes, I think the week will be much more suffering that I never thought I will got a cancer and only a month to live. Sometime, I will imagine what if I really got a cancer and left one month to live but imagine still imagine. Everyone need to face death but how are we deal with the death? I never thought I will detected covid positive until I received a call from clinic and it really changed me. I started to look back how I waste my body and health, I didn't take care myself to much and I thought I can be the lucky one so there isn't always lucky especially for those careless people included me so please take care yourself well, stay safe and healthy. I think this is the provoke that I have right now. 

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  19. When did you last cry in front of another person? to yourself?

    I think the last time was last weekend that I just cry in front of another person and in the group conference as well. I don't like to cry actually but the funny thing is that I always easily cry out in front of another person even though I don't mean it to cry out. I think I had long time didn't just cry to myself because I already cry out in front of another person so I just express my feeling to others then my tear won't come out when I'm alone.

  20. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else and assume his or her life, would you do it?  If so, who would you pick?  What if you'd become the real you again in a month? or a year?

    I think I will choose Bill my trainer because he mentioned that he can talk to his wife everyday even his wife already passed away. I want to experience this experience and see how he live his life, maybe it will be interesting or maybe not but still I'm very interested how would that experience could be. 

  21. In what period since you were a teenager did you have the most personal growth and change?

    If you wanted to have another such period, what could you do to bring it about or otherwise shake up your life?

    I think I become care about other's feeling and thought,  and I started to respect how's other thinking and feeling at the same time being honest without hurting anyone just to get thing complete. I think I will back to the secondary school to see and talk to myself that is okay to experience those experience is not your failure just you misuse the trust to someone that you shouldn't trust so it is just a learning to myself. I will give more love and a big hug to that time of me to overcome those feeling. 

  22. If you knew that devoting yourself to an all-consuming occupation - music, writing, acting, business, politics, or medicine - for 20 years would make you one of the best in the world at it, would you?  If so, which would you choose?

    If you knew that such laser focus would give you a shot at success, but no guarantee, would you still go for it?

    I think I will go for it because used 20 years is not a short period thing and it require a lot of hard work on those occupation and I think I will choose writing because I love writing and writing helped me lot on my own thinking and I feel safe writing in a book instead of telling someone. Yes, why not, I knew I will get a shot at success even it not guarantee but it also motive me to keep move forward when I want to give up so why not. 

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  23. Is there something you've dreamed of doing for a long time but haven't?  Why haven't you?  Is it better to have dreams that may never come to pass, or to stick with those that can be readily achieved?

    How much better would your life be if your dreams came true?  What dreams have you already achieved?

    I want to be a psychologist but I haven't do anything on my dream because I not study in this area when I was in university so I don't think is possible for me back to university to restudy it again but I started taking some course like ICF coach program so I can learn something that is related into that. I think I will stick with have dreams that may never come to pass because what I did just the same with this statement because I know become a psychologist is a dream that I may never come to pass but I still keep myself to move forward what is next and new possibilities in the future. That is so much abundance if my dreams came true because I had experienced it before just like I had completed my master course and I never thought I can complete my master in 1 and half years so I'm being proud of myself to achieve my dream. 

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