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  1. Gillian, thank you so much for your support! I will check out the course you tell me about. I've been reflecting on it, and I think I'm going to do more research on education issues, to define objectives and all those processes. When I find out how to do it I will share it with you and the community. Thank you very much for your dedication!
  2. Hello Gillian Sanger, good morning from Mexico; I am very happy to read your message! I had been looking for a space like this, to cultivate, learn and know people who are making mindfulness practice a reality day by day. Maybe you can help me! I want to design an introductory mindfulness course for the guys in the engineering program where I work; I did a training to be a facilitator at the Mexican Institute of Mindfulness, about a year; but the design of the courses was not a point that was studied. I have made an outline, but I feel that it can be improved a lot; also I have as a requirement to cover approximately 16 weeks; twice as long as the normal courses last. Maybe you know of a book, course or training that can help me clarify how to design such a course. In advance, I want to thank you for being and for participating in this space to continue cultivating mindfulness.
  3. I am an almost newly trained mindfulness facilitator, in January this year. I did some supervised practice and taught some classes to a couple of friends; due to the covid pandemic, it was all online. I want to continue with the practice of mindfulness and teach at the university where I work; in a school of science and engineering. But, I have the challenge of designing a course that lasts approximately 16 weeks, which is the length of the semester. I am looking for resources to help me design such a course. Perhaps you know of a course, book or other type of resource where I can learn the methodology to design a good mindfulness course that fits this amount of hours, and with balance. Most of the courses are 8-week courses, what can you recommend based on your experience? Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm so glad to be here participating! A few months ago I finished a midfulness training. Time goes by very fast and there is always a lot to do in my job; but I want to continue cultivating mindfulness and teaching it; for me, it´s a challenge to be able to communicate in English(another reason to be here). When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut and also a truck driver. Later, as a teenager, I wanted to be an engineer. And after the experiences life has given me, now I want to go slowly and slowly. I loved music, and I had a CD of music of Buddhist monks, I liked to listen to them, it relaxed me, I didn't know I was going to meditate . Greetings to all!
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