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  1. Hello, Thank you for raising such a question. My body needs continuous 8 hours of sleep. Also, my shoulders need to get rest as they are always tensed.
  2. Hello, I am interested in getting or learning exercise that help me to stay consistent . I always start something I like, then in the middle of it, I loose focus, and interest. I don’t like this issue in me.
  3. Mindfulness became a habit. I apply it and share it with all my people around me, showing them how being calm and patient can solve a lot of problems and keeps us away from conflicts. My friends and colleagues now ask me to teach them how I can be this kind of person who is always peaceful, and to be honest, in my free time, I gather them and listen with them to the videos that I receive from Mindfulness.com . It is really helpful, and effective.
  4. “Good intentions are the most beautiful of secrets”. Imam Ali (AS)
  5. Answering the first and second question about the good looking person who asked for money and the other person who looks strange and also asked for money , I guess I will give both of the them the amount of money they need- of course if my pocket money is enough to do so-. In both cases I will not refuse to help whoever needs help regardless of the way the look.
  6. Hi Gillian, Sorry for my late reply. I was not feeling well the previous weeks as my Mom tested positive for COVID 19 and I had to take care of her. Now, things are better and I can resume my life normally. To be honest, I would like to learn more about anything related to calming the anxiety of my friends or clients. I also want to learn how to use my voice to be more convincing to the audience. thank you in advance
  7. Hi everyone, I am Thuraya. A Palestinian educator who has been looking for different ways to practice mindfulness and help myself know how to let go. I am using this platform to get more into practical performance of mindfulness and the correct implementation of its techniques
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