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  1. Hi Gillian, thank you for your response!! I appreciate you!! There are 15 individuals signed to attend so far. I have been given a 2 hour time frame. My largest class that I have on going is only 5....so this is very different for me. I conduct Seminars of sometimes 50 or more but it is for Women Empowerment.., quite different. I have been ask to speak to the group regarding Mindfulness and the benefits and have them go through mindfulness meditation. I teach Mindfulness Meditative Dance ... so they also they want thata to be a part as well. Very Interesting ....
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been asked to conduct a Mindfulness Seminar for a group. I have never did this before. I have basically did one on one sessions and small group sessions, but never on a seminar level. Any suggestions? Open to any suggestions, Thank you Kimberly
  3. That is awesome!! I too have been creating. I an Holistic Aesthetician as well and I used to create my own products. I allowed myself to get away from cewating for many years, forgetting how much I loved it and how it was my get away from eveything. Also as you said getting more out of my mind and into my hands. I love that!!! Yes and more into the earth. I love plant therapy so I began to create again my products, plant based straight from the earth. They are Holistically amazing!! i have included a picture for you to see as well.
  4. Oh wow...this is definitely a great question. i personally could use more Mindfulness in my work life and Rest time... Those are key things in my life that I need to be more mindful.
  5. I agree with the comments above.... the last few months I have been tremendously busy and haven't been able to be on here, but thankfully now I can be here. I am very thankful for this community and the opportunity to be apart. i believe that every human seeks and desire to be apart of something meaningful, especially a group or team of individuals with like mind and mutual encouragement to name a few things....... I am always grateful to chime in here and get encouraged in way or another. Thank you Gillian and everyone who post here. It makes a wonderful difference, especially in times that we are living in. Much Gratitude for you Gillian!! One more, if I may. I have much Gratitude for one of my clients who has greatly encourage me through my branching off into my own practice....in such a time as this. It has not been the challenge that it could have been with everything thats going on with COVID and the extra precautions having to be taken. This partitcular client always has an encouraging word that has caused me to be encouraged, look at all things positive and press forward.
  6. Hello Gillian... Thank you very much... I am so happy to be back and be a part of the community. I have been super busy opening my new Wellness Studio. Finally all done and now I have time to be here. I love being a part and am thankful to be here. I am well during these crazy times... keeping safe and staying mindfully positive.... I sincerely pray that all is well with you and everyone here..... I am truly walking in much gratitude these days for sure...Be Well....
  7. Yes... Emotions so very tricky. Today especially I am remembering this...... To do this ...... When I engage in my daily meditation, because my emotions have been a weakness for me in the past ...meaning my feelings have been always easy hurt.... My daily affirmations have really help me take control of this. I am strong...I am happy ... I am always in control of my feelings and my vibration is always high high high!!!!! i always allow the feelings, but I quickly reach for my affirmations and it works so very well. Thank you for your posts!!
  8. Yes...self care, definitely family and love and kindness ... healthful living for myself, family and my Clientelle.
  9. Confidence is my biggest thing with mindfulness and learning to engaging without expectations sometimes.
  10. My website actually shows all of my services that I offer other than my mindfulness servies, but I am happy to share it . I hope that it is ok that other services are on there. Thank you!! http://www.totalbodystudio1.yolasite.com/
  11. Thank you Ro. Softness has an instant calming effect on me as well. My clients often voice that to me as well about themselves. Thank so much you for your comment.
  12. Today my affirmation is: I am purpose. I was created with great intentions. I am focused. I can and I will.
  13. Hello Heidi, Nice to meet you! Welcome. I too am super excited to be apart of this community. Our journey in leading Mindfulness is one that is quite Divine for sure!! Awesome day to you!!
  14. I really try to own my own experience, be extremely transparent, a clear mirror. and I try to always have the intentions of being of benefit to others..... I Breathe...Always the Breathe....this keeps my focus and my calm. It also helps me effectively offer the same to others....I have really learned well to be in the moment if I stay in my calmness....owning the experience.... Its become quite an awesome part of my lifestyle personally and a sharing with my clients as well. My experience is to also most important to have a balanced view for sure Also as a recipient of feedback. Ive learned that I should keep an open mind, always be aware of my own state of mind and dont justify or be defensive. All of that is so important. These things have caused me to have great experiences personally and with others.
  15. I am so excited to be apart of this group first of all. Secondly just reading the post here has really made a difference... I feel that I because I strongly desire to help others and the have ability...I need to be sure that I am at my best. This is why I had to find the best practice in meditation for myself. As I have studied mindfulness and practiced it in my own life, I so want to share with others daily..... It has totally changed my life!!
  16. Hello Gillian, Thank you for reaching out. I appreciate your response very much!! That is an awesome idea. I will be doing just that!! I actually took the teachers Trainers course online.
  17. Kimberly


  18. Hello, I am a Stress Reduction and Holistic Wellness Coach and Aesthetician. I took a Mindfulness online course. I practice Mediation and have been for quite some time. Am I allowed to add mindfulness to my practice?
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