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  1. @Gillian Sanger. Thank you. It worked. Grin.
  2. It is a wonderful show. They are obviously sentient.
  3. When a person looks at pictures of the gray matter, it doesn't look like it could do anything. It's amazing.
  4. Gillian - Thank you for your kind words. When a person finds herself in the middle of a turbulent river, she can either swim or sink. I had to help my loving parents through it. I had to teach myself not to be terrified every minute. He shot the neighbors with his deer hunting rifle, four people in two houses. We knew two of them. They were good people. I had thought my large extended religious family would be supportive. None of them called me. Not one. My husband at the time forbid me to tell his wealthy parents. He was cold about it, ashamed of me. I switched my career goals and became a writer. I eventually wrote two books about it. The first one my agent and the publisher stripped of the most important points. Years later, after I had healed I rewrote it and published it myself as a eBook. One of the things I learned from this is that strangers were more supportive than friends or family. That was a shock at a time when I could not tolerate a shock...or so I thought. But I made it, and I am stronger for it. Sometimes we only learn how things truly are by navigating hell. It's learn as you go. I learned that I could make it through hell and emerge on the other side, battered but okay. Tragedy, all tragedy can breed compassion, if we feed and water it.
  5. Hi Gillian, Thank you for the welcome. Yes, mindfulness does help. Before I learned of the term I called it staring, then meditation and now moved to the mindfulness term. I've found following someone else's prescription does not necessarily work for me, but I'm willing to try. I just clear my mind and let myself be in the moment. I do this regularly what ever I'm doing, especially if I find I am too caught up in worry about things. I noticed after the fact that I had made a bunch of errors in my first post and learned there was no edit function. Sheepish grin..
  6. For years after my brother murdered his neighbors I did not feel safe. He threatened me as well, even once he went to jail for his crimes. He forever changed my view of the world. I then knew that the only safety we have is within ourselves. It took me a while to be grateful. That only became possible once I decided I could learn from everything that happened to me. To do otherwise meant I would be forever broken. I made a choice not to be that way. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second I learned to heal myself and find new beliefs and adaptations. These were/are hard lessons. But it is possible. 36 years after the murders, my brother died in prison. It was grief and relief. Grief for the brother I lost and relief that he could no longer physically harm anyone. I discovered a lot about myself and others, my life goals and dreams. I lost so much, but I also gained. It took time. Some things I did not want to know, but things are such as they are, no matter what we think about them. Being in the moment can help. I'm still working on it.
  7. I'm an author and an artist, acrylic paint on canvas. I've tried so many forums where members attack each other. Society has too much of that. I'm here to find others who seek calmness within and ways to positively affect all that surrounds us. I know I need to practice mindfulness more of the time, if I am to successfully navigate a world with increasing and ongoing turbulence.
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