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  1. I keep a document with affirmations, and will often use a mala while selecting 108 affirmations. I livestream these as guided meditations, or with my meditation circles, etc.
  2. Hi Everyone - Okay, this is awkward... I've been ignoring emails, and am just now sitting down to look at this site and what it offers! Since achieving my certification (thanks Sean!), I've been very busy growing my practice in my small community. I'm operating out of two locations at the moment, and just completed presenting several mindfulness meditation presentations at a half day wellness fair my former employer offered yesterday (I retired a few months ago). During each 45 min session, I conducted 3 short meditations, and a presentation about mindfulness and meditation. One of the meditations was mindfulness of laughter, which proved to be quite energizing for people going back to work after meditating for the first time. Interest in mindfulness and meditation is growing, and I'm happy to be contributing to a new not-for-profit mindfulness and yoga center in Chatham, called Sati Hall (www.satihall.com). We offer meditation of various types, yoga, mindful art, as well as a whole variety of workshops and retreats. Looking forward to getting to know others in this community. I meet with Yvonne from NY regularly. We met on the Facebook group, and have been each others' accountability partners for the past several months. I'm sure she'll finish the certification requirements soon. Randa
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