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  1. It is an honor and so exciting to begin this #communitybuilding program next week! For those of us who are engaged in #mindfulliving, #mindfulleadership or #mindfulnesscoaching, we have an opportunity right now to do all we can to support our colleagues, friends, neighbors and family as we all re-enter the post-Covid world. We've all been through many weeks and months of anxiety, but together we are stronger and will move on with grace and dignity by supporting and strengthening one another. #opportunity #community #mindfulnessatwork #mindfulnessmeditation I am filled with #gratitude for Sean and this community, as my mindfulness meditative journey continues to grow and strengthen! If you're in the mid-coast Maine area, please join me! Sending you all kindness and compassion today and every day
  2. Hi Rachel, This blog post is lovely. With so many terrible things drawing our attention, it's sometimes very hard to keep the voice in our hearts turned up loud enough so we can hear it. I'm grateful to you for sharing your thoughts that resonate deeply with me. Take good care, Jane
  3. Hello all, I hope this finds each of you doing well under difficult times --- even though for many, things seem to be getting a little bit better. I am in the early stages of establishing a mindfulness meditation business providing services, workshops and trainings to individuals, organizations and businesses. My website is "under construction" and I've started a social media presence. As I start down this road, I find myself questioning and doubting my decision to do this, and also doubting the steps that I've currently taken so far. In thinking through this, as a new small business entrepreneur I have realized that what I am missing is a business mentor. I can't pay anything, but would love to talk through options, steps, business structure, etc with anyone who's been down this road already! If there's anyone out there interested in this, please let me know. My business is http://blueskymindfulness.works and email is blueskymindfulnessinfo@gmail.com. Although I haven't posted much within this forum, it's been incredibly valuable to me. Thank you Gillian and to everyone who's a part of this community! In gratitude, Jane
  4. Gillian, thanks very much for your kind words. I am still working on my website and hope to have it up and running soon. However, I'm a little nervous about trying to carve out more time to dedicate to this, in meeting with and working with clients and organizations. I suppose that sounds a little silly ("if you're worried about not having enough time to devote to this new business, why are you doing it?"). But the journey is in the exploration, the learning and the curiosity, right?!? I have decided that I'd really like to focus my business model on working with and supporting businesses, groups and organizations in building mindful environments and practices for employees, members and leaders. This is an area and demographic in which I feel I can make solid and effective contributions. Any suggestions are welcome!!! And thanks for the note about the logo --- gotta love a good lotus flower
  5. Rachel, thank you! I feel as though I am equal parts excited and overwhelmed about this, but passion and commitment is driving me forward. Having never started a small business before, I think I need a how-to manual Baby steps, right? I, too, have worked with students (college) and continue to provide workshops to students at my small school. Students are under enormous stress right now, as are so many in education, but trying to convince them of the benefits can be challenging. We will get there, as you say, "one meditation at a time". Be well.
  6. Hello all, I'm a graduate of Sean's teacher training (July 2020) and have been so grateful and proud of this work. After lots of thought and fighting myself on reasons why I SHOULDN'T explore this, I've taken the leap and created @bluesky_mindfulness. It's in its infancy right now and I only have an Instagram account and FB page, and an email address: blueskymindfulnessinfo@gmail.com. Need to work on a website next! But, I am excited to work in business settings as well as one on one and therapeutic environments. Because I still have a full-time "other" job, I am balancing this with other demands. With time being precious, I am eager to learn from others who've already started teaching and coaching businesses for this. I'm also hoping for networking opportunities and have joined several groups on LinkedIn. Thanks!
  7. Hello, Thank you for starting this thread. Generally speaking, my feelings and emotions have been very steady --- and am feeling pretty good, actually. However, I am finding great difficulty with my meditation practice. My mind can't seem to settle down, and my feelings of frustration about that take over sometimes. Interestingly, although I have always had a hard time with visualization during meditation, recently two very strong images pop up in my mind during my practice: my heart beating in the center of my chest, or the image of my lungs as angel's wings opening and closing. I've never had these images before and know they are a result of my underlying thoughts of the virus. To settle my mind, I am having to go back to the beginner's mind and count the breath ---- endless counting. My mind cannot seem to go much deeper than that. Peace, Jane
  8. I think that mindfulness is a state of mind to strive towards. Mindful of our words, our deeds. Mindful of nature around us when we hike, mindful of an environment we find ourselves in (work, a bus station, a restaurant, etc). Mindfulness helps us remain present in our lives. Meditation helps us to quiet our minds so the mind/body connection can be strengthened, so we can find the space in our hearts and minds to work towards freedom of pain and suffering.
  9. until

    I watched a couple last evening. The ones I watched are essentially YouTube videos, and are interviews with the speakers. The content was ok, not great. While I will check in for the rest of the "summit", I'm not terribly impressed that this has been marketed as a Mindful Education Summit if in actuality these are just a lot of YouTube videos. It is disheartening when you discover a program or in this case a "summit" that you hope will provide some true insights and deep content, and what it really is is simply videos of people talking about their work. Yes, it is important to learn from others and hear from experts, but IMHO a "summit" should be much more interactive and should provide opportunities for webinars, online chats, and sharing of resources. If those types of modalities are not embedded into this, I won't consider further free offerings from The Awake Network.
  10. Hello all, My name is Jane and I am looking forward to begin my journey towards a teaching certificate in Mindful Meditation. I have been meditating for about 6 years. It started as a component of my yoga practice, but grew as a part of my recovery after knee placement surgery 3 years ago. Being a person who cannot tolerate opiate-based pain meds, I turned to meditation to help with pain relief, sleep and emotional struggles. This has further allowed me to deepen my practice a little bit, but I have a long way to go. My journey of using meditation as a pain reliever and surgical rehab tool has made me realize that there are so many people who could benefit from meditation in this way. I live in a rural part of NH, but with strong community resources for health. There is a community hospital and many private practices of yoga, Reiki, massage, etc. However, there are few options for people to learn about and/or practice meditation together. My dream is to help others navigate the struggles we face as we age, or go through surgery, or to simply feel more grounded --- and to help me to deepen my own practice as well!
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