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  1. Thank you for your condolences, Gillian. Animals sure are a special part of the family! They also teach us much about impermanence. Your fur kids are adorable! Bless you for rescuing them!
  2. Thank you Gillian and you’re very welcome! Animals do show us so much! What kind of dogs do you share your life with? As a lover of dogs and all animals really, I am surprised I didn’t say anything about them in my earlier post. Well, then again, I am not. I lost my two dogs within a year of each other; October ‘19 and October ‘20. My Kayleigh was a golden retriever and her son was a golden mix. I do have two 15 year old orange tabbies that remind me to not take life so seriously. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Beautiful Rachel!
  3. Great question, Gillian! I'd say the most impactful 'silent teachers' I have had in my life are Mother Earth herself and all of her inhabitants (i.e., floral and fauna). Mother Nature doesn't rush, yet everything is accomplished. Being among nature, I have learned to be present with what is and patience. I have learned that everything is connected to everything else. Within that connection, there is a graceful dance flowing with the music of life.
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome, Gillian! MMTCP began last month. I appreciate your inviting nature and plan to share in other corners of the forum. Wishing you well.
  5. Hello, I practice meditation and qigong on a daily basis. Currently, I am enrolled in the two year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. I also am training to be a qigong instructor. I decided to join this group in hopes to get to know some like-minded individuals, such as yourselves. Outside of meditation, I enjoy being in the outdoors and taking pictures of nature unfolding right before my eyes.
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