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  1. Mindfulness today was about showing loving kindness to me, someone I love, acquaintances, people I don't know very well and to the world. This was a powerful mindfulness/meditation session which I shall use regularly. Thank you.
  2. Hi an update about my Creative Mindfulness idea. I now have 5 themes to offer and these are 1 Relaxation techniques 2 Better Breathing 3 Mindfulness 4 Guided Visualisations 5 Story telling The idea came to me after I spent time with my dementia clients and their families who are struggling to cope with COVID and the lockdown. It alters routines. I am currently looking at mindfulness and dementia. Exploring ways in which being in the present is good for people with cognitive problems like dementia. If anyone has any ideas about how this sort of mindfulness might be delivered I would be very interested.
  3. Hi Thank you for the sensible suggestions. I will consider a website. I am considering something like a podcast but your suggestion of Insight Timer I will look into .... immediately ....
  4. This was a lovely, quiet piece of mindfulness. Just stopping is about having permission to care for myself. I would use this in my Mindfulness Programme as an introduction to self care.
  5. Hi I am still compiling the programme and offered some sessions already. I have a logo but no website. I have links with an organisation called Ignite Imaginations that I think will be helpful. So really I am exploring, learning, asking questions and being curious.
  6. Today is day 8 and I took notice of the people I had conversations with. I listened carefully. This was quite a revelation because I gained positivity from the people I engaged with. This must mean that sometimes I don't listen with the full attention I should. Made me aware of the importance of asking myself questions.
  7. The gift of water. It fills my kettle, fills my cup, fills my bucket, adds to paint to create a picture, aids my cooking, washes my clothes, collect rain from the clouds, have a shower, look at it in a lake and river and stream. Water is the gift that keeps on giving and for which i am grateful.
  8. I was really interested to read this, thankyou. I am really new to mindfulness but have created Creative Mindfulness in the hope I can get it to take off. Breathing, relaxation, guided visualisation and storytelling are key elements. If anyone here has any advice, thoughts, inspiration about how I might take this forward I am open to ideas.
  9. Beginning the 100 day challenge is allowing me to slow down. By the end of this life I want to have mastered the art of slow living, taking one day at a time and noticing how everyday brings something new to see, hear, smell, touch.
  10. Today I wished friends and family good health and much love. I did this quietly and felt like I was giving a part of me to those I care about. I may do this again tomorrow. It felt energising
  11. I have just completed day 3 and what I want to get out of this programme is to learn about being mindful and finding ways to incorporate the 8 key areas into my learning. I want this programme to motivate me into being a Mindfulness Teacher that I can integrate with my Creative Mindfulness Programme that includes guided visualisations and telling the short stories I write. Obstacles to practicing every day might be life events interrupting my motivation. At the moment my dedication is real. I know other obstacles will raise their heads but I will be ready to tackle them.
  12. Something people will not know about me is that I have recently started writing short stories to complement my interest in guided imagery. I am 62 and just starting out on this particular journey.
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