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  1. The MBSR study was pretty conclusive in it's findings, although made recommendations for more in depth future study that most assuredly would continue to point to the health benefits of Mindfulness practices. One of the areas listed as benefit was "amplify immune functioning (Davidson et al., 2003) ". The arena of cultivating our capacity to heal I am sure is an interest to many if not all of us. A special interest of mine. I will try to find a recent study on the reduction of fear based manifestations and it's effect on the process of recovery from illness and injury. Thank you Tribal for the Rick Hanson video.
  2. Two very good presentations on this topic. Thank you. Your article touched on so many of the positive effects music has on our beings. The science based explorations, I feel, can only encourage us along our paths, and hopefully invite others to experience the benefits that you presented. In Rupert Spira's presentation he mentioned Rupa (form/perception/beauty) as one of the three realms of experience that traditionally was seen in spiritual practices as a distraction. His talk did a wonderful job in bringing this realm of the arts into the wholesome perspective we most commonly view it as.
  3. Music has for me always been the art form that places my spirit in one particular state or another. Although I don't feel any one art form is more beneficial than another at deepening our inner peace and understanding, for some reason music seems the most universally relied upon. Perhaps the frequency vibrations that are generated thru sound/music effect us on a physical level. As infants and children, we are exposed to music from the singing of our mothers to sooth us. When there are lyrics included in music, I guess we are combining two strong influences together. Add the physical nature of dance to that and now three forces are now working together. How this and the path of mindfulness are connected? For myself the arts are both manifested thru deep inner connection, as well as help to cultivate it.
  4. Looking forward to hear what others have to share on this topic, and thank you for the David Whyte recommendation.
  5. Thank you Sean, Yes I am quite familiar with his work, and have been able to see him perform twice in very intimate settings. Most recently, here in Ashland playing with longtime collaborator and percussionist Will Clipman. I find their music a perfect compliment to Mindfulness meditation. I will have to add Canyon Trilogy to our collection, as I am not familiar with that release. Awakening The Fire, and Dancing into Silence (with Clipman and William Eaton on harp guitar) are what we have on CD. With much gratitude, William
  6. Thank you agin for engaging in this discussion with me. This has brought to mind how important all the arts are in the promotion of social/cultural awareness. They seem to be a natural bridge that connects us, sometimes in ways that we can't explain. I think I will explore thru Mindfulness this deep emotional connection I possess of the arts, and how they seem to quite naturally bring me to a place of calm inner peace and deep reflection. If anyone else might have thoughts on this please share, as I have not come across discussion on the use of song, dance, visual arts, and literature, to help build mindful awareness, although poetry is quoted often in many Dharma talks.
  7. Gillian, Thank you for sharing the Link and experience. The museum looks fantastic, and I will most certainly follow the artist featured in this exhibit. Hopefully, thru exhibits such as this and other efforts worldwide, Indigenous peoples of all kinds can not only maintain their rich cultures, but share their unique gifts with the rest of humanity. And in this broad, multi-directional sharing of cultures, promote peace thru an organic cross pollination of perspective and wisdom.
  8. Hello, I hope this location is the appropriate place for a brief comment on being Mindful of Indigenous Peoples Day. Let us take time today and whenever we can to bring Mindful awareness to the special needs of Indigenous Communities around the globe that face difficulties in extending their cultural heritage to next generations. We are starting to see the truly universal message from these ancient practices that we all can benifit from. May our collective efforts help support their continued success and wellbeing.
  9. William


  10. Thank you Sean. It was you that first led me to this practice thru a talk you gave on Mental Wellness Summit 2. From that point I have been in a full Dharma exploration that I feel is my true nature. My hope is that I may somehow contribute to the cultivation of peace on an individual and collective level thru participation in community based avenues such as this one. My truest respect and gratitude to all that support these transformative practices.
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