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  1. Thank you very much! I will definitely join the group! Gizem
  2. Hi! I wanted to get it out there that I am so grateful I found this community. What an amazing resource and awesome way to connect to other meditators, students, teachers, yogis! This already feels like a very safe and clear space to share things. I am living in Frisco, a 20 min drive from Dallas in Texas. I am in medical school (still have a few big tests to take) but I am in my last 6 months. However, for the past year I have been experiencing a lot of ups and downs, and honestly I am not sure If it's my true path but we'll see. I recently joined a MBSR course so I think this community will help motivate me while doing this work. I love yoga, I recently finish a yoga teacher training and now assisting with the trainees. It has been so much fun and fulfilling. Please reach out anytime, hope to talk to some of you soon! Take care, Gizem
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