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  1. Thats nice to hear Kath, I am 62 also and its good to know that you can start on something new at anytime in life
  2. hi Gillian I would say that TM was the begining of my search for something inside rather than waiting for something to come along which would make it ok I always felt that it was a need within that I was searching for so the start of many years of learning different methods, alternate and complimentary practices and techniques, I am reluctant to say that I have never found it? because I have been fortunate in every other area of my life.I have a long and happy marrage , good close relationships with my children who also have fairly well balanced lives, and 7 beautiful grand children, I am gratefull that i have been able to learn how much my thoughts influence my feelings and behaviour. and after 30 odd years working in the care sector I was in the position to change career when i should have been planning for retirement and join my son in building a new business, especially in these difficult times when many are having to deal with problems that none could have foreseen, yet there is one problem which i dont seem to be able to overcome and could ruin everything for me. I am so sorry for rambling on. To answer your question, most of our meditation attempts are usually the guided ones by Tara Brach,Joe Dispenza and other positive people,but I still remember my mantra.
  3. Thank you David for your kind words and also for sharing your thoughts on the importance of letting go of rigid views, this was very important for me to hear right now.
  4. hi i would need to find a way to say sorry, It was not so much a disagreement but my mum is in a stage of possibly dementia although its not evident all of the time just lately there have been a few times where she has been adament that something has happened when it has not I had to go to see her as my son was concerned by a phone call he got from her and when i got there she seemed tto be more argumentative than confused, but i should have been kinder instead of reacting impatiently
  5. Thank you for the welcome to your community I think most people would not know is that along with my husband learned Transendential meditation back in 1974 before it was as well known and practised as today. I was 16 then
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