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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I have ordered the book! As always, Thank You Gillian!
  2. Hey Gillian, Thank you for this! Yes, it does resonate. As a Life Coach I have been trained in what we call "Parts Work" and I have used it on my self. I appreciate you sharing the sub personalities. I will read more about that. I had a physically violent home growing up and I think "protector" has always "acted out" when it senses I am in danger. It is subtle most of the time, but it has prevented me from stepping out there more to be seen and heard as a coach/mindulness teacher also.
  3. I wish I could say that I don’t get consumed by my inner critic. I have a regular dialogue with it, and have mild suffers with letting go. I believe it talks to me more than I realize and, therefore has too large an impact on my decisions. It seems to be part of a “protector” that wants to keep me safe in its eyes. I’m not sure what else to do. This is ongoing work for me and I regret that this is the case.
  4. I totally agree Gillian, and I appreciate the reminder. This seems to be work I need to do regularly! When I can let go and allow myself to be less than perfect, I am more open to hearing feedback from others. When I can't let go feedback sounds like criticism. In reflection, I notice that when I started in new jobs, I was afraid to be seen as lesss than totally capable, so I had a more difficult time asking for support or acknowledging what I didn't know. Thank you!
  5. I find the current situation at times challenging. I am focused on avoiding looking too far ahead. Seeing only what is most important in the immediate future. Trying to stay grounded with my daily meditation and QiGong practice. I picture the asana “Warrior II.” Not looking back, centered and only looking as far as I need to see. All the work I do with schools, and clients personally is online and I miss being in the same physical space with people. I am grateful that I am safe and healthy. Hoping you are well Gillian!
  6. I mostly isolate, definitely social distancing, and hand wash. I take walks without other people around and practice QiGong. It is my understanding that QiGong helps strengthen the immune system. That is something I have practice regularly for 15 years. Just clarifying as I don't want this post to sound like I'm suggesting what others can do to be safe and virus free by doing QiGong. Attached is a picture I took on my last walk along Tennessee River in Chattanooga.
  7. Hey Gillian, I really appreciate what you have shared here. I too am thankful for the opportunity I have now to slow down, and breathe, reflect, and become aware of where I am in this moment. I remember a teacher of mine who was showing walking meditation sharing that the practice of walking meditation reminds us of the miracle of balance. Our bodies know what to do and we just do it. Each step then becomes an appreciation for our bodies and a reminder that our health is something to appreciate and nurture. The absence of close connection with some friends right now is a reminder of how much I value and enjoy their presence (in person.) Today I did my Mindful Movement Class through Zoom and someone showed up who had not been in class for a couple months. She had delivered her third child and was home taking care of her precious newborn. She was able to attend online today only because her husband( a doctor) has a few days off, so he is watching the children and she can attend Mindful Movement. We all were so happy to see her. She would not have been able to attend online if the current situation was not in place. We all were just cheering in happiness to see her again.
  8. Staying away from unnecessary news updates. Nicer weather here helps me feel better. It seems that for me, right now, being focused on how to connect with my classes online is a learning experience that keeps my mind engaged. I also notice I am looking at "SLP" s ..... Silver Lining Possibilities. Clearly, things aren't going the way I planned or wanted right now, but I am blessed with my good health, and safe surroundings. I count my blessings and practice gratitude. Then I keep my mind open to possibilities based on what is here right now.
  9. Hi Gillian, Thank you for starting this thread. I have noticed my own thoughts and feelings change quickly during this outbreak. Now I am beginning to see how I might be a support to my local community. I am also president of the Bd of Directors for the Center for Mindful Living here in Chattanooga, Tn. We are a non-profit offering mindfulness classes, yoga, MBSR, QiGong, and other healthy mindful activities. We had to just cancel our fundraiser and we have shut down our facility while trying to offer some Services online. We are projected to run out of funds at the end of June given the current expenses and projected income. I was wondering if anyone was aware of resources we could access. Or I would appreciate suggestions for what we could do. We are considering offering an "online summit to the greater community beyond our membership as an act of service while also asking for donations. We are sensitive to the financial hardship many face high now also. All suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Sending wishes for safety and wellness to all in this amazing community.
  10. On January 6 I enjoyed working with the amazing staff at St. Peter's Episcopal School in Chattanooga for 90 minutes during a professional development day. We practiced Mindful Movement (Mostly QiGong) to relax our minds and bodies. Afterwards one teacher reported she was just getting ready to go home in fear of an oncoming migraine, but after our Mindful Movement session, she felt well again. Another noticed tension in her neck and shoulders that relaxed. We practiced mindfulness meditation to bring self-compassion into our present moment experience. Teachers reported feeling "brighter" and "more balanced" afterwards. My belief is that, relaxed and more self-aware, teachers can do their best work for children, and are more likely to practice self-care. I am appreciative of the Principal for allowing that much time on a professional development day. She had joined her staff for a three day "Teacher Restorative" I facilitated last summer. She sees the benefit of this work and for that I am grateful.
  11. I love this discussion. I would like to surrender to the belief that there is something I need to "fix" about me. As I listen to thoughts, it seeks to come from "I am less than" or what Tara Brach calls the Trance of Unworthiness. Surrendering seems liberating.
  12. I am woking with one school on a year-long project. I offer teachers two sessions per month. One is strictly a yoga experience. The other is some discussion around the book "Real Happiness at Work" by Sharon Salzberg. Each month we focus on one of the "pillars" that the author writes about. The discussion is topically relevant to what's going on in school and we also do QiGong for health and wellness. It is incredibly rewarding for me to do this work. As a former teacher (health equation) and Principal in Middle school, I have a deep appreciation for the challenges teachers and principals face and am committed to offering mindfulness strategies to reengineer their response to stress through increased self-awareness and by cultivating self-compassion.
  13. I have read the same book and found it to be very helpful.
  14. Thanks, Gillian, for asking. Right now, my work is with educators in groups. I would like to work with educators individually also. Still working on that idea .... Educators are under great demand to get results as measured on state testing. The "rules for living" keep changing and I can see how challenging it is for educators to keep up with the changing demands placed on them by communities and also the increasing demands of working with children brought up in an age of digital distraction that creates attention deficits in children. Yet, the challenge is important to take on because children are precious souls that we are charged with caring for during the school day. Educators do make a difference one way or another, so it is important to show up as the best version of your self. Teaching children the skills, knowledge and critical thinking they need in the 21st century with compassion, while nurturing a fondness for learning and growing. Last thing I will mention, this work is important so educators can see students as children and not test results, individuals, and not subgroups, active minds ready to learn and not problems to be solved. It is not easy hence my work with mindfulness for teachers.
  15. Hello, I'm Mike Goins. I am a retired Middle School Health Educator and Principal. After 36 years, was inspired to work with educators on Mindfulness practices for stress reduction, mental clarity, self compassion and self care. I am currently a Life Coach and love the work I do.
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