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    I just finished the 30 day FitMind program which started at the end of 100 days of Mindfulness. I really want to thank Sean for including this program. I was ready for it and benefitted immensely. Having been a therapist, self awareness has been part of my life's work. With prior experience in that arena, experience in guided meditation, past work on relaxation and stress reduction, this program worked for me after the 100 days of preparation. I re-discovered and am re-discovering past succeses that had slipped out of my awareness. It feels good to have them back! Daniel
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    Hello Everyone. Started the 100 Day Challenge and the 14 Day intro to mindfulness.
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    I teach mostly to seniors. Since many facilities are still closed, I've been offering classes through zoom. I make my classes fun and lively.
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    Hi Gillian and forum members, I did pause and reflect more on Adveita Vedanta and Swami S. Just recently I watched a few more of his youtube videos. There is no doubt about it, I like everything about this good Monk. He has a beautiful heart, a masterful intellect and a good sense of humor. That is not going to change. However, as I listened more I did learn that Swami S. and those in his branch of Adveita Vedanta believe in reincarnation. I uphold their right to that belief but it just doesn't work for me. Also, despite all of his presentations, the question i always have remains unanswered: if we are the thoughts of the Brahman/Atman/God and the way that being gets to know something about itself, what do we thoughts get out of this? Apparently, when we realize we are part of god we become enlightened and get to live in peace and happiness. That is at least some kind of payoff. Actually, the outcome of Enlightenment for the Buddha had that same kind of impact plus it ended his reincarnations. I am not yet sure if they are thought to end with Enlightment for Adveita Vedanta believers. Buddhism and Adveita Vedanta are beautiful and offer many practices to enrich life. I suspect I am going to enjoy their understandings, use the practices and persist with my own ideas and hopefully develop them more. Daniel
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    I am always reachable at this https://www.facebook.com/jonpeturkristjansson/ and i visit mindfulnessexercises also every other day ,if anything regarding Info on Iceland Have a good day all day !!!
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    I live in the Capital of Iceland Reykjavik but the site did not valid that name so Keflavik it is
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    Beginning my journey being mindful ,, looking forward to better times
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    I just signed up for the 100 Day Challenge! Excited in that this will be a new path I have not ventured down before. I anticipate transformation! see you in the other side. Jim
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    If a crystal ball could tell you anything what would you want to know? I would want to know why I exist? What is the purpose I exist? Does my existence mean something? Daniel
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    Hi Gillian, I had posted on the I AM thread that I was intrigued by Advaita Vedanta and the Swami I watched on youtube. That is still true. However, I found a new Swami by the name of Sarvapriyananda who is more in depth. His series is called "The Ultimate Truth". For some reason, the "get their quickly" approach of Rupert Spira comes in second behind these Indian Swami presentations. They don't care that you understand quickly. This Swami also has great respect for all religions and can discuss their aims with respect. That really appeals to me. While Rupert Spira is headed towards the same goal, this approach works best with my thinking and my personality. This Swami still makes the case that "all is consciousness" for some reason I am not troubled by it when he expalins it. I will say I still have no answer to the question: Consciousness seems to be happy thinking us up. What is it that we "thoughts" get out of this arrangement? My life is dominated by a wish for fairness. Being "just a thought in the mind of consciousness" doesn't seem quite fair to me. Daniel
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    I am so Happy to be part of this delighted group
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    I read through a couple books last night and I am hooked as well as captivated and motivated... Thank you all for the suggestions and kindness May you have a great and adventures day
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    Hi Gillian, During an interview of Rupert Spira, Depak Chopra mentioned the Advaita Vedenta on which Rupert's work is based. I found a 6 part series on you tube explaining those concepts. After the first one, I could understand the basic concept that Rupert is using and the mode of teaching he uses. The Swami, an older American man, said that the self inquiry is the method of learning recommended by the ":Rishies" either the people who wrote these ideas or the writtem ideas themselves, who or which developed these ideas. The Swami is a plain spoken man and I found it fairly easy to follow him. I suspect he will outline more about the relationship between the divine self as he calls it, and the individual person. It is both similar to and different from some Buddhist ideas. I am going to watch them all. Daniel
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    If there was just one thing I could say to someone I loved today it would be "I'm listening". Really listening means I am open to my loved one and willing to understand. It means I can stop talking and let my love one be and feel heard. Itis relationship nourishing.
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    The question I am responding to is what season describes me and my life. At age 73 I wo uld say Autumn. That season is often warm, sunny and filled with blue skies. The leaves which turn color here in Illinois are always beautiful. They have an earthy smell when piled up and a nice curnch when you walk on them. Later, the month grows colder. There are days which darken sooner and things turn colder towards winter. Indoor activities heighten with warm good, cider and mulled wine shared with friends. My life is in the stage of Autumn. I have plenty of good and warm relationships. Walking in the park on warm days is wonderful. I watch my grandson play flag football and marvel at his coordination and his height which surpasses mine. My granddaughter and her girl scout Troop is readying for the annual Scare Crow contest during the pumpkin fest at the arboretum. Her dancing classes yield a more lovely and strong young woman. They are my harvest. As Khalil Gibran says " they live in the house of the future which you can't visit even in your dreams". They will reach it however, and carry me in their hearts with them. My spiritual growth continues. After growing up Christian their is room in my life for the Buddha, his ethics and practices which enhance my understanding of Christianity. Mindfulness helps me recognize that my energy is part of the vast existence of Consciousness which is known in loving presence. I lived a life of helping others. I didn't do things perfectly but I did things mostly well. While my wife and I have a lot to liive for and to experience I feel some increasing readiness for peace and I mean the final peace. When my time is over, I suspect I will welcome whatever happens or doesn't afterward. Daniel
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    If I were a role model for millions of children I would not change my behavior. I would let children know that I live a real life. For the most part I am happy but I feel all the feelings which most other people have. I would let them know that I am not perfect and don't expect myself to be. I would encourage them to understand that just like they all behave well towards others most of the time but not all of the time, I live that same way. I would also let the children know that I do not like to live my whole life as if a camera is following me just like they wouldn't. I would say I need private time to be alone, with my own friends and family just like they do. I would tell them I want the freedom not to be perfect like they do. I would ask them to think of the good things I do and let me have privacy the rest of the time. If that lack of perfection is disappointing to them, I would remind them that no one behaves their best all the time including them and their parents. Daniel A. Detwiler
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    Hi Gillian, I would like to comment on the importance of a system of ethics behind mindfulness meditation. In the West we teach mindfulness meditation as a system on its' own. However, it comes from Buddha and his system of ethics. Those ethics include compassion for self and all other beings, loving kindness self and others and equanimity , being nonreactive to name just a few. Unfortunately, if those who study mindfulness don't see it as part of a transformational set of ethics which predispose them to building a better and more accepting world it might just be a self improvement technique. There is nothing wrong with self improvement. However, continuing to have hatred of others, continuing high reactivity to differences and disrespect for diversity are really not compatible with the direction towards which Budda encouraghed people to move. I would encourage all students of mindfulness and their teachers to investigate the underlying system of ethics and to incorporate them or work on doing so in their daily lives. It is not always easy but always necessary. Daniel A. Detwilertowards
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    HI David, I have been busy in 3D world and have not been checking in with this community often. I hope all is well with you. Kind Regards, Gene
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    "Human beings are poor examiners subject to superstition, bias, prejudice, and a profound tendency to see what they want to see rather than what is really there." M Scott Peck
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    I am from Pennsylvania. I work with children with special needs. I am taking the journey to mindfulness to enhance my ability to serve my students, their families and my staff.
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    In a real spirit of gratitude I want to thank Gillian for her sweet comment of my recent birthday post. I also want to let all members know that I feel lucky to be in such a thoughtful and sharing group. Thank you all. Daniel
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    you reached 999 posts, are you going to ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness or what hahaha
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    I am responding to the question: What area do you want to feel more gratitude for? I love bringing my attention to the now especially if I have started to think about old issues. They existed in the nows of the past, they are over unless I cling to them or am actively averse to them. When I remind myself I am in the current now, those processes stop. I am free, safe and at ease. Thich Nhaht Han says "happiness is available" with an impish smile. I take him at his word, repeat the phrase in a new now and feel the joy. Daniel
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    Hi Everyone. I have just joined this community and look forward to benefit from this association with you all
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    Hello I live in Ireland, and I am a Creative Kids Mindfulness Practitioner. I have only just qualified and running my first sessions. I am enjoying them as much as the children. I am also certified in Mindfulness Based CBT. I have practised mindfulness for many years. At the moment I am recovering from bacterial meningitis. I was in a coma for a week and was lucky to survive. I was in hospital for a month. That was four months ago. It was a very traumatic time. I also have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, and so I practice mindfulness now more than ever. I have managed to cut down on a lot of pain meds from a large amount, and that is all down to mindfulness. I am now doing a full mindfulness teacher training course. It will take me a while, but I know I will get there. I am a singer, songwriter and a music therapist. I retired from that after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, but I probably had a much longer career than a lot of people involved in music, so I am very grateful. I'm not very lucky when it comes to health, but I am coping and managing well. I meditate at least 3 times a day and do several informal practices during the day. I am looking forward to being a member here and meeting you all. Blessings Mary
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    I'd like to let everyone know that I recently completed the Seans Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training program.
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    I am looking forward to embrace the 100 day challenge and the benefits.
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    Jo, How are you? You have been so quiet that I have grown concerned and hope you are well.
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    Hey Gillian, I really wanted to appreciate your kindness and the sincerity to help. you truly have a heart of gold. Thank you ^_^
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    Hi Ann, here is a website listing the top Buddha websites: http://www.buddhanet.net/10_best.htm
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    Hello Friends, I just want to let you know that I have been busy in the 3D world and have not had time to follow or prepare blog posts. Life has been busy but I am continuing my mindfulness practice and will check in periodically. For the time being, I won't have time to continue actively posting but I will do my best to check in from time to time. Kind Regards, Gene
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    About me: I am founder and CEO of True Synergy, Inc., a professional and organizational development company based in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in corporate culture, behavior and organizational change. We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary! Our motto is: We Make the Culture Match The Brand.® I have been on the spiritual path for 23 years and developing mindfulness has been a big part of my journey. I have finally come out of the shadows with my spiritual practices as my foundation, leveraging the methodologies of applied behavioral science, psychology and metaphysics, as well as and owning my divine feminine. I have taken all of this and integrated them with my company culture, my coaching, training and consulting work to support my clients and my company's goals. I get to co-create with my clients and become a trusted business advisor. It is just the beginning!
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    Hi all, I am returning to work at the office next week after three months of working from home. I won't be able to post as much but will try to focus on a few forums. May you be healthy and safe!
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    Hello friends, I have been a bit swamped at work right now have not had a lot of mental space to participate in forums. I hope to return to regular posting soon. Kind Regards, Gene
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    Hello All I highly recommend this book- true story of an attorney who represents minorities given the death sentence (often innocent people and/or juveniles, as well as fighting for changes in incarceration and helping inmates transfer to life on the outside. There's much more I wont get into. I learned a lot about prison and how The author, Bryan Stevenson, says "the racial terrorism of lynching in many ways created the modern death penalty." That''s one line of many I highlighted. Apparently it is also a movie. sn't sure where to post this, but wanted to recommend an excellent bok
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    Good day everyone. I am newly registered as a member of this site. Genuinely looking forward to connection and communication with others as we navigate the avenues and convoluted pathways of life . In my travels and extensive life experiences now beyond 6 decades I marvel at the complexities and creativity of the Universe. Each exciting opportunity and challenge has been but a brief interruption along this finite journey. Not to be approached as insurmountable or impossible to breach. I reminisce casually through the catalog of my mind upon the diversity of knowledge and hopefully wisdom gained through occupational experiences and the multitude of interpersonal relationships gathered as a lifetime composite. I am looking forward to gaining more insights via this MINDFULNESS community and hope to share some entries and material from my Mindfulness Blog and Podcasts in the relatively near future. Carpe Diem.........
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    Sharing this video to demonstrate the power of programs like Path to Freedom and others that bring mindfulness and other practices to prisoners.
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    Welcome @Kamal Malhi i hope you are well in this time of change and keeping safe. I am not on this site often but pleased i signed in and welcome you. How are things where you are? are you finding yourself helping a lot of people at the moment. Your back ground sounds like a lovely life adventure so i hope we can connect. Have a blessed day stay safe and continue your good work Love and light Marisa
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    Hi Cecilia, How are you? I hope this finds you well. I just noticed you are from Arizona! I will be there in April getting Qigong Certification. Do You do yoga or dancing type exercise?
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    Hi Vidya! Thank you so much for joining the community. Do you have any particular interests or inclinations when it comes to mindfulness? Feel free to check out the Forum page and share anything that's on your mind in relation to one of the topics.


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