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    Happy new week, everyone! Mindfulness is giving me an assist with managing all that comes with being sheltered in place with my two kids while managing my household, my own work, and their school schedules. There are at least several moments each day where I may feel a rising sense of frustration, anxiety, or spaciness- and yet when I can catch myself in those places (or heading toward them), I can, as Joseph Goldstein so eloquently puts it. simply begin again. I can remember that the recognition of the mind wandering to the what ifs or the past is the practice of mindfulness in action. In those moments, I may just set my feet on the floor, step near a window or out into my small urban backyard, take a breath, feel my body, and know that I am right where I am, here, now. Everything else is just temporarily visiting. Be well. Rachel
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    Hello All, I am new to the community and have already learned so much. For years I taught psychology and was always excited when we would reach the section of spirituality. It is my hope that I will be able to use what I gain from this community, and perhaps the training to pass on to my coaching clients and others. Growing up in tradition religious household, it was a mind shift and education that helped me truly understand and appreciate spirituality. So excited to be! Francia
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    I'm glad you can relate! I remember my grandfather talking about having no electricity and using an outhouse! We really take a lot for granted! Although I'm not sure all the digital media is a good thing or bad- depends on how it is utilized. That's lovely and very thoughtful!
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    I like to make gratitude lists in my journal, particularly when I'm feeling down. I've found it's nearly impossible to be in a bad mood and be grateful at the same time. For some reason, every morning when I take a shower, which is sometimes a chore because I like to take my time reading, writing, drinking coffee and lounging around in the morning, I focus on being grateful for having hot, running water. Such a simple thing that we take for granted, yet something that many, many people do not have. It helps me start the day in a positive and thankful mood. I also focus on all of the wonderful people in my life who love and support me. I am also grateful for all of you and this community
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    Hello @Ali Zien, This sounds like it was a powerful experience for you. I think you need to give yourself credit for recognizing, in the moment, that you were experiencing suffering and you became aware of these feelings in the moment. I can't say that this mental suffering really goes away. I am learning that the state of suffering is a part of life and for me, the best way to cope is to accept that it is there. Tara Brach talks about just accepting and allowing the experience to be there. I highly recommend reading "Radical Acceptance". We have started a book club on this site if you are interested. I have found that we can experience a sense of peace and equanimity when we stop mentally fighting painful thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The idea is not to try to "fix" anything. This makes life more manageable. Another good book that offers this perspective is Pema Chodron’s book, "When Things Fall Apart" https://www.brainpickings.org/2017/07/17/when-things-fall-apart-pema-chodron/ Good for you my friend for being able to step out of this cycle to break the pattern. This is a sign that your inner wisdom is taking root and you are being kind to yourself in the midst of experiencing difficult emotions. Kind Regards, Gene
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    That sounds like a noble and admirable mission Gene. Good luck to you!
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    first of all it was gratitude journal, but I wasn't able to cultivate any power to it anymore. then I've discovered Morning power questions by Tony Robbins, they are easy to do anywhere. What are you grateful for ? what are you happy about ? what are you committed to ? what are you excited for ? what are you enjoying most in your life ? who do you love ? who loves you ?
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    @Paige PIlege When I recorded a series of meditations for children (I too am an educator, and I work in a large urban center with a marginalized, underserved population), I used an app on my Mac called Audacity along with my son's video gaming headset microphone, and it was able to be edited for noice reduction. And was very easy to use! I am not tech savvy really at all. Check it out!
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    I agree with you Gene. In my environment secrets were a part of life. Denial was necessary to function normally.
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    Nice to meet you @Ali Zien, I also really enjoyed reading The Power of Now. We also have Sociology in common. My Degree major was in Sociology. I look forward to following your posts. Regards, Gene
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    Happy World Meditation Day to all of you, friends! @Gillian Sanger I sat with your Earth Honouring Meditation this morning. Lovely visualizations and grounding. Thank you for pointing me toward it. Wishing everyone a day filled with ease, and love in your hearts. Rachel
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    Hello Ali! Love your smiling picture and how you found a look-alike cat! Wow- 7 cats?!? You are obviously a good care-taker and kind human being. I appreciate the metaphor about meditating being like boxing- it is always a practice. The book The Power of Now blew my mind, and in fact I have to re-read it so I can actually absorb the message more deeply. Welcome, and I think you'll find this is a safe place for all questions! Namaste
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    Thank you for your excellent comment. There are few things as powerful as an embodied experience. We are human BEings, not human DOings.
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    Lovely lyrics Gene. I think that's a wonderful way to think about music. I wonder if you can still give yourself that message, to be kind to yourself?
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    Hi, i recently recorded the loving kindness meditation which is about wishing people well in a very structured way. Let me know how it resonates with you Please copy and paste the youtube link in your browser to access it ... https://youtu.be/x_F1GaUw3kM
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    Hello @Joseph, I can really identify with what you are saying. My background is in social work and when I began my career, this was also my experience. I remember working with people who were in conflict with the law. I also had to check my values, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and assumptions. One strong memory that has stayed with me for many years is a pearl of wisdom from an experienced community worker who often said, "Just because you made a mistake, it does not mean you are a mistake". When I think about this statement, I often think about the powerful role that stigma has in shaping peoples lives. We need helpers and providers who work in our systems to take the time to check their values, assumptions, and beliefs because people who work in the helping profession have an important role to play to help people to understand that they are not mistakes and they matter! I see mindfulness as a pathway to bring this kind of awareness. Thank you for sharing your journey. Kind Regards, Gene
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    I walk every morning. As I said when I first came on here I used to walk in the woods behind my house which I loved. I walked with my dog, Henry, for many years but he died a few months ago and can not walk there yet. I live on a road that I do not love but it is very pretty and not manicured except for right around people's houses. The rest is trees and streams. Today I walked by the big pond up the road. There was fog over the mountain and there was the sound of early morning birdsong. Sometimes I have to remember to stop and listen to the peacefulness of it. Walking every day can keep you in touch with the seasons as you notice what comes up and when. I am not the happiest person but seeing wildflowers or birds or groundhogs or turtles or birds in the pond brings me bits of joy. The natural world is what counts. The things we as human make are not really a part of that but nature is well, natural and how things should be. I am surrounded by trees and have hugged them. Everyone should try hugging a tree at least once.
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    This week's question asks: How is mindfulness practice supporting you this week? Perhaps mindfulness is helping you to remain compassionate towards others. Perhaps it is opening your eyes to seeing a situation in a new way. Perhaps it is offering you a greater sense of trust in life. Perhaps it is helping you to listen to your body. If you feel drawn to contributing here, share one or multiple ways that mindfulness is supporting you at present.
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    Thank you for this post @Rachel, I have been hyper busy with work this past week. I appreciate the reminder keep my feet on the floor, step near a window, take a deep breath and know where I am right now.... and everything else is just temporarily visiting. This will be my practice for today. Many thanks! Gene
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    Beautiful reflection Rachel. Thank you for sharing! My 20-minute morning meditations are supporting me this week by helping me to remain present in the morning. It is tempting to turn quickly towards my phone as I wonder what emails await me... but I have set an intention to not look at my personal devices until I've gotten out of bed and sat for 20 minutes. This morning's practice was so lovely that I plan to have another 20-minute sit very soon.
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    Thank you for thepost. Recently, I was out walking with my wife-- I walk daily, and now she walks with me--something that I am gratefull for. I was struck by the freshess of the smells--newly mown grass, new leaves on the trees, and blossoms--intoxicating. I was also struck by what I was seeing--birds and animals moving about, and the brightness of the colors-- grass, blossoms, trees, ferns-- a crimson epaulet on the red winged blackbird. I alsonoticed new things that I had not noticed before, like-- hey that woods has trees in it.. Thanks, Joseph
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    A few books on my summer list: American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Dare The Source of Self Regard by Toni Morrison
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    That's a great insight Joseph. It's hard to recognize, much less let go of, our assumptions. It makes such a difference, though, when we do. A fresh perspective allows us to really get to know one another and to listen without filters. That is something I like about Tara's book too, she talks a lot about acceptance and having an open-heart.
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    Welcome Joseph, I believe I know you from Path to Freedom? I just sent you a response...are you the same Joseph? Interesting! Meditation and yoga are very important to me. Since I just completed Path to Freedom I was looking for a new program, and found Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. I love it! Sorry about your fracture! Although sounds like you made good use of the time. Nice to see you here! Jo
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    Wonderful! Of course I have nothing but good things to say about yoga. I just joined an online yoga group that also offers Qigong, and I love it! So soothing and grounding. It is going to be a regular part of my regime. Thanks for the idea
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    My go-to gratitude practice is holding silence for a brief moment once my partner and I have sat down for dinner - a moment to just give quiet thanks for the meal, my partner's love and presence, my own gifts and strengths, the safe place I live in, my breath, and so on and so on. What are your favourite gratitude practices?
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    No not yet. I hope to in a year or so. Thank you.
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    I have acquired the book, and read the first 4 chapters. Thank you for accepting me into this club. As a psychologist, I am attempting to integrate the framework of ACT Acceptance and commitment therapy) into my work, and I am finding Dr. Brach's book interesting--familiar in many way, yet she deepens the concept by incorporating her own life story into the idea of acceptance. For myself, I have had to work at understanding the acceptance as something more than a great idea, and I appreciate the added dimension that Dr. Brach adds. She has spurred me into engaging acceptance as t relates to my patients lives as well as my own.This has not been an easy thing, but I am finding that when I do this, the therapy and my groups become more powerful, and the men put more energy in to the work. The life and world of the inmate is so radically different from mine, and although I have worked in prison's for many years, I still have to admit that I don't even know the half of it --what an inmate's experience is. I have to struggle to let go of my assumptions, my own frame of reference, society's views about the incarcerated, my own burn out--all of these are a part of my point of view. I think that this is a place where acceptance and mindfulness can inform my work.
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    I am a nature/animal person and while I moved to the wrong house on the wrong road I am surrounded by trees.mountains, and a wildlife who i mostly do not see. I walk in the morning and hear the birds and the streams, look for wild flowers, and just enjoy being there. I used to walk on the mountain behind my house with my dog, Henry, but he died 3 months ago and I have not been able to bring myself to walk there without him. I bring his picture on my phone as I walk down the road so he is always with me. I used to hug trees and I love it up there. Nature is so amazing and sometimes i remember to just stop, look around, and listen. I love storms and wind (when it is warm out). I do kind of miss the city where I lived for 46 years and I am not sure if i will stay in the state I am presently in but I appreciate the peace and beauty here (except for the road which really stresses me out sometimes).
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    Thank you for sharing this @Ali Zien. I think this is the perfect section to add this to because your story reflects the 'win' of becoming aware of the stories and emotions moving through you. We're not always so mindful or present of these reactions. As for your contemplation, 'is there a chance to be present all the time?', my feelings are similar to Gene's. I believe that as humans, we will always be touched by challenging feelings and emotions. Learning to be with them - to accept them without trying to deny them or push them away - is what we can grow into more and more. There have been times when I've found myself in tears for one reason or another and I literally say to myself, "It's okay. Just be here. Just be here." The result is so freeing. The grief or sadness remains but I am okay to be in it. Does that make sense?
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    Another thing I find myself extremely grateful for is a good book that I get absorbed in. If I read a well-composed sentence it actually makes me giddy. I will highlight it and read it over and over. I know, kind of weird. When I finish this kind of book I actually grieve, until I remember that there are endless books to discover. Another thing I am grateful for is yoga (which saved my life) and meditation. One more thing- a quality I like best about myself and am grateful for- is my insatiable curiosity about people, and my non-judgement, compassion and empathy. I say hello to everyone I pass, including homeless people, because I don't think that they are any worthy than any other individual. It seems to me that since the digital age, most people communicate via electronic means, and no longer greet each other personally. I am so happy and grateful when I can inspire a smile in someone, help people find the good in themselves, or offer them a new perspective. This is why I chose to be a psychologist, and why I am now pursuing teaching mindfulness and yoga.
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    Hi @Ali Zien, These are great questions. I really appreciate Tony Robbins. I have followed his Personal Power program in the past and like his approaches. Many thanks for sharing this. Regards, Gene
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    Hello ,may peace and Allah's blessings be upon you السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته . I am 21 from Egypt, I practice boxing and I study sociology at university, working as a front-end web developer. I love cats ^_^, I own 7 cats and ironically I was googling once and found an image of a cat that looks exactly like me ( I attached the image ) I am truly interested in meditation and philosophy, got really curious about it when I read the power of now by Eckhart Tolle.. in this month (Ramadan) I tried to stay away from active life and to focus on meditating,praying,reading,writing.. I want to sharpen my mind to stay present. I've been meditating consistently through this year daily for more than 20 mins (sometimes I would do 1 hour daily and sometimes I wouldn't meditate at all) I understand that mindfulness is like boxing, there is no certain level where you are going to be perfect and present 100% all the time.. it takes practice. my motivation for meditating is to calm my mind and to be able to concentrate on praying ( Islamic meditation ) and to find joy of creation instead of the attachment to the result or "Getting shit done". I seek mastery and excellence in the process. I am always curious to learn about mindfulness, so I hope that you might accept my childish curiosity and incessant questions
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    I feel very special and gifted to see such a heart warming comments. Thank you so much ♥
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    That is a good analysis. Since it occurred at a time in your life about 20 years ago, it could mean you're processing things in your life now from that stage in your life. I don't mean to be analyzing, just throwing out ideas. Think about what those two friends meant/mean to you and if they represent any particular characteristics in you.
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    Hello @Ali Zien! What a wonderful introduction. It is nice to connect with you here. I really resonate with your statement, "It takes practice." Very, very true. I look forward to hearing some of your questions in the forum. Feel free to ask or share wherever you feel called to. Have a wonderful day!
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    Hey Paige! Thanks Insight Timer is just where they are uploaded; there are both guided meditations and courses available on there (though the courses are paid after a free trial). I have someone to help me with the audio - pairing my recording with royalty free music I've purchased.
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    I do dream analysis so I always encourage people to keep a dream journal and pay attention to trends in their dreams. What was the setting of the dream? Any colors or shapes? Were there other characters in the dream? Often other characters in our dreams are simply different aspects of ourselves. One way to think about dreams is that it is our subconscious/unconscious consolidating our past and present experiences and sensations; processing and making sense of them. I think dreams are absolutely fascinating and can be very revealing. Interestingly, my clients would typically have their compelling dreams the night before their therapy sessions.
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    That's amazing Paige! I love Qigong, but have only dabbled in it. What a wonderful thing to practice and teach. Do you do any yoga?
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    Good morning @Jo L, Yes, I am still practicing this message. Interesting that I had a dream last night where I felt lost and alone. Perhaps the universe is sending me a message.
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    I would have told myself to love and accept my body as it is, and not to believe in society's idea of what beauty looks like. I would have encouraged myself to stay away from any diets and to focus on eating what my body was hungry for, a variety of foods that were nourishing and healthy.
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    I love this mantra. I have an 8 hour version of it which I listen to every night to sleep to. My chosen music to listen to through the day is also Deva and Miten. Their voices soothe my soul and warms my heart This is the first time I have used this community so I hope I am ok responding here.
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    You're welcome Gillian, so glad that we can connect on the poetry front! And I absolutely love the meditation you recorded. Your voice is very soothing and perfect for guided meditation...thank you so much!
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    When I think of this question this morning, a favourite old song comes to mind by the Little River Band. These are the lyrics that I am hearing: Take it easy on me. It should be easy to see. I'm getting lost in a crowd. Hear me crying out loud. I often felt lost in the world and needed to feel and experience this message. I did not realize it at the time, but growing up, I often experienced music as a way of practicing loving kindness. I would tell my older self to be kind to himself.
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    I love your message @Paige PIlege, .... recognizing and acknowledging the fear and being kind to yourself. This is moving beyond a fear based existance and embracing your personal power. Nice!
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    Thanks for sharing Rachel and Gene! Both beautiful sentiments. Hmmm, there is so much I could offer the self I was 10 years ago. One piece of advice or insight would be: It is safe to say how you feel - to speak your truth. This theme of authentic self-expression and issues related to the throat chakra have been coming to my awareness recently. So this is something I would encourage my younger self to compassionately and courageously explore.
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    @Rachel, Thank you for this. This is a simple message and yet very profound. This reminds me about some wisdom a former boss shared with me years ago: If something won't be a "crisis" in a year from now, it is not likely a crisis!! This is what I would share with my younger self, my older self and my current self!! Kind Regards, Gene
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    I think about how grateful I am for all the people who have come into my life that have lifted me up when I needed support.
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    I have been dancing around meditation for 40 years or so. Finally things are lining up to motivate my commitment - so here I am. I would like to reduce or eliminate my need for hypotensive meds. I found an article about reducing blood pressure targeting a handful of behaviors including mindfulness. I then googled the approach, and apparently such programs are "in over 250 hospitals around the country". I have a handle on all behaviors (Na++, BMI, exercise, alcohol) but mindfulness*. Joining this community is an arm of my commitment to mindfulness. My goals are to reduce core stress reactivity and to improve sleep. I am - full disclosure to undergird my commitment - "autistic" with painful levels of ADHD for activities outside narrow interests, dysnosognosia, over-reactiveness to environmental stimulation including people, difficulty maintaining employment w/o alternate means of support, and a profound lack of social connections (limited to acquaintances). This site appears to have a wealth of resources to this end. Well, better get started.... *: (1) Awareness of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations (2) Craving, particularly for determinants of BP such as overconsumption of palatable foods (3) The impact of bringing mindfulness to every moment, particularly in relation to BP determinants, recognizing that this present moment is influenced by prior moments as well as to bring non-judgmental attention to the longer term suffering associated with these activities. Through this process, participants are encouraged to reflect on whether behavioral choices provide more benefit or harm to their well-being, and to choose beneficial behaviors. (4) Self-compassion: as self-regulatory and self-awareness skills increase as a result of the mindfulness practices, the curriculum emphasizes that it is common for participants to start caring for themselves in kinder ways
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    Emotions are not always easy to navigate, and in fact, they're a big push for a lot of us to explore mindfulness. So this week's question asks: How do you manage tricky or challenging emotions? Share any resources, insights, or techniques you use.


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