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  1. At 11 years old, I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. With reflection, I have come to see the real reason behind this.. I was fascinated about being in a peaceful place
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  2. Share a little more about yourself and let us know something that most people don't know about you. For instance... What did your childhood self yearn to be when he/she/they grew up? When was the last time you laughed until you cried? What was your biggest mistake turned lesson? What are you afraid of, big or small? What unique quirks do you have? This list of questions is by no means exhaustive of where this can go. Use your imagination to dig for something wild/surprising/unusual or share something totally 'normal' (whatever normal is) and relatable.
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  3. My name is Rev Dr Gerald J Olseski. I have been meditating since 2011, off and on. I have been taking classes and courses in Meditation since 2015. I am a crisis counselor.
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  4. Gillian, I read your Blog & was touched by it...somehow we need more a Community of Spirit; sometimes, I have had temporary ones, then, they seem to go away; even the temporary ones do not sustain themselves...our earth speeds as if we have to catch up with it... I joined your Meditation of "Letting-Go"; it was what I needed today, so thank you:)...Kristin Neff & Christopher Germer, say: ”Mindfulness says, ‘Feel your Suffering with spacious awareness’. Self-Compassion says, ‘Be kind to yourself when you suffer’”.
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  5. I just spotted this post from August-so much to respond to here; this Video is every enlightening; as I am grieving the loss of my Brother this past week, I grieve for the loss of my whole, Family cause I am the Sole survivor of my immediate Family; I also grieve for the loss of my Youth, cause I can no longer Run, as I use to run 10K races in my Youth. Francis recovery so much, I seem to be a loss for words, except, when I called a Colleague RN I use to work with, hearing the News about my Brother, I called her immeditately hoping she would provide some comfort, & Nada...she never returned my call...so that too was a loss; just to be able to express my Grief and acknowledged would have been somewhat calming. The fact our Planet is so rapidly changing; it's like the Soul of our earth is being ripped out from underneath us very unexpectantly too....to hear about "the hygiene of the Soul" is great way to put it. Jon Kabatt-Zinn speaks about taking care of our "Brain Health". As a practicing Catholic, we have the Traditions, i.e. "Rituals" of Practice I get to experience; I participated in 2 Mens' Retreats where any Topic/Feelings were expressed; that became deeper for me...so I had those positive experience...this deserves to be viewed again, over & over to remind us of who we are on so many levels. Thank you, Gillian for sharing.
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  6. Q.) What were the signals that a trigger response or stress was present? Felt the tightness in the chest and hardness in the mind Q.) What parts of SBNRR were easy for you? Difficult? stop and breathing is easy..respond and reflection was difficult Q.) How did practicing SBNRR impact the outcome of the situation? Self compassion and smile at the end made me to feel relaxed
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  7. I live in San Diego. I attended just attended the 3 Days Mindfulness Mediation Retreat. I found to be beneficial, heard about this group and decided to join.
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  8. Thanks for sharing Narmadha! I have seen a similar comment shared before - that respond and reflection are the more difficult parts.
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  9. hi, im ambidextrous ...self tought when i was a kid ....so can write equally poorly with both hands!
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  10. Hi, I am new to this platform, and I am excited to meet likeminded individuals and learn a new skill for healing. I am a massage therapist and I desire to help diminish health disparities in my community by engaging people in free massage amd wellness education events
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  11. Hi Abby, Is Mindful Meditation is for everyone? No, it is for all who want it. Learning the Positive outcomes of it will illustrate over time; it is not a Cure-all either. When appropriate, it could also be utilized as an adjunct to Therapy as well; based on my experience as a former Clinical Therapist. In another post to you I recommended the following link to Tara Brach: https://www.tarabrach.com/guided-meditations/
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  12. Hi new members! Thanks for the introductions. It's great to have you in our community. Feel free to jump in on any other conversations that speaks to you. I'd love to read your insights, questions, and curiosities. With gratitude, Gillian
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  13. Anxiety is the reason I got into mindfulness. I totally agree. I'll suddenly become aware that I'm not taking full breaths at times. When I get like this, I grab my disc golf bag and hit the course. I work from home, so getting out and away from my desk is paramount to my mental health. I've also gotten back into weightlifting after a 6 month hiatus, which I'll never do again. My stress got so bad a few months ago, that I started having vertigo-like symptoms. I was dizzy anytime I was in an upright position. My hypothalamus was the culpret according to my chiro. He gave me some supplements and that really helped, but getting back into the gym and better eating habits have really helped. But I will say meditation has 10X'd the benefits of all those things. Incredibly powerful.
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    • Guest Nahian
      Hello, I found a new way that can help with mediation! Go check it out!! shorturl.at/flACR  
    • Guest Chandra
      Please follow below link to listen mediation Video for free   It will help remove our Anxiety and Help you with quality sleep  1) https://oke.io/TAWou 2) https://oke.io/IZqx 3) https://oke.io/j9FN  
    • Lovely to hear from you Daniel. Thank you for sharing all of this. I am very glad to hear that loving kindness practice has been of great support for you - and withdrawing from the news a bit more. I have stepped away from Instagram for half a year as a way of supporting my wellbeing and reconnecting with inner peace (easier some days than others). I long for deep, honest, open-minded conversation, something that Instagram just does not have the capacity to provide. I'm grateful for connections with new people who I can be my authentic self with and with whom to share those rich dialogues that I long for - those that truly nourish me and remind me I'm supported and connected. The weight of the world is indeed a lot to carry. I feel it, too. I am sending loving prayers your way, Daniel. 💗
    • Hi Gillian and everyone on this thread. I had been worrying and feeling burdened by the state of the planet and the blocks to progress here in the United States. I took stock and withdrew from the nightly newscasts and cable channels. I read a brief synopsis on the internet in the morning and that is it. I am "taking refuge" as advocated especially by Tara Brach. My refuge is in the Loving Kindness Meditation. To me it is a prayer and I pray it often throughout each day. My way of doing that is to address the words to "all that is".  May all that is be filled with loving kindness. May all that is be safe and protected. May all that is be protected from inner and outer harm. May all that is be healthy. May all that is be happy. May all that is live with ease. I can't really describe the sense of relief it gives me to pray this prayer. I recognize it is my way of "doing something" about all the things I care about.  I also have done my own version of RAIN. That has brought some real benefit. I have reappraised my life and relationships. I recognize now the good I did and do and where I failed/fail. I can now live  better with both. When thinking of those who can't see getting a vaccination as a service to all others on planet earth, I say the loving kindness prayer. To Mitch McConnell and those others who oppose any good plan to promote equality and care in America, I say the loving kindness prayer. This is my refuge. I have worked on forgiving those who have caused me hurt or injury. I am making progress. Letting go of anger and hurt is not easy but brings out the energy I used to use to feel those feelings. I am following Rick Hanson's guidance to  soak in the goodness I feel whenever I feel it. He encourages us to let it grow and expand and it is getting easier. That has led me to recognize and be filled with gratitude for everything good that has happened and is happening in my own life and the lives of others.  I enjoy this focus on the good. For me, it is empowering and uplifting. I only spend time with friends who feel grateful as well. I try to share positivity with all those I encounter daily in public by greeting them warmly and wishing them a good day or helping in some simple way. Every simple act seems well received and doing them helps me. At this hour of my life, I have decided that this is what I can do to make life better. Daniel
    • Its very challenging indeed! I have to give you the recognition it deserves when you practice these principles. I guess when people are rude, it's because they have inner turmoil and we can feel gratitude that we aren't in their shoes at that moment.
    • If I may, Mindfulness is about having that curiosity & an attitude of Non-judgemental, yet if the judgement remains to accept what is & attempt to soften that feeling. It's all a process...
    • Hello,  I am interested in getting or learning exercise that help me to stay consistent . I always start something I like, then in the middle of it, I loose focus, and interest. I don’t like this issue in me. 
    • Losing weight and exercising will not be ANY easier to motivate yourself to do in 5 years, so get your Mojo on and get going!!
    • Love, Kindness & Respect are my core guiding principles nowadays. It certainly is not easy at times when people are rude. When a situation is challenging I pause and inhale slowly then exhale and respond in a rational way with love majority of the time. ❤️
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