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    I totally agree @Jo L There must be a standard created. Somehow to teach that our eyes can deceive us in what we see (as in color) and history created the different or the judgement that needs to be cleansed out. Not by destroying everything from the past but taking note and learning about why a specific thing of the past is there. In the Past. And we all need to learn how to leave it there and begin in a cleansed state from today forward where all are the same. Put here as human beings. As energy to focus on caring for others and this planet. There are so many things that are good from the past trying to become present we need to make room for it. Or the great positive change cannot take place. Such a wonderful topic. I have to submit. I have a partner that is a Leo so melodramatic and very loving though. Growing up in a tough neighborhood. He would say things like "I hate that" or "I am racist". But as I confronted him, about how bad and wrong that felt towards "ME" and if he loved me his radical behavior towards this would mellow out and understand more what is going on. I can report that he now is not racist. For his punishment, not really but stated, Repeat many times, "I love black people" "I love all people" " We are all human beings and the same" and so far is going very well. This makes me wonder how many people out the are just so sarcastic or narcissistic that is will always become an issue. We need to recognize it. I agree education and more example without judgement is good. I am the happiest person in the world now that my husband is "not a racist". I was meant in boosting, big man. He understood why this is not a good thing and promotes worse things. He now is mindful of how actions cause reactions. The fact that this type of thing happens is sickening. My son being autistic and "different" than everyone was always left out and outcast as disabled. I totally am a warrior when it comes to anyone's rights and animals. All living things. Plants also
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    I just want to share a quote by William James that was in Principles of Psychology in 1890- "The faculty of voluntarily bringing back a wandering attention over and over again, is the very root of judgement, character, and will. No one is compos sui [of sound mind] is he have it not. An education which should improve this faculty would be the education par excellence. But it is easier to define this ideal that to give practical directions for bringing it about."
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    Thanks for this wonderful question Gillian- so important and timely. I posted my answer before you asked the question somewhere else... I believe one way we can be mindful is educating ourselves and others about history and current affairs. I think the horror of our history in terms of how we treated indigenous people and black people is easy to forget when it's not shoved in our face like it was in this last week with the death of George Floyd. The truth is, the remnants of slavery still exist. There's a concept called 'post-traumatic slavery syndrome' Absolutely mind-blowing. We need to understand why the system is still broken, and find ways to advocate for change. Individually, we can confront our own implicit biases, and be aware of our white privilege. Vote. Be active in the community. Speak our truth.


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