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    The big gong inthe center close to the far wall, talks a ot to me
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    Hi my name is Erin McMahon and I Meditate own my in my apartment with my computer in a quiet place.
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    Yes, and pretty much every page is flagged! Some excerpts: “The radical approach of bodhichitta practice is to pay attention to what we do. Without judging it we train in kindly acknowledging whatever is going on. Eventually we might decide to stop hurting ourselves in the same old way.” ”Dissolving our assumptions and beliefs-is the best use of our human lives.” ”Egolessness is a flexible identity. It manifests as inquisitiveness, as adaptability, as humor, as playfulness. It is our capacity to relax with not knowing, not figuring everything out, and with not being at all sure about who we are-or who anyone else is either.” These excerpts are just from first 20 pages! I recommend all books by Chodron..another great one is ‘Welcoming the Unwelcome.’
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    @David, I really like the images and symbols this represents. It says to me that we are all in this world together. We are all connected in a global community. We are all called to be stewards of the earth. We are all called to take care of and care for each other. God and creation is life experienced in reciprocity. Thanks for sharing.
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    This photo is very still. The water is so calm. It almost looks like a fog on it. Empty with no people in it and no waves. Almost too quiet.
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    Thank you Ro. Softness has an instant calming effect on me as well. My clients often voice that to me as well about themselves. Thank so much you for your comment.
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    What a warm and inviting space. I love the trees framed by windows. It gives a sensation of shinrin yoku.
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    Great quote, Ockert! Maybe if you ever come to Egypt, I will be your guide although I live in Egypt, I've never seen the pyramids!
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    Hi my name is Erin McMahon and I like watching the sun set because it is a memory of my great grandma watched with me in the past and now I will be doing that every night.
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    I started that 100 Day Mindfulness Challenge and I invite all to join me and to share their thoughts and emotions true this process of learning.
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    It absolutely was. I was on a deck at the bottom of a boardwalk, down from a small cabin I had rented. No one around for quite a ways. Perfectly serene!
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    Came across a Tibetan Peace Park while exploring Sedona. Beautiful place and day.
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    You're not late @Gillian Sanger , you commented right when you were supposed to
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    Hi David, Where is the picture taken ? looks lovely. Thanks for sharing it, I take my dog for a walk there lots of nice places where I live too. Hope you like the picture. Leanne
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    We have some lovely places to walk where I live, I live in Monton.
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    You are so welcome! Glad it comes at a good time for you! You're welcome Paige! You are most welcome Gillian!
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    Yes, I took that in the spring. Thanks, glad you liked it.
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    This looks so interesting. I cannot wait to read it.
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    Absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to go fishing again tomorrow.
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    Lovely picture. Thanks for sharing.
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    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. What a lovely reminder to stumble upon.
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    I love that you have space for your four legged family members!
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    this is absolutely lovely!
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    This is a walking trail in my neighbourhood. It is a 1-kilometer path which weaves through a forested area. In the summer, I really enjoy walking on this path because it helps me to be mindful in nature. When I am walking along the path, I am aware of the trees, the wind, the air, the animals, and my breath. It also reminds me that the magic of life is in the moment.
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    Beautiful @Gillian Sanger It reminds me of a walking path in my neighbourhood. I will share my picture soon. Thanks for sharing. Kind Regards, Gene
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    These are very nice. I do a lot of these. Too many actually. They help me sort things in my mind. I like working with the colors as you do. My favorite is the rabbit and this one.
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    Look up Millie Marottas - Tropical Wonderland. I use Faber Castell colouring pencils; they are made in Germany and not cheap but I think they are the best.
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    Hi Gillian yes I did them, thanks for your kind comments. Going to upload a few more.
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    I use the enneagram with my coaching clients. If they have a coaching package, it is part of the cost. I have the take the assessment to give me some insight into areas that they might want to explore and also to give them some insight into themselves as well.
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    It really is wonderful, Luma. Thank you for sharing your art with us
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    Yes, Ro, I drew this myself. I'm glad you like it!
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    Radiating the warmth I needed today
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    I'm quite taken by this piece. Have you drawn this yourself, @luma ? I
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    mmmmhhhhh ...your forest mandala resonates a lot with me .... calming and vibrant effect on me at the same moment , and so many different landscapes to discover inside it or widen the perspective seeing all of the mandala, well those parts which are still on the picture
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    wow this one talk a lot to me ... the colors, a kind of a spiral-movement and the colors looking like they were moving themselves ... with that still "point" at the center
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    tis one caught my attention by it's rainbow-colors and than I discovered the spirals
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    I love the feel of the changing/falling leaves!
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    Recharging after a day at work. Mindful walking in nature.
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    Thank you! In Victoria BC, Canada (where I live). I took this a couple of weeks ago in Cordova Bay.
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    I feel so blessed to look out my window at those trees
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