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    Hi David, thank you for seeing Gillian and I as people on the spiritual path as you clearly are. You, Gillian and I may have various ideas about consciousness but we are all open to learning more. I read that beautiful poem you sent us the link to. Poets so often capture truths that ordinary prose doesn't. I found it quite meaningful. Thanks for letting us know you are on retreat. May the experience be only good. Daniel
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    I am very grateful for a friend who has taught me so much about acceptance and contentment. She and her family lived in a very small house with a tiny kitchen without even room for the refrigerator that sat on a landing to the basement. Every meal and every day were made to feel welcome with her homemade muffins, a special adornment for the table, appreciations for the small things in life. She marked each change of season with special decor - the emphasis was not on the smallness of the house but the warmth and attention to detail. She has been caring for her husband for the past ten years - he is now close to transitioning and she never complains about the care and time she provides and he also, has never complained about his condition. He is grateful to her for his care and she is grateful to him for his amazing fortitude in spite of the challenge of his illness. Her friendship has been a true gift and I am so grateful to be her friend.
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    am doing my day 7 What I noticed from this week's practice was? Am having gratitude in my doing in my life and having great relationships around me. I have a person that I really love and getting married to. I'm grateful to be myself what am doing things that I love to do by being busy. I wont judge myself and others and I will try to help out whenever I can. Things that will help me stay focused on my practice next week are? writing and keep a journal and detailed their gratitude in a happy way. practice gratefulness and sense of respect toward others. practice greater interconnections.
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    It is wonderful to have you in the community @ockert! I am happy to see your updates about the 100 Day Challenge I'll start off by answering some of the questions: I joined this community right as it began, coming on as the community moderator. When Sean mentioned that he was planning this community, it seemed quite aligned to something I had been feeling at the same time, which was this yearning for a community with which I could talk about mindfulness, spirituality, and all the things that fall under these umbrella terms. Over the past year, my own personal practice has ebbed and flowed with each month. Sometimes I am more drawn to silent practice; at other times, I love guided meditations. Sometimes I prefer stillness; sometimes I long for mindful movement. Right now I find myself called to talks and mindful movement. One piece of wisdom I would share with myself of one year ago... Hm... I think I would remind myself not to rush - to be wherever I am, however I am. And to tend to that self with patience, kindness, and compassion.
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    Am typing up my day 5 because I forgot to do that How did the practice of wishing others well impact your interactions?. I will try to think before I talk to my people and I know well. Did it shift your mood in anyway? When I workout at the gym that brings up my mood also the practice to. My attention will be listening to my relationships more when I see my friends and families also other people around me. Am typing up Day 6 What information do you receive when checking in with your body? it's all about awareness. The body check in is a tool and effective more when we use it and become more aware.
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    I will not even make such an attempt! As for consciousness being the ability to be aware, I would differ and say that consciousness has the characteristic of being aware of awareness, a reflective quality. There obviously are simpler examples of neural responses to stimuli or chemically mediated responses in plants and inanimate things. But, as far as we know, those things lack awareness of the fact and cannot reflect on them or their qualitative impact. I like thinking about the subconscious or unconscious that might still meet a definition of consciousness except that we are not conscious of them! I prefer a definition of consciousness that deals with what of which we are aware from a phenomalogical perspective. Just me.
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    I have to report my Family & my previous Life experiences..all are a contribution to what brought me here today! The Whole Person is = to the Sum of its parts! Quad Erat Demonstratum! (Latin for That which is demonstrated!).
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    Great bows to you both, Gillian and Daniel. I am in retreat now and the teacher, as though privy to this thread, just read this poem: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/46545/eagle-poem
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    Hi David, First, I value the posts you make. I hope you continue your comments from your own point of view. I agree that we are interconnected and interdependent. I also agree it is important to examine why we might be attracted to one spiritual path or another. I will share a preference of my own: please look into quantum physics. There are a lot of quantum physicists that are following data and its implications in their scientific work. One is Brian Green. His data suggest String Theory is a viable explanation for the universe. His data suggest that the universe is part of a multiverse connected somehow by "strings" of energy. This theory postulates that there are between 9 and 11 other dimensions which humans can't experience. This may seem incredible but currently, with the unaided human eye we can not see ultraviolet light, but it exists. I have waded into this information on quantum physics for the last two years and many of my earlier beliefs have been challenged. I do want to mention that four physicists in refereed scientific journals have published data suggesting that consciousness may well exist independent of the mind but works through the mind in humans and perhaps other sentient beings. I feel humbled when I read or see videos of these people presenting their data. They surely could all be wrong. They would all admit that. However, some of them may be correct. There are many more fundamental discoveries of quantum physics which are not doubted but quite shocking at first encounter. Those are beyond what I want to say here. I agree that assumptions about a philosphical base of a spiritual path can be related to why we might choose one over another. I love Buddhism and Buddha for the positive social impact we all can have following his ethics. I follow mindfulness for that reason. However, the Hindu concept of the Atman, the "real" spritual self appeals to me as well. I can hold these differing ideas of self and not mind that they disagree. I am more inclined to Buddhist Vispanna meditation and plan to stick with it. I expect and hope that there is room in your life for a seeker like me. Daniel
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    Hi @Rachel, It sounds like there are some exciting shifts happening! Keep us posted. I do believe that the practical can intersect with our heart yearnings, even if it takes time to manifest in a tangible way. Is there a specific way you see this unfolding? A certain career path that would blend the two?
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    Am doing my day 4 I do my small walk and it is relaxing When I try try to pay something on my main card today and it wouldn't work so I contact the company about my card and the person said to me it is suspended until I pay my bill that means that I can't use my card and I feel little sad because I want to pay a gift for my nephew's birthday.


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