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    • Day 13: Relieving Stress SBNRR (Stop, Breathe, Notice, Reflect, Respond)  Q.) What were the signals that a trigger response or stress was present? When stress happens, I tend to avoid. I would not sit well. I will get something to eat and/or walk away from the stress zone. My heart rate rise. I also notice I would not breathe when stress present. Q.) What parts of SBNRR were easy for you?  Difficult?   What's easy is Stop. I can stop anytime and walk away. The difficult part is Respond. I might walk away and never come back to finish the tasks.  Q.) How did practicing SBNRR impact the outcome of the situation? It impacts in a way of reducing anxiety. Helps me sleep better at night. When practice Notice especially, I know I am easily affected by what's happening around me. I change my environment instead. It helps! A lot!
    • Guest Eve
      I can noticed my awareness of thoughts and feelings when I stop myself and calm down after meditation. I think is a good thing for my to cut off or take a break for myself. I got the awareness on my emotion and self resistance when I having a deep talk with people. 
    • I felt more alive when I got rid of the toxic people in my environment. It’s like waking up after a long sleep, in which my nerves were methodically draining out of me.
    • When was the last time you gave yourself permission to step back from the activity of daily life? As mentioned in another thread, I recently took a two-week vacation, five days of which was a formal retreat. It was deeply restorative and offered me new insights and clarity about my life. I would love to hear about any transformative retreats you have been on. This can include at-home retreats, mindful breaks in nature, or any other time that you intentionally 'stepped away'.  Or, let me know if you are planning a retreat. If so, what type of retreat will it be?
    • As some of you know, I took time off recently for a personal retreat. I hadn't mentioned that this was for a dark retreat - 6 nights/5 days in complete darkness. Has anyone else done this type of practice or have you heard of it? I wanted to share a bit about my experience, but as I wouldn't know where to start if I were to make it concise, I am going to share a blog post I wrote about it just the other day: https://www.gillianflorence.com/blog/five-days-in-darkness
    • Over the last year I have been working from home. I recently started meditating because I am restless and not sleeping well.  I have been getting information and watching video.  I am learning that there are many different methods and ways to achieve results.  Because I am new, I am not sure which method would be the best way to start.  Any and all recommendations would be appreciated.
    • Day 12: Simply Stopping What impact did stopping and practicing a minute of silence have on your next activity? It helps me to focus what is priority. I also notice I get so restless and resistance to be in silence for more than 3 minutes. I am anxious to jump on to tasks to get things done and check off my list.
    • I realized that I didn't practice listening mindfully. I can feel my body are tight and hot. I didn't care about others respond but I noticed that I'm in protector mood and also stop breathing.  
    • Sounds great, David. Let us know what you discover.
    • Thank you Paggie! I also notice a strong correlation between posture and my mental/emotional state of being. Hunched shoulders is correlated with feelings of insecurity and fear for me, whereas an open heart with shoulders falling back towards the spine brings up a sense of empowerment and confidence.
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