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  1. Generate a tone with your imagination and tune its frequency to your heart chakra to start and settle into relaxed abdominal breathing with your awareness in the center of your chest. If you can harmonize your imaginary tone with the vibration of your heart chakra it will open.
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  2. Hi everyone, Im new to this community. Can somebody take me under their wing and help me find my way round, and understand the real benefits and value of this site. Eagerly waiting to meet like minded 'mindful' people. Thank you
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  3. Please do not give up, when life gets you down.
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  4. I am a new Mindfulness practitioner from Bangalore. I have read a few books on this subject besides reading materials from the web. I wish to learn from the experience of others in this group.
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  5. Where is everyone from? I travel around some but my husband and I split our year between Washington State and Arizona.
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  6. Hi everyone! Excited to be in this group! I've been studying mindfulness and spirituality for about a year now, so I'm pretty new to everything. I'm starting to realize that I've had some experiences before. Unconscious competence, if you will lol. I remember lots of times as a kid when I'd just lay out on my trampoline or some other random place, and kind just space out completely, listening to everything going on around me. I could go from bored to serene. Losing track of time while just simply being present. I'm trying to be more intentional about it, rather than randomly sliding into meditation, but it's challenging to force myself into a session on a schedule. Any advice on this?
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  7. We are all students in life!
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  8. Hi Gillian, If I could bother you this one last time. Today I received the day 130 email, the last day in the fitmind program. After going over all the meditations from day 1 - 130, I realized I never received the day 126 or day 26 in fitmind. I checked my past emails and seen that I went from day 125 to day 127. Day 126 is the Yoga Nidra Final Meditation. There's no rush. Whenever you can find the time, I'd love if you could send me the day 126 email. My email is jdmk@shaw.ca. Thank You, John MacKinnon
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  9. Good morning everyone. I've just found this page after searching for guided meditations by Joseph Goldstein. I've been meditating every morning for several years using Headspace as a recommendation from my therapist, and branching out to Insight Meditation, and others. In the process, I've found some teachers I really like, so I find myself each morning searching out one of them.
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  10. The ability to learn is one of the most overlooked of God's great gifts. So, use it wisely and use it profoundly! D. Reiss
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  11. Just started my mindfulness journey, so far I'm feeling great
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  13. Hi Rick, Yes happy to have a conversation although I am not really sure I can help. I work for a charity and they fund the programme that I talked about, so the incentive is there. As a community nurse myself by background, as well as an educator I have always found that releasing community staff for educational activity appears easier than hospital staff. However in Scotland I do think that the well-being of all healthcare staff is being seen as crucial because of the pandemic and I am hoping that this will increase interest/support for such programme. Thanks for the welcome too!
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  14. I recently watched a dialogue between Swami Sarvapriananda of Adveita Vedanta and Rupert Spira who practices the Direct Approach to Adveita Vedanta. Both speakers and their moderator were always kind and respectful. However, as a life long reader of body language the only thing that kept hitting me was the sense of pain and disappointment on Swami S's face. It seemed clear to me that taking elements of Adveita Vedanta outside of their monastic origins was a difficult thing for Swami to endure. When Swami addresses a group, he talks with consumate knowledge of the origins of Adveita Vedanta through the centuries. He tells stories of past sages and their wisdom. Rupert Spira has none of that in his presentations. He works effeciently to help people realize that at the bottom of their human experience is the primal consciousness or awareness. It is like rapid enlingtenment. However, without a background of the ethics that go with it or the meditation practice to support it I am not sure what this rapidity brings to his listeners. They seem astonished or shocked by this discovery. I wonder if this feels like the gift Rupert hopes they will receive. Others will feel differently. For me, I will take a planful process of discovery echoing the footsteps of sages over quick enlightenment. Daniel
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    • To cultivate deeper awareness and develop a higher consciousness of being. To be in tune with all the warmth , kindness and love I am capable of  while coping with the stresses and strains of being a person in this challenging world  . To develop a healthy, calm and joyful existence  for myself while serving my family and community.
    • Guest Lucky HK
      Hi,  I am a master's degree in Buddhist counseling postgraduate student, and I am looking for ideas for above mention concept. I am practicing mindfulness meditation, and I want to clarify and enrich this title for my final project. Please let me know your ideas and a path to explore this aspect. It will be excellent assistance for me.  Thanks, and stay safe!    With Metts, Lucky
    • Hi Dan, Thank you for your inquiry. This community is mindfulness-based, so we hope that what is shared is mindfulness related. Posts that sell products or services are not permitted and we also do not allow members to share links until they have established a strong presence in the community. You can read more about all of this and more on our About page - https://www.mindfulnessexercises.com/community/about/ Wishing you a mindful Monday!
    • Hello Gillian. thank you for reaching out to me. I have joined this community share.  I value my state of being and my vibration immensely and the vibrations I am experiencing recently are new to me. Although I wish to be of service I still require my full attention to sustain this energy and social networking is distracting to me so I hope you all can forgive my infrequent appearance. That being said I would like to know the policy of this community when it comes to prescribed meditations, breathwork, or other self healing or wellness modalities. I want to share my experiences as I believe my sharing can help others increase their own vibrations. I believe reality is shifting to a higher frequency and I believe the collective consciousness of humanity is meant to shift with it. The more of us shining the brighter the light. So I would like to appropriately share what I have learned to this community. Are there any restrictions regarding suggestions on energy work techniques that I should be aware of. I appreciate your time in consideration of mine. Thank you.  Dan
    • Hi community, I just wanted to let you all know (for those that haven't seen it already) Sean Fargo is leading live online meditations (followed by Q&A) every Thursday on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They are at 9am Pacific time. You can join us here: https://www.youtube.com/c/Mindfulnessexercisesfree/live
    • I can see vibrant colors like orange and red. I wear a leather jacket, which gives me a cozy feeling. However, I did not feel the taste, but I got the citrus smell of something.
    • I see many different shapes and colours around me, including bright orange flames in the fireplace, sturdy green leaves of plants sitting by the window sill, the bright light that emanates from this screen. And so much more. I can feel the sweater against my skin, the firm metal and plastic beneath my hands (computer and keyboard), the weight of one leg crossed over the other. I can hear a whooshing sound most predominantly (a vacuum in the other room). If I close my eyes and listen closely, I can hear the sound of my breath. I can taste the remnants of lunch in my mouth, a taste that feels too difficult to describe. I am not sure what I can smell. The absence of any aroma, perhaps. Neutral.
    • This week's question asks you to tune into your senses here and now, and then to answer: What can you see, feel, hear, taste, and smell in this moment?
    • Thank you Rick and Daniel for your sentiments! I absolutely agree - an equal relationship does not mean it is always 50/50. Sometimes its 80/20 - and then the same but in the opposite direction. 💗
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