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    I am always reachable at this https://www.facebook.com/jonpeturkristjansson/ and i visit mindfulnessexercises also every other day ,if anything regarding Info on Iceland Have a good day all day !!!
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    I live in the Capital of Iceland Reykjavik but the site did not valid that name so Keflavik it is
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    Beginning my journey being mindful ,, looking forward to better times
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    I just signed up for the 100 Day Challenge! Excited in that this will be a new path I have not ventured down before. I anticipate transformation! see you in the other side. Jim
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    If a crystal ball could tell you anything what would you want to know? I would want to know why I exist? What is the purpose I exist? Does my existence mean something? Daniel
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    Hi Gillian, I had posted on the I AM thread that I was intrigued by Advaita Vedanta and the Swami I watched on youtube. That is still true. However, I found a new Swami by the name of Sarvapriyananda who is more in depth. His series is called "The Ultimate Truth". For some reason, the "get their quickly" approach of Rupert Spira comes in second behind these Indian Swami presentations. They don't care that you understand quickly. This Swami also has great respect for all religions and can discuss their aims with respect. That really appeals to me. While Rupert Spira is headed towards the same goal, this approach works best with my thinking and my personality. This Swami still makes the case that "all is consciousness" for some reason I am not troubled by it when he expalins it. I will say I still have no answer to the question: Consciousness seems to be happy thinking us up. What is it that we "thoughts" get out of this arrangement? My life is dominated by a wish for fairness. Being "just a thought in the mind of consciousness" doesn't seem quite fair to me. Daniel
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    I am so Happy to be part of this delighted group
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    I read through a couple books last night and I am hooked as well as captivated and motivated... Thank you all for the suggestions and kindness May you have a great and adventures day
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    Hi Gillian, During an interview of Rupert Spira, Depak Chopra mentioned the Advaita Vedenta on which Rupert's work is based. I found a 6 part series on you tube explaining those concepts. After the first one, I could understand the basic concept that Rupert is using and the mode of teaching he uses. The Swami, an older American man, said that the self inquiry is the method of learning recommended by the ":Rishies" either the people who wrote these ideas or the writtem ideas themselves, who or which developed these ideas. The Swami is a plain spoken man and I found it fairly easy to follow him. I suspect he will outline more about the relationship between the divine self as he calls it, and the individual person. It is both similar to and different from some Buddhist ideas. I am going to watch them all. Daniel


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