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    Hello friends, I have been a bit swamped at work right now have not had a lot of mental space to participate in forums. I hope to return to regular posting soon. Kind Regards, Gene
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    Hello All I highly recommend this book- true story of an attorney who represents minorities given the death sentence (often innocent people and/or juveniles, as well as fighting for changes in incarceration and helping inmates transfer to life on the outside. There's much more I wont get into. I learned a lot about prison and how The author, Bryan Stevenson, says "the racial terrorism of lynching in many ways created the modern death penalty." That''s one line of many I highlighted. Apparently it is also a movie. sn't sure where to post this, but wanted to recommend an excellent bok
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    Good day everyone. I am newly registered as a member of this site. Genuinely looking forward to connection and communication with others as we navigate the avenues and convoluted pathways of life . In my travels and extensive life experiences now beyond 6 decades I marvel at the complexities and creativity of the Universe. Each exciting opportunity and challenge has been but a brief interruption along this finite journey. Not to be approached as insurmountable or impossible to breach. I reminisce casually through the catalog of my mind upon the diversity of knowledge and hopefully wisdom gained through occupational experiences and the multitude of interpersonal relationships gathered as a lifetime composite. I am looking forward to gaining more insights via this MINDFULNESS community and hope to share some entries and material from my Mindfulness Blog and Podcasts in the relatively near future. Carpe Diem.........
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    Hello Everyone. Started the 100 Day Challenge and the 14 Day intro to mindfulness.


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