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    LIVE Q&A on Zoom with filmmaker Rob Beemer on June 4 at 7:00 PM eastern (4:00 pm pacific) > Register here < Additionally, the documentary is available online, at the same link. When you visit the page, there is an option to register for the Q&A separately, even if you do not choose to view/rent the documentary.
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    ❤ Would love for everyone to take a chance and join us for a zoom yoga/mindful meditation session on the 30 June 2020 - All levels of practitioners are welcome. I will teach the first class and it would be great to have everyone volunteer to teach at some point, although its not necessary - EVERYONE is welcome to participate - you dont have to be a teacher to join in ... MOST IMPORTANTLY - we are all interacting on conversational threads, and i wanted to offer a chance to interact in virtual real time - take some time out to reconnect with our body, breath and spirit, and see where it takes us... my credentials are on my website/profile page - i am a certified yoga/meditation/pranayam (breathwork) teacher and would love to share the traditional approach...BACK TO BASICS if you will ️
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    https://www.mindfuleducationsummit.com/free-online-event-2019 Hello, I don't know if posting events of this type ie online events / summits is in line with the forum rules. I not please let me know. Thanks in adavance tribal
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    The Four Foundations of Mindfulness - A 5-Day Retreat For more information: https://imcw.org/Calendar/Event-Calendar/EventId/3518/e/the-four-foundations-of-mindfulness-a-5-day-retreat-3-oct-2019


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