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    I watched a couple last evening. The ones I watched are essentially YouTube videos, and are interviews with the speakers. The content was ok, not great. While I will check in for the rest of the "summit", I'm not terribly impressed that this has been marketed as a Mindful Education Summit if in actuality these are just a lot of YouTube videos. It is disheartening when you discover a program or in this case a "summit" that you hope will provide some true insights and deep content, and what it really is is simply videos of people talking about their work. Yes, it is important to learn from others and hear from experts, but IMHO a "summit" should be much more interactive and should provide opportunities for webinars, online chats, and sharing of resources. If those types of modalities are not embedded into this, I won't consider further free offerings from The Awake Network.
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    I've also been following! Although today is the last day, the videos are visible for a couple of days after each is published - if anyone was curious. As someone completely new to mindfulness I think I'm benefitting most from the Practice Challenge videos. I think it's probably an especially beneficial collection for parents who are new to mindfulness, so I've found myself skipping some of the videos around those topics. Online summits/panels are tricky. They're great because you remove those location/time restrictions for the viewers and the guests themselves - but I agree, more engagement opportunities would have been nice. They do allow comments, but I participated in an online panel once that offered a live feed of each guest interview and a live chat throughout - so you could talk to each other and ask questions of the hosts and guests. It felt much more valuable in that way, so I can understand what you mean @Jane Bjerklie-Barry


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