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  1. How does stopping to take a whole body breath affect your mood or attitude? As a first time , it increases the curiosity how a body can breath!!! When doing , mind chatters like which part is breathing now ???? one thing i realised is i need to bring the awareness to breathing when the mind chatters ..that im telling myself . Overall I felt It was a wonderful experience and the kind of relaxation when i did in the morning. Exploring the ways to connect my mind and body through breath
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  2. I felt my entire body ,Heart and mind are completely relaxed
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  3. What impact does bringing your full attention to a conversation have on you or those around you? Now a days When im starting a conversation im telling myself "Do mindful listening" and im listening them fully and gives a satisfaction.Before that conversation goes and mind chatters side by side ..That awareness came to me when ever im conversing through practice..Trying my activities mindfully
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  4. Hi, I'm Lisa. I started this part of my journey 3 years ago after major unexpected changes in my life. WHat a wonderful path to be walking with you all.
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  5. It took patience to focus, but once i was their i truly felt in a strange way, both calm and energized. My mindset is now, focus on the little things.
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  6. I am truly honored to be here and look forward to learning from every member. I am in the process of pivoting my consulting business to focus on mindfulness in leadership. I’ve been meditating for 10 years and recently had a transitional life experience that has prompted me to dive deeper into the area of mindfulness. Thank you for welcoming me into this community.
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  7. Hey, my name is Grzegorz. I come from Poland, I am Envoy gratitude and an emotional techniques trainer. It's great that I am loved with you.
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