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  1. Reflection Question: Q.) How did the practice of wishing others well impact your interactions? Q.) Did it shift your mood in any way? Did it impact the quality of your attention? When i did for the first time..i did not know the difference but now i can feel that my awareness goes from breathing to my baby and then to husband and then to me and back to my breathing. Wow !!! wonderful excercise..i loved it this time
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  2. Beautiful! This is wonderful to hear.
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  3. Thanks for sharing your experience here Narmadha!
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  4. @Abby Iam also a newbie to this mindfulness course and also for challenge. As Gillian said " " Take the word "practice" as a mantra for ur mindfulness practice. Gillian insisted this in my clarification too...I have joined in august 21 now sep15.Daily im practicing this 100 day challenge. I am taking up the challenge daily as im receiving videos ..but i am not satisfied with my performance to answer for the integrated practice questions. So what i am doing is ? Daily im repeating the older practice and finding the difference in me (for eg : In breathing excercise ) Initailly i faced the challenge and posted here in forum some questions like you..i am grateful to Rick and Gillian for the answers. Now im feeling the improvement (productivity increased) in my daily chores and im feeling happy on accomplishing my tasks soon. There you can find your happiness !!!! A great Welcome Abby and All the best for your mindfulness journey
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  5. Thank you for sharing this Mike. I am so sorry to hear that you had to experience that growing up. It is great to hear and know that you have a framework for recognizing the impact this has had on you - even if shifting out of "protector" mode is sometimes difficult despite being in a different environment now in adulthood. We are all works in progress. I feel called to mention a book I am reading that has been HUGELY beneficial for me in recognizing the various aspects of self inside of me. It's called The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga. Really insightful - it's led to a lot of 'aha!' moments. It is also interesting you mention "parts work" because just yesterday, that is exactly what I worked on with a practitioner I am working with. Very insightful work!
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  6. Over the years I struggled hiding gifts I had, feeling out of place because they made me unique & unlike anyone I knew at the time. As time went on I went through various toxic relationships from friends, family, work, & even romantic relationships. All of these relationships pushed my gifts further & further away from the surface, hiding them deeper & slowly losing who I was. When I was 25 my mom suggested that I attend a class on healing with her, this class was to teach me techniques for my own healing & how I could even work with others on their journey. Now as a 25 year old who at that point was so broken & possibly the furthest from who I was born to be, I was skeptical but I said yes anyway. Now at 35 I can say that saying yes was one of the best things that ever happened in my life. During this class I did learn ways to begin my healing journey, ways I could help others, but most importantly I learned (not by memorizing what I was told, but by simply remembering & connecting with who I really was) that I held gifts unlike anyone else, but exactly like others brought here to heal. Though I had a long healing journey ahead of me, in fact life long as I am still healing, I have now reached a point in my story where I am offering my gifts to help others on their healing journey. During the middle of the pandemic I opened HT Energy Work so that I can offer my intuitive gifts as an energy healer to work with others through their healing journey. In my practice I work with others to heal physical pain, relieve depression/anxiety/stress, to remove toxins & to heal from trauma including generational traumas. I believe that as a healer I can help others best as someone who has gone through something similar, therefore I do find my journey is now serving as a healing road map to those I work with & walk with on their journey to achieve their highest good. With all of this, I am now doing what I love, what I was born to do, & in these times exactly what the world needs from me. Vibrate Higher in Love & Light Tracy Lynn, Healing Touch Practitioner/ Energy Healer
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  7. I will not reveal a secret to anyone if I say that breathing techniques have long been known as a way to relax, relieve stress and tension. It is quite simple to master them, it is a little more difficult to master the process of concentrating on sensations. Concentration is the essence.
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  8. I too feel like it is really nice to slow down and reconnect. I feel like I am in a way better mood after I work on my breathing.
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    • I was bullied as a child to the point of hypnosis where I would look into the mirror and tell myself I couldn't measure up, and I didn't belong on this planet. I hated myself and repeated words others spoke to me when looking into a mirror.  As an adult, I finally had an epiphany, that all those words were worthless, dust in the wind, yet as I spoke them again and again, I was self hypnotizing. I also realized that the mirror does not define me, who I am.  Mirrors lie, they only show a rough idea of how we really look.  Now, instead of meditating on harsh words or actions, I choose to meditate on positive, constructive things. I am free to follow my passions, exercise my talents and help others. Like Gillian and Paige, I love water...especially in our pool, the weightlessness is bliss, like lifting all the weight of the world off of you for a time.  
    • I admire people who are kind and compassionate, and use their voice to help others and to uplift inspire those who struggle in life.   While my voice is not quite matured enough, I do have a kind heart, and I do desire to help others feel.
    • Hi, I am new to this platform, and I am excited to meet likeminded individuals and learn a new skill for healing. I am a massage therapist and I desire to help diminish health disparities in my community by engaging people in free massage amd wellness education events 
    • Day 6 - The Body Scan   Reflection Question: Q.) What information do you receive when checking in with your body? I could perceived that my face's muscles was very tense and I felt some pain in my legs. I also felt that my posture was not that straight. Feeling the air temperature was a pleasure sensation tho.
    • Hi...I dont know what name to address you, "Braveheart..." I have never heard of a Personal Trainer having LCSW after his or her name, though anything is possible. Anyone who has LCSW= Licensed "Certified" Social Worker...hope that helps...in respect of other disciplines, I have met some qualified,  Ph.D. Therapists too (Doctor of Philosophy). Have a Great day, ~~~Rick~~~
    • Thank you all so much for your information on mental health. I'm definitely excited to explore all these options more in-depth. Do you guys think when getting a personal trainer who is also a LCSW a good idea? Are LCSW professionals certified? I'd love to hear your input on that. Thank you!
    • Day 5 Reflection Question: Q.) How did the practice of wishing others well impact your interactions?   I think that it makes me with a better mood and I was more inclined to be more empathetic with the people in my life.  Q.) Did it shift your mood in any way?  Did it impact the quality of your attention? Yes, my mood was amazing today. I think I was able to pay more attention to my younger brothers and people that I love.
    • Wonderful reflections! Thanks for sharing again. I have had a similar experience with nature, once coming to realize that prior to a few years ago, I never really played close attention to the signs of spring - to buds slowly forming on tree branches, to birds awakening. 
    • Great question Narmadha. The answer is that I use both, depending upon the moment. I find deep breathing is extra supportive for me when I am very overwhelmed. However, if it is simply a case of a distracted or overstimulated mind, awareness of the natural flow of my breath is usually enough. My suggestion would be to just experiment and to listen to the needs of your mind and body in any given moment. There is no single 'right' way to do it.
    • Day 4 Today I was with pain and my focus was more dispersed. Reflection Question: Was there anything that surprised you on your walk? Oh, yes. I was walking in my yard and saw a lot of little animals, like a big spider between plants. The souns that I heard surprised me as well, how can have so many animals and life in my yard? Why I never payed atention to that?  What impact might taking an open awareness approach have on your work? Well, my job is basically to listen and really understand what the other person is talking about. So I think the open awareness can help me be more aware of non-verbal communication, and at the same time, not get lost in my thoughts.
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