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  1. Hi Eve Tan, A very great congratulations to you on achieving this 92 nd day challenge.Daily i will see your post like .. whether u have reached 90 th day ? A great curiosity..I will eagerly waiting for your 100 th day.. seriously iam admiring your perseverance !!! And happy for the above post to get such partner ..All the very best for your 100th day !!!
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  2. yes, I had reached more than 90th day and I never though I will do that almost everyday so thank you.
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  3. I have started tapping (Nick Ortner) and one of the sessions is on the inner critic. uses that idea that our minds are trying to protect and help us when we overthink but in the end it only hursts us more. I know that inner critic as mine is quite vociferous at times and it can be hard to turn off once it gets going.
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  4. I wish I could say that I don’t get consumed by my inner critic. I have a regular dialogue with it, and have mild suffers with letting go. I believe it talks to me more than I realize and, therefore has too large an impact on my decisions. It seems to be part of a “protector” that wants to keep me safe in its eyes. I’m not sure what else to do. This is ongoing work for me and I regret that this is the case.
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  5. That's perfect. It offers insight into the depth of magic and beauty of the present moment.
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  6. "Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace." ~Dalai Lama "Do not wish them bad, wish them consciousness." "Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness." ~Katherine Henson "Never give up on something you really want. It's difficult to wait but more difficult to regret."
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  7. Days 6-8 I have been doing all of the meditations, but few of the activities. It seems the best time for me to meditate has been just before bed, which doesn't leave a whole lot of time to do the activities. This has also been a very hectic time for me. I needed to complete a huge home improvement project in my kitchen before leaving on vacation. We have a house sitter coming and I couldn't leave that mess for her to live in for 2 weeks. The meditations have been extremely helpful during this time. I feel my body relax as soon as I hear the little bell at the beginning of the meditation. Becky
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  8. Hi DJ, Thank you for your feedback. It's true that the lack of sensation is a part of "noticing". It was notable for me because I have done body scan a lot (it's one of my favorite nighttime meditations) and I could notice a huge difference from how it normally feels for me. It was also a great reminder to do as you suggested and move more, Becky
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  9. “Good intentions are the most beautiful of secrets”. Imam Ali (AS)
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    • Hello,               My name is Payton & im glad to be apart of this community. Im willing to share techniques for anyone that has any problems as it relates to meditation. I just manifested something great & I wanna kno if I can help.   Thank You
    • im thinking about others and mind always thinking about others and others problems ....so want to care for me ... Feeling lonely    Love yourself!!! care for you and prioritise your thoughts and feelings!! Be responsible for you and your well being  Also want to tell myself ...im your friend !!!i m there always for you. self compassion needs to be developed    
    • Hi Judith, I read your message. I am very glad you felt relief at getting your thoughts out. I am glad you don’t think you will act on your ideation. I simply want to say that this relief you felt can lead to more relief if you would share more with someone you could talk to directly. I know that there are local and national hotlines to prevent suicide. You can call and talk to people who are well trained and caring who can help you. Perhaps talking by phone will allow you some privacy and still get you the assistance you want and need. There are counselors at local mental health centers who could help you as well. Personally I know that you can get the relief from depression and suicidal ideation that you are seeking. You could also consider talking to your doctor about how you are feeling. I hope any of these ideas are helpful to you. In my own experience in life, sharing how you feel with trained professionals has been really helpful. I hope you will do so. Daniel
    • Remember, one day, one minute, one second at a time is all it takes for self live
    • I am way off topic, however, I stumbled on this website, and feel relieve to get my thoughts out. Perhaps for me it is selfish. A deep depression has had deep roots in my soul lately(four months). Suicide continues to plague my mind. I have a plan, just need to purchase the black electrical tape. My firstborn killed herself more than 45 years ago. I do not want to cause that type of pain ( survive suicide) in anyone's heart ever again. However, suicide continues to flood my mind. I chose this form to use because those of you reading this do not know me. I have isolated myself quite well. I spend most days alone. I do not think I will act on my ideation; nonetheless, I am concerned enough to reach out in this way because this is the safest way to bring about a little sense of calm.  I do not know how this works it is my first time to express my self-absorbed thoughts safely. I do not want to act on my ideations. I do not believe I will take my existence into my own hands. Please forgive me if I have abused this site. 
    • How does this impact how you engage in your day? First of all im happy to be come back again here .. i listened to this video more than 7 times.  Usually we will not aware of sound smell and sight at a time ..like being concious all the time . i felt like something i was missing in my day to day life like being awareness of sound smell sight at each moment. no one will teach us like this in a practical way of life. We should follow being aware of smell sight also sound at each moment. will try it out . The words in the video : "noticing the sounds around you noticing the smell noticing the sight feel the feeling  sense the sensation" lingering in my mind          
    • Hello Everyone my name is Arnez, I’m looking for free tips and techniques about meditation. I came across a video that helped manifest some cool stuff for me, I think if everyone checked this video out it could help you guys as well. Comment with you techniques and I’ll share the link to the video I found. 
    • I deeply care about everything even though it may not appear that way from the outside. 
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