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    • Wonderful to see you back here @Narmadha! Yes - we are ALWAYS beginning again, with each and every breath 🙂 That is a lovely intention to hold. The beauty about mindfulness is we can come back to it any time. Looking forward to seeing more of your insights here in the community!
    • Hi Gillian, Feeling very happy and grateful to join back the community again.  As you said "Every moment is a chance again" . My intention for today "is to continue this wonderful mindfulness journey again in my life"     
    • Thanks for the question JP! The thing that stands out for me is the move my partner and I have made from the city to the country. We have always longed to live closer to nature and so we finally realized we could do it, adapting our life as was needed. I think mindfulness supported this because it has helped me to really listen to myself - to honour what I care about, what brings me joy, and what nourishes me on a soul level.
    • Thank you for these reflections, Rick - and for drawing my attention back to this question. Mindful pauses are so important, but we can forget to practice them. It's good to remind ourselves. My intention for today (or the rest of it) is to move slowly - to mind if I am trying to rush somewhere (either physically or mentally) and to slow down through a few mindful breaths when I notice this tendency arise.
    • Can you please share some life-changing things that have happened to you from the time you began in the forum?
    • That's inspiring, Gillian. My Intention today, is to take a Mindful Pause before I react to a situation; reacting will only place me in an Amygdala Hi-Jack. Not that that is my usual style, just that I am more aware today. Sometimes, I will saunter to my backyard and just view the clouds in the sky or just listen to the birds...there are many mindful moments about communing in Nature that awaits us if we just stop and be present.  
    • Lovely reflection Jan! Thank you for sharing this.
    • Guest Jan Ejsymontt
      Today is day 66 of my 100 day meditation  challenge. Today the audio was on Tenderness, what a beautiful word. I would like to express my gratitude  for this wonderful challenge and I do believe that meditation leads to a tenderness. The analogy to the tenderisation of meat is apt. The more we meditate, the more ' tender' we become and recognise that love is the ingredient.  Namaskara.  
    • I was looking through old topics and was drawn to this one in particular. Then, I noticed it's been exactly two years to the day that this conversation was started! An appropriate time to come back to it I think. The theme of vulnerability has been recurring (not constant, but recurring) for me over the past two years. It's been a time of learning to trust my gut and to speak my truth - and learning how to do so with wisdom and compassion.  It's been a time of difficult listening, of being willing to lose things in order to expand, of taking the risk of stepping into new expressions of myself. It brings to mind the quote: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anais Nin. I'm curious to hear other people's reflections and experiences with vulnerability these two years. Share your thoughts below if you're interested in discussing.
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