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  1. Hi, I'm Jane from Delray Beach, about 1 hour North of Miami. When I started with a mindfulness meditation training in 2014 the practice had such a liberating and positive impact in my life, relationships with new perceptions and insights. I d love to further deepen my practice. I am helping seniors and adults to stay fit with corrective exercise and mindful movements. My current goal is to offer a class of mindful physical exercises combined with gratitude, mindfulness and vocal sound healing. In my free time I love being in nature, to cook, bake, sing, the practice of cognitive anatomy - a subtle bodywork to experience grounding & release. I grew up in two different cultures, German and Filipino and spent most of my life in Germany and partially in the Philippines. A silly talent I have is I can imitate the sound of a crazy duck:) (I read somewhere here in the forum, you 'd love to hear some silly talents, hope I didn't misunderstood)...My dream is that every soul on this planet practices mindfulness meditation. thanks, good to be here...
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  2. Ahhh...thanks, Gillian, The figure in the 2nd Photo got me curious as well! It actually is a Stone columns supporting the roof; it was likened to a semi-human profile, if you allow your Imagination or your attention to drift away....or aka an alien figure of sorts:).
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  3. I am most aware of energy. Science tells us “energy can neither be created or destroyed”. Over the past year the implications of that law of physics has deepened in my life. It means one thing obvious and yet outside of my consciousness until recently: energy is eternal! Another thing science has shown through lab experiments is that inside a void, previously thought to contain nothing, sub atomic particles appear and disappear in billionths of seconds. Energy is in that void and it creates. To me this means that energy underlies all of existence. I am fascinated by that thought. In my heart of hearts I believe that energy is consciousness . A consciousness that creates and never ceases. I find that thought very reassuring. In the midst of all sorts of conditions all beings encounter timeless energy is always present and I suspect, somehow aware. Daniel A. Detwiler
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    • Guest Lucky HK
      Hi,  I am a master's degree in Buddhist counseling postgraduate student, and I am looking for ideas for above mention concept. I am practicing mindfulness meditation, and I want to clarify and enrich this title for my final project. Please let me know your ideas and a path to explore this aspect. It will be excellent assistance for me.  Thanks, and stay safe!    With Metts, Lucky
    • Hi Dan, Thank you for your inquiry. This community is mindfulness-based, so we hope that what is shared is mindfulness related. Posts that sell products or services are not permitted and we also do not allow members to share links until they have established a strong presence in the community. You can read more about all of this and more on our About page - https://www.mindfulnessexercises.com/community/about/ Wishing you a mindful Monday!
    • Hello Gillian. thank you for reaching out to me. I have joined this community share.  I value my state of being and my vibration immensely and the vibrations I am experiencing recently are new to me. Although I wish to be of service I still require my full attention to sustain this energy and social networking is distracting to me so I hope you all can forgive my infrequent appearance. That being said I would like to know the policy of this community when it comes to prescribed meditations, breathwork, or other self healing or wellness modalities. I want to share my experiences as I believe my sharing can help others increase their own vibrations. I believe reality is shifting to a higher frequency and I believe the collective consciousness of humanity is meant to shift with it. The more of us shining the brighter the light. So I would like to appropriately share what I have learned to this community. Are there any restrictions regarding suggestions on energy work techniques that I should be aware of. I appreciate your time in consideration of mine. Thank you.  Dan
    • Hi community, I just wanted to let you all know (for those that haven't seen it already) Sean Fargo is leading live online meditations (followed by Q&A) every Thursday on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They are at 9am Pacific time. You can join us here: https://www.youtube.com/c/Mindfulnessexercisesfree/live
    • I can see vibrant colors like orange and red. I wear a leather jacket, which gives me a cozy feeling. However, I did not feel the taste, but I got the citrus smell of something.
    • I see many different shapes and colours around me, including bright orange flames in the fireplace, sturdy green leaves of plants sitting by the window sill, the bright light that emanates from this screen. And so much more. I can feel the sweater against my skin, the firm metal and plastic beneath my hands (computer and keyboard), the weight of one leg crossed over the other. I can hear a whooshing sound most predominantly (a vacuum in the other room). If I close my eyes and listen closely, I can hear the sound of my breath. I can taste the remnants of lunch in my mouth, a taste that feels too difficult to describe. I am not sure what I can smell. The absence of any aroma, perhaps. Neutral.
    • This week's question asks you to tune into your senses here and now, and then to answer: What can you see, feel, hear, taste, and smell in this moment?
    • Thank you Rick and Daniel for your sentiments! I absolutely agree - an equal relationship does not mean it is always 50/50. Sometimes its 80/20 - and then the same but in the opposite direction. 💗
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