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  1. Hello all, I hope this finds each of you doing well under difficult times --- even though for many, things seem to be getting a little bit better. I am in the early stages of establishing a mindfulness meditation business providing services, workshops and trainings to individuals, organizations and businesses. My website is "under construction" and I've started a social media presence. As I start down this road, I find myself questioning and doubting my decision to do this, and also doubting the steps that I've currently taken so far. In thinking through this, as a new small business entrepreneur I have realized that what I am missing is a business mentor. I can't pay anything, but would love to talk through options, steps, business structure, etc with anyone who's been down this road already! If there's anyone out there interested in this, please let me know. My business is http://blueskymindfulness.works and email is blueskymindfulnessinfo@gmail.com. Although I haven't posted much within this forum, it's been incredibly valuable to me. Thank you Gillian and to everyone who's a part of this community! In gratitude, Jane
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  2. Today I completed the first day of my 100 day challenge. The cycle of breath meditation was short and sweet. It was a perfect meditation for me to start this journey.
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  3. Hey John, I will send you a private message. Keep your eye out.
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  4. I'd like to know where I can download # 5 - Breath Focus A FINAL. I've been getting bonus meditations on the 100 day meditation challenge. I'm up to 109 which I believe is number 9 in the 30 day fitmind program. I didn't receive the 105 bonus meditation email so I haven't been able to download it. I have found it on the site so I am able to listen to it, but I would enjoy downloading it as I have with all the meditations so far. Any help would be appreciated.
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  5. Today's three mindful breaths meditation helped to calm and clear my mind afterwards.
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