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    "I wish for you to be happy" Finished day 5.
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    Hi David, First, I value the posts you make. I hope you continue your comments from your own point of view. I agree that we are interconnected and interdependent. I also agree it is important to examine why we might be attracted to one spiritual path or another. I will share a preference of my own: please look into quantum physics. There are a lot of quantum physicists that are following data and its implications in their scientific work. One is Brian Green. His data suggest String Theory is a viable explanation for the universe. His data suggest that the universe is part of a multiverse connected somehow by "strings" of energy. This theory postulates that there are between 9 and 11 other dimensions which humans can't experience. This may seem incredible but currently, with the unaided human eye we can not see ultraviolet light, but it exists. I have waded into this information on quantum physics for the last two years and many of my earlier beliefs have been challenged. I do want to mention that four physicists in refereed scientific journals have published data suggesting that consciousness may well exist independent of the mind but works through the mind in humans and perhaps other sentient beings. I feel humbled when I read or see videos of these people presenting their data. They surely could all be wrong. They would all admit that. However, some of them may be correct. There are many more fundamental discoveries of quantum physics which are not doubted but quite shocking at first encounter. Those are beyond what I want to say here. I agree that assumptions about a philosphical base of a spiritual path can be related to why we might choose one over another. I love Buddhism and Buddha for the positive social impact we all can have following his ethics. I follow mindfulness for that reason. However, the Hindu concept of the Atman, the "real" spritual self appeals to me as well. I can hold these differing ideas of self and not mind that they disagree. I am more inclined to Buddhist Vispanna meditation and plan to stick with it. I expect and hope that there is room in your life for a seeker like me. Daniel
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    I am recently mulling this very dilemma (opportunity?). Covid and quarantine and the racial injustice uprisings have created a feeling within me that my time here is short and I should make good use of it while I am here. I have always loved working with children and families in urban education; but feel pulled to shift gears a bit using both my mindfulness practice and my heart yearnings as my guides. I have always been someone who put the practical before the dream...but I can't help but wonder now if they can intersect. Good food for thought. Thanks, everyone. Rachel
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    One person I have immense gratitude for is my teacher....she is part guide, part sister, part friend, part confidante, part role model, and part spiritual warrior. Her teachings and practices have helped me move through some challenging things, as well as help me to pause and notice all of the good there is around me in moments big and small. She walks through the world with so much integrity and heart, it would be difficult to not feel grateful being in her orbit. I honor and cherish her presence in my life.
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    I’m tossing out my vote for consciousness being totally manufactured by the organism basically to serve it in considering alternative responses to presenting scenarios and also for anticipating approaches to possible future ones. To me, this has the advantage of being more immediate to experience and less speculative, not that we can know the answer now. From a Mindfulness perspective I think it might be a good practice to examine what these views get going in us and what leads us to gravitate to one answer or the other, considering each is speculative. In my meditation group I had a person ask me out of the blue after a guided meditation what I thought about there being “a fourth dimension?” I basically asked, “Of what, are you suggesting a dimension of universal consciousness?” His eyes lit up and he said, “Yes.” When I told him we don’t know and cannot know, an interesting question from a mindfulness perspective would be what gets going in us that prefers a particular viewpoint, he rolled his eyes in disgust and never came back! I thought to myself how we identify with viewpoints and cling to them in ways that promote divisions and hostility! From the perspective of inclusivity, I believe either view can be a resource on a beautiful spiritual path. I tend to believe that we tend to project unexamined rationalizations onto others and the universe in ways that cause troubles for ourselves and others, so whenever in doubt I assume that is a good starting point. In whatever ways we are all interconnected and interdependent.
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    Hello Gillian... Thank you very much... I am so happy to be back and be a part of the community. I have been super busy opening my new Wellness Studio. Finally all done and now I have time to be here. I love being a part and am thankful to be here. I am well during these crazy times... keeping safe and staying mindfully positive.... I sincerely pray that all is well with you and everyone here..... I am truly walking in much gratitude these days for sure...Be Well....
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    I'm new here. I'm willing to grow as a person on all levels.
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    It is interesting to know that physicists are working on the nature of consciousness as well as philosophers and others. Last night on youtube I watched a presentation that summed up four published papers reasoning that consciousness has quantum qualities and works on the brain in certain ways. They are tipping towards an independence of consciousness that relates to the brain but is distinct from it. I think that the next 50 years will see a revolution in our understanding of consciousness. Daniel
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    Hi. I just signed up for the program and am very enthused about it. I also struggle with judgment of the judgmental. Donald Rothberg, a member of the teachers council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, has done a lot of work on "Transforming the Judgmental Mind" including retreats based on that theme. Anyone interested can access his talks on Dharma Seed. Look under "teachers" then "Donald Rothberg" then "talks by this teacher", then "transforming the judgmental mind". In fact, he is doing another retreat (online from Southern Dharma) starting on Sunday, Oct. 25, Donald is a superb teacher. Good luck with the struggle! That's a tough one.


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