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  1. Hello! I have a question. Not sure if this was the best place to post it, but here goes How can you tell the difference between just being out of your comfort zone vs. forcing something that just isn't meant to be? Gratefully, JZ
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  2. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the 100 day Challenge! It has been quite a journey and I have learnt so much from it. I especially liked the meditations for Concentration, Open Awareness, Breath and Integrated Body Scans. My favourites were those guided by Sean Fargo, (thank you!) but Tara Brach is also good. The Worksheets available for download also have so much useful information about the subject and will be a valuable reference going forward. I looked forward to my daily morning meditations and talks and feel I am now able to think more clearly and am able to cope and accept a bit better with how things are in the world, instead of being consumed by worry and anxiety about things I can't change. So where to from here? I have discovered an online course at one of Australia's universities called "Maintaining a Mindful Life", which I have already started. The 100 Day Challenge has given me the groundwork for this, so thanks again. All the best to you all. Rhonda
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  3. That must have been quite tough @Gene Williams. That would of course shift and influence your journey related to expressing yourself. My environment was always very physically safe growing up but spiritually and emotionally it was constricting. As I moved through my teenage years and into adult life, I still held on to a lot of the 'good girl' conditioning that made me feel 'wrong' or 'bad' for expressing my feelings and needs (and to some degree, still do). So for me, learning to speak up in my teenage and early adulthood years was never in opposition with my physical wellbeing - a situation I'm very blessed to have experienced.
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