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    Like you, Gillian - SPRING! The first thing that "sprang" to mind! I feel a season of hope and possibilities unfolding inside me as I breathe new life into my business! Great question!
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    I am working on a meditation series based on the seasons and thought I'd pose a question to the community based on this notion: If your inner world were a season, what season would it be embodying right now? Spring, summer, fall, and winter each carry unique energies, gifts, and purpose. For instance, spring to me is a time for expansion and new life, whereas autumn is about slowing down, turning inwards, and surrender. You might have your own interpretations of the seasons, but in any case, I invite you to share a few thoughts on what inner season you might be experiencing right now. Personally, I find myself slowly thawing out of winter, coming into an inner spring. New ideas are coming to me and I am slowly cultivating the energy to step into them.
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    This week's question asks: What mindfulness-related virtues do you wish to cultivate or strengthen? Mindfulness is about non-judgmental present moment awareness, but as Dr. Rick Hanson discussed in his workshop for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program, there are various states we can evoke through practice and traits we can start to cultivate. We all have areas to grow in, and so this week I invite us to share where wish to expand or deepen. What qualities or virtues do you wish to strengthen within yourself? You might consider: kindness, compassion, contentment, patience, authenticity, generosity, openness, acceptance, gratitude, focus, non-violence, truthfulness, or any other quality/virtue that comes to mind.
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    For myself at this time, two things come up: focus and gratitude/contentment with 'what is'. I wish to strengthen my capacity to focus on what inspires and motivates me, becoming more mindful of the things (technology and news largely) that detract from presence and gratitude. So yes, gratitude comes into this too (presence as well). My attention has been pulled in all directions lately given some of the events I see playing out across the globe. I wish to strike a balance in all this – remaining aware and connected to what's happening in the world while also focused on what I wish to create and tuned into the beauty and blessings that exist in this world.
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