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    I love the quote Sean shared from the Ram Dass book, Be Love Now. It is very moving and inspiring. Something to return to and ponder deeply. Thank you.
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    Agreed Paul! Very beautiful and deeply touching.
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    It absolutely was. I was on a deck at the bottom of a boardwalk, down from a small cabin I had rented. No one around for quite a ways. Perfectly serene!
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    In a real spirit of gratitude I want to thank Gillian for her sweet comment of my recent birthday post. I also want to let all members know that I feel lucky to be in such a thoughtful and sharing group. Thank you all. Daniel
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    (I am sorry if this isn't the right section, I am new here) despite how simple this question, yet it's truly powerful. few moments ago something really eye-opening did happen to me, so I was on facebook making a post using my father's phone and by a mistake I almost shared a photo of him... the thing is that my father is 63 and he had a stroke 3 years ago, he is not ugly but he is simple person. so what happened is I felt a strong feeling of wanting to cry and confused feelings of guilt, shame and fear that if I did post it by a mistake that someone might make fun of him or even use it as a meme.. (if you couldn't relate to this part, it's just something very sensitive to me) after few seconds I started to process my emotions and I asked myself "Are you here ?" this was such a relief, I've been observing the patterns of suffering my mind creates. few days ago I was little bit frustrated and suddenly I just had those quick fleeting thoughts of quiting diet,binge eating and relapsing back to addiction... Thankfully that I've been meditating a lot lately that I've developed the skill of observing that I was able to "step out" and break the pattern. I wonder why would God create something like that ? and I also wonder sometimes is there a chance to be present all the time ? a stage where I can live without this tormentor making life seems gray and unbearable.


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