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    I started to write a while ago but just found it sitting here. I have used that meditation, Priyanka, and thank you for it. I really need to be doing more and more. I was just going to pop in to say hello. I saw a moose the other day and was very excited and there are two beavers down the road who I watch almost every night. Those are the highlights of my life right now. I hope all are well.
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    Nature is my salvation and the only thing that keeps me sane because truly (not looking for pity here) the rest is not great. The road is loud although beautiful and I stressed out so much trying to move from my city of 46 years that I did not see all that is wrong with the house. Too long to go into. I think moving to someplace peaceful with a few acres is an excellent idea which you will love. i will have to look up Ross island. I have a friend in India who was sending me pictures of the peacocks but they were not roaming rural areas but the city streets as well as the deer. Before that when people were still out and about she sent me a photo of a cow eating the dog's food-meat of all things. You will love living in nature I think. I may have moved to the wrong place-not sure about the state yet, it is a mixed bag-but i drive home seeing mountains and seeing the occasional wild animal. I do have raccoons who come to my house every day. Cheeky little beings they are. If you find a tree that looks right try giving it a hug. it is a lovely feeling.
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    I love the idea of compassion and aspire to be a truly compassionate being. Learning self compassion has made a great deal of difference for me in my every day life and I could not have gotten this far on my self growth journey without putting it into practice, and often. Giving to others and being generous and helpfulI is something I deeply enjoy doing and look forward to finding opportunities to do so. However, I do struggle with the non-judgemental aspect of it. I can show kindness and generosity and help others and be glad to do so, but not without a brief moment of judgement crossing my mind. And something I find extremely curious about myself (and I assume in some way is related to my ego) is that it feels more natural and less judgmental on my end, to help strangers or acquaintances than people that are close to me.
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    I have recently learned that empathy is the identifying with the feelings of others, while compassion is being called to help. This has helped me reframe compassion for both myself and for others. Viewing compassion as something actionable has made it more concrete for me. I, like @Gillian Sanger am regularly drawn to metta and tonglen styles of meditation. In both, the concepts of helping, wishing, meditating in the interest of increasing the well being of others is, to me, the action of compassion. I also really like the self-compassion work of Kristin Neff, who taught me about the shared humanity of suffering during a very fragile and difficult time in my life. The idea that self compassion can be the tiny act of placing a hand on your heart or holding your own hand to alleviate your own suffering shifted things for me. When I am feeling self critical or shaming myself, those things continue to bring. me some small places of ease. Lastly, I heard Pema Chodron speak of something in a recent interview called Compassionate Abiding. You can take a listen to the conversation (I have listened 4 times!) at the link below. Tami Simon from SoundsTrue is a wonderful interviewer. I learned so much from this podcast and use compassionate abiding daily. https://resources.soundstrue.com/podcast/pema-chodron-compassionate-abiding/
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    I am strong and will take each hour with acceptance


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