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    I recently joined this community, but I am unable to download resources? Could someone please advise? Thank you
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    Hello to the community! I am very grateful for the email from Sean containing the shares about mindfulness and more! In particular, for me today, I am drawn to Sampajanna and it’s parallel relationship to mindfulness. I see clearly that in pausing for 20-30 minutes to read the entire email and visit each one of the links, my day is enriched! Thank you, Sean!
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    Beautiful offerings Rachel - thank you! Yes, even just placing a hand on our own hearts is deeply nourishing. Even if it doesn't take away the pain or suffering of our experience, its a gesture that says, 'It's okay. I'm here for you.' Similarly, something I try to practice when I get caught in streams of negative thoughts or difficult emotions, is to speak to these energy currents with care - to let them know it's okay that they are present. It makes me think of Brach's work on radical acceptance - opening our hearts to everything about our experience without judging or condemning them - and without having to act upon them.
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    I have recently learned that empathy is the identifying with the feelings of others, while compassion is being called to help. This has helped me reframe compassion for both myself and for others. Viewing compassion as something actionable has made it more concrete for me. I, like @Gillian Sanger am regularly drawn to metta and tonglen styles of meditation. In both, the concepts of helping, wishing, meditating in the interest of increasing the well being of others is, to me, the action of compassion. I also really like the self-compassion work of Kristin Neff, who taught me about the shared humanity of suffering during a very fragile and difficult time in my life. The idea that self compassion can be the tiny act of placing a hand on your heart or holding your own hand to alleviate your own suffering shifted things for me. When I am feeling self critical or shaming myself, those things continue to bring. me some small places of ease. Lastly, I heard Pema Chodron speak of something in a recent interview called Compassionate Abiding. You can take a listen to the conversation (I have listened 4 times!) at the link below. Tami Simon from SoundsTrue is a wonderful interviewer. I learned so much from this podcast and use compassionate abiding daily. https://resources.soundstrue.com/podcast/pema-chodron-compassionate-abiding/
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    Yes! That is the intent. However, I found that once I really got into it (beyond the 30 days), there was a flow to just doing the daily prompts. I realized that much of my 'work' was related to a few core things that were related, and that my daily entries continued to speak to that ongoing growth and attention. In other words, I like to use the daily prompts without a '30 day-time's up' mentality, and just meander through the days as opposed to feeling like I should have a hard finish. That said, I do reread my entries every 20 or so and reflect. Hope this is helpful!
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    @Gillian Sanger- I am so happy that you found resonance with the future self journaling practice! Wonderful! My affirmation for today: I am able to make space for whatever comes up for me today.


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