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    This week's question asks: How do you practice compassion? There are infinite ways to practice compassion. Some methods are inward (i.e. metta meditation) while others are tangible (i.e. listening with an open heart/mindful communication). If you have any favourite practices, let us know or share a link to what helps you to cultivate greater compassion.
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    Q.) How does it feel to put your full attention on one breath? It feels very focused, very present. Q.) How does this practice impact your state of mind? For me, it's calming, which I LOVE!!
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    You're not late @Gillian Sanger , you commented right when you were supposed to
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    Today I started a 'journaling for my future self' practice (referred to me by @Rachel) and my affirmation was: I am radiant, energized, and inspired. Here's a link to the exercise: https://yourholisticpsychologist.com/future-self-journaling/
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    Thank you! I just started this this morning Maybe you can clarify for me though - I guess the idea is to do 'Step 2' for 30 days (or until a change is observed)?


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