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    I am new to the mindfulness concept but in a short time I have seen it start to change my way of thinking. A lot of the time I feel my mind is racing from one thing to another and it can be exhausting. Sometimes iT makes it difficult to sleep. I would like to get better control over my thoughts and emotions.John
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    Hi my name is Karen and I have joined this wonderful site to gain soom resources to help me with my new job as a co facilitator working at a recovey college which offers courses relating to mental health for free to anyone wishing to learn new tools or meet new people who will be able to help them wihtin their journey. I am currently creatig a yoga, mindfulness & meditation course with another person which will be begining to be held at the college for term 4 this year.
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    Hi Leanne, I'm a psychologist so very familiar with the exciting world of child psychology. I recommend the book "The Psychology of the Child" by Jean Piaget, which is a classic. It's not necessarily 'fun' to read and is pretty dense, but is full of fascinating information about child development; intellectual, emotional, and social aspects of child development. There's also "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen...And Listen So Kids Will Talk" by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, which is a practical and helpful book. If you're looking for books about childhood mental illness, there's "Disorders of Childhood: Development and Psychopathology' by Robin Hornik Parritz or "Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology" by DeDe Wohlfarth. Also, a helpful book is "Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and Youth" by Liana Lowenstein and a really comprehensive book about how trauma affects kids and people at any age called "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk.
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    Hi Karen, Welcome! What a cool job and fun course to create! I'm a psychologist, life and wellness coach, meditation and yoga teacher. I'm wondering if you are looking for specific ideas or resources?
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    Gillian, I can't thank you enough for your helpful advice and suggestions! I checked out some of the sites you recommended and can't wait to dig in deeper. Other than our names, it is so ironic that you recommended that book to me, because my best friend who is on a similar self growth journey as I am, is reading that and just recommended it to me as well! I am so grateful to have come across this website. In addition to all of the incredible resources it has to offer, I feel a special connection and appreciation for the informative conversations I have had with you. Thanks again for everything! Enjoy your wknd and Happy 4th of July!
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    Yes! Dr, Nicole LaPera. Below is a link to the future self journal information and prompts. https://yourholisticpsychologist.com/future-self-journaling/
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    Way to go. Keep up the great work of being present feeling and not judging.


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