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    @FauneYes it was horrible in 2019. I broke it March 28th, had surgery a week later. then the next week went into a rehab facility and couldn;t get out for another month. It was staying in for a year and now I am out and about. This was the third break in the same ankle and foot. I feel it is to slow me down and the universe saying "wait a minute" so I have found myself feeling more in my purpose since then. I appreciate this summer so much more. My in-laws were not nice to help me sell our home or even place their son in assisted living. I had problems with the government placing him and paying for his care. But I learned a lot. I learned I DID NOT have to take all the sadness myself. The defeated emotions of my life were not just mine. I kept them to myself and never should have. Now I know that emotions are meant to be experienced and never held onto. Process and move forward is my life now. Each time I broke my ankle were accidents, stumbling, sliding on gravel, etc. Thank you for the concern. I am doing very well now. @yogawithpriyankaI am not sure how much time I will have but I will try to take part in yoga. I have 2 meditation classes and clients that schedule. 3 conference calls weekly and a Qigong class in evenings. Fishing on weekends.


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