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    I think when you are listening it helps to notice the stillness in the background. It does seem to help with the mind in the background.
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    @Jonathan I love your logo and colors! I also downloaded your e-book. Would you be open to some feedback off line regarding your website?
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    Absolutely! I can sense this in my relationship with my partner. He can often tell when I'm not present or fully listening, at which point I tend to notice it as well, and then I either 1) recommit my attention, 2) explain what I feel preoccupied with, or 3) if I'm actually in the middle of something and he's interrupted that flow, I explain that I will be with him when I'm ready to be present. This later one is more difficult I find because it sometimes requires me having to say 'no' and prioritize whatever it is I feel I need in the moment.
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    Hi Gene, Yes, I recommend finishing it, and I think I'll pick up his other books. Excellent writer. I believe he wrote the lyrics of the Rush songs? My favorite lyric is "if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Jo


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